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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 February 2015

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* Leonard Nimoy, Star Trek’s Mr Spock, dies at 83 >>
* Leonard Nimoy’s final tweet is beautiful, and it broke my heart >>
* Leonard Nimoy Showed Us What It Truly Means To Be Human >>

* Google Unveils Plans For Flexible, Biodome-Like Headquarters In Mountain View >>
* Technology could eliminate snow days for schools >>
* Google’s artificial intelligence can dominate Atari video games >>

* Ancient DNA reveals how wheat came to Britain >>
* World’s first 3D-printed jet engine created >>
* This Small Robot Boat Can Patrol Mega yachts >>

* The Emerging Challenge of Augmenting Virtual Worlds With Physical Reality >>
* Smart Motorcycle Helmet Maker Skully Lands $11 Million In Series A To Start Manufacturing The AR-1 >>
* Net Neutrality Begs A Big Legal Question: What Changed About The Internet? >>

* Robear is a robot bear that can care for the elderly >>
* Microsoft’s Goals For Their New Web Rendering Engine >>
* The super-resolution revolution >>

* Anderson Algorithm increases surgical success with advanced ovarian cancer >>
* Breakthrough in understanding how cancer cells metastasize >>
* Spacex will try to launch two satellites on Sunday >>

* Discovery Of 8,000-Year-Old Wheat Could Rewrite Ancient British History >>
* Google’s Crazy New Campus Will Be Covered In Giant Canopied Domes >>
* Virtual Creatures in a Box, Controlled by You >>

* Google Glass, HoloLens, and the Real Future of Augmented Reality >>
* A ‘breakthrough’ in rechargeable batteries for electronic devices and electric vehicles >>
* Graphene shown to neutralize cancer stem cells >>

* At EmTech Digital, Meet Insiders from Magic Leap, Google’s Project Loon >>
* Puzzling bright spots on dwarf planet Ceres >>
* Controlling pain by optogenetic stimulation of the brain’s pain center >>

* Optical Nanosensor Production Only Needs CDs, Tape, and Aluminum >>
* The Brain Forum 2015 >>
* Less Than 40 Percent of People Worldwide Have Ever Connected to the Internet >>

* Hyperloop Construction Starts Next Year With the First Full-Scale Track >>
* 3D Robotics Taps Qualcomm For $50M Series C And Mobile Tech >>
* Android Phone’s Battery Use Can Reveal User Location >>

* Romanian Scientists Make Artificial Blood from Sea Worms >>
* Google Flights tool improved for people ‘not sure where they want to go’ >>
* First biological proof that ME is real found by scientists >>

* Nuclear power: Energy for the future or relic of the past? >>
* Cern to test new particle model >>

* Scopes that caused UCLA superbug deaths linked to past outbreaks >>
* Can wearables go prime time in 2015? >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 February 2015

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* 3D-printed cities: is this the future? >>
* Australian researchers create first 3D-printed jet engine >>
* Rats Remember Acts Of Kindness: For The First Time, Direct Reciprocation Observed In The Animal Kingdom >>

* IBM Pumps $4 Billion Into Cloud and Mobile Initiatives >>
* 22 Quotes That Take You Inside Albert Einstein’s Revolutionary Mind >>
* Corporate Leaders Aren’t Prepared for the Internet of Things >>

* Hyperloop startup wants a 5-mile track by 2018 >>
* Docker Launches Its Container Orchestration Tools >>
* Smartphone chips are about to get better at gaming, Twitter and Netflix >>

* This smartwatch comes with a separate screen that doubles as a battery >>
* Samsung wants to put 128GB of fast storage in your next phone >>

* Star Wars-Style “Bionic Hand’ Fitted To First Patients >>
* Here’s what we know about Magic Leap so far >>

* Amazon files patent for 3D printing delivery trucks >>

* Cold Atoms And Lasers Do What Computers Can’t >>
* Mystery of early black holes deepens with huge new find >>
* 5 Reasons Women Ignore Heart Attacks >>

* Radar sensors support parking management >>
* Smart bottles make use of printed sensor tags >>
* Could Earth’s other ‘moon’ reveal the solar system’s secrets? Cruithne’s strange orbit may shed light on how planets evolve >>

* Why your brain needs touch to make you human >>
* Net Neutrality and the Open Internet >>
* FCC approves new net neutrality rules >>

* Facebook’s new gender option: Fill in the blank >>
* Solar is hot: Google invests $300 million in SolarCity fund >>
* Report: Google to unveil revamped payments tool >>

* SpaceX now targeting late Sunday launch from Cape >>
* Nasa spacecraft to study Earth’s magnetic fields >>
* Check Out the Mars Rover’s New Selfie >>

* Google Is Paying Millions to Help You Switch to Solar Power >>
* This Computer Learned How to Totally Devastate You at Pong >>
* Astronomers find black hole 12bn times bigger than the sun >>

* Add Bluetooth to Old Speakers, New Cases for Your Gadgets, More Deals >>
* Aukey Portable Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Audio Music Streaming Receiver Adapter with 3.5 mm Stereo Output and Hands free Calling for Car and Sound system (BR-C1, White) >>

* First human head transplant could happen in two years >>
* Facebook: Only 40% of the world has ever connected to the Internet >>
* Ancient Black Hole Discovered –12 Billion Times Mass of the Sun! >>

* Best 3D View of Deep Universe Reveals Astonishing Details (Video) >>
* Forging Metamaterials: Labs Craft Invisibility Cloaks, Perfect Lenses and Nanostructures (Kavli Roundtable) >>

* ‘Rotisserie’ Planets Could Host Alien Life — If Wet Enough >>

* Human head transplant project proposed for 2017 and further mice and monkey work in next few months >>
* How to Make Multicore Chips Faster, More Efficient >>
* Will Nissan Beat Google and Uber to Self-Driving Taxis? >>

* New Wave System Claims Huge Energy per Ton Potential >>
* 5G cellphone wireless speeds of 1 terabit per second done in the lab across 100 meters and will publicly demo in 2018 >>
* Cancer risk linked to DNA ‘wormholes’ >>

* New Titanium-Making Process Could Result in Lighter Aircraft >>
* Magnetic nanoparticles could stop blood-clot-caused strokes and heart attacks >>
* Internet-of-Things Radio Chip Consumes a Little Power to Save a Lot >>

* Data Mining Indian Recipes Reveals New Food Pairing Phenomenon >>
* Add Bluetooth to Old Speakers, New Cases for Your Gadgets, More Deals >>
* Google AI Now Self Learning >>

* Be Calm, Robots Aren’t About to Take Your Job, MIT Economist Says >>

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