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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 February 2015

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* Feasibility of tracking parrots with GPS telemetry confirmed >>
* Toothpaste-Mouth Rinse Combo Washes Out Harmful Bacteria >>
* Robots take the chequered flag: Watch the self driving racing car that can beat a human driver >>

* ‘Heat map’ captures millions of Chinese New Year travellers heading home >>
* Computer scientists’ app measures our online footprints >>
* Too drunk to drive? $60 breathalyser can tell if you’ve had enough – and will even call an Uber to get you home >>

* Tissue Engineered Bone Marrow Creates Functional Blood Cells >>
* Genome Changes Mapped In Humans >>
* Supercomputer simulations explore how an air-reed instrument generates air flow and sound >>

* Human DNA enlarges mouse brains >>
* The Neo smart jar joins the increasingly connected kitchen >>
* Is urbanization pushing Earth’s evolution to a tipping point? >>

* Technology Predictions For The Second Half Of The Decade >>
* Mobile networks limber up for the Internet of Things >>
* 3D-printed tools from the ISS are back on Earth for testing >>

* Apple sued for poaching car battery engineers >>
* Vendors lay groundwork for 5G with greener and faster mobile networks >>
* Peter Diamandis: Here’s How You’ll Buy Clothes in the Future >>

* An Internet of Things that do what they’re told >>
* Delivery Drones: More Feasible If They Come By Truck >>
* Darpa Wants To Make Computer Networks Look More Like Sci-fi Graphic Novels >>

* Stopping HIV with an artificial protein >>
* Brain cells controlled with light >>
* Volvo’s Smart Cars Share Icy Road Alerts >>

* Don’t trust your theoretical “proof” (Synopsis) >>
* New molecular shape for electronic circuits discovered >>
* New algorithms locate where a video was shot from its images and sounds >>

* China could build 200 nuclear reactors in the next 15 years >>
* China has solid plans for four aircraft carriers by 2030 and eventually could have 10 >>
* Will Shuttering Coal Plants Really Threaten the Grid? >>

* “Our Solar System’s Milky-Way Orbit Through Dark Matter Impacts Life on Earth” >>
* LHC Ready to Hunt Down Mystery Dark Matter Particles >>
* A Star Passed Through the Solar System Just 70,000 Years Ago >>

* Samsung Smart TVs Don’t Encrypt the Voice Data They Collect >>
* A race for the lead in the wearables market >>

* Mars hills may be hiding several hundred million-year-old glaciers >>
* Scientists produce malaria vaccine from algae >>
* Ants have toilet areas in their nests: Study >>

* Now, a cream for painless removal of ‘permanent’ ink >>
* What it’s like at the elite tech accelerator where Stanford grads are launching startups worth millions >>

* Peter Thiel just funded a wearable device that aims to measure exactly how stressed you are >>
* Here’s why you shouldn’t wear the same pair of shoes every day >>
* Virus found in sewage shows promise in treating dental procedure infections >>

* Nano-sized ‘drones’ deliver targeted drugs and repair arteries >>
* Three Signs That Young Americans Are Getting a Raw Deal >>
* Mind and Machine: The Future of Thinking: How we are made to interact with machines >>

* Magnetic graphene composite used to remove pathogens from water >>
* Autonomous atom assembly of nanostructures using a scanning tunneling microscope >>
* Ground-breaking lung cancer breath test in clinical trial >>

* White House Names DJ Patil as the First US Chief Data Scientist >>
* CogniToys Leverages Watson’s Brain to Befriend, Teach Your Kids >>
* Can technology solve the world’s rising food problems? [Video] >>

* Nanowire Brushes Usher in New Generation of Smoke Detector >>
* Paper-Thin Lenses Could Shrink Cameras and Holographic Displays >>
* The Button That Does Whatever You Want It to Do >>

* Clever clock scribbles the time on a whiteboard >>
* Scientists identify mineral that destroys organic compounds, with implications for Mars Curiosity Mission >>
* Reading Our Genome Is Tough, But Epigenetics Is Giving Us Valuable Clues >>

* Mars’ Massive Erupting Clouds Still Puzzle Scientists >>
* YouTube unveils new app for kids >>
* A simple reason why Apple won’t buy Tesla for $75B >>

* A microscope to scan objects a millionth of a human hair >>

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