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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 February 2015

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* AI program teaches itself to win computer games >>
* Introducing Project Solaris – Towards the Conception of a Distributed Solar Energy Harvester >>
* Will 2015 Be The Year Our Smartphones Link Up To Our Brains? >>

* Mind-Controlled Drone Scientists Work On Groundbreaking Flight >>
* Amazon Files Patent For Mobile 3D Printing Delivery Trucks >>
* Portland installs turbines in their city water pipes, powers city by flushing toilets >>

* Bluetooth starts weaving its mesh for IoT >>
* Next-Generation Networks Feel What You Feel >>
* Google Lunar XPrize Teams To Hold ‘Nascar’ Race On The Moon >>

* A quick color-coded test for Ebola >>
* Brain makes decisions with same method used to break WW2 Enigma code >>
* Future Crimes: Everything Is Connected, Everyone Is Vulnerable and What to do about It >>

* Building customized DNA nanotubes step by step >>
* Following Your Phone Friends Finds You >>
* Microsoft gives eligible students free Office 365 subscriptions >>

* Venture Capitalists Love Biotech Right Now >>
* Silicon Nanofibers Boost Li-ion Batteries for EVs >>
* Create an HD Fly-Through Video Tour in Google Earth Pro >>

* Now We Actually Have a Real Reason to Dread Solar Eclipses >>
* Smartphone Thermometer Helps Complete Your Digital Doctor’s Bag >>
* The Eiffel Tower Is Generating Power With a Hidden Wind Farm On Its Legs >>

* World’s first Bluetooth- and NFC-enabled padlock coming in March >>
* Magic Leap Trash-Talks The HoloLens, Even With Nothing To Show Itself >>
* Mind-controlled drones promise a future of hands-free flying >>

* New Display Technology Lets LCDs Produce Princess Leia-Style Holograms >>
* Mobile World Congress 2015 >>
* European roadmap for graphene science and technology published >>

* How India Is Ahead Of The Game In TV Unbundling >>
* Rule Change Sought by Tech Firms Will Allow Some Spouses of Immigrants to Work >>
* Chrome’s 1,000th web experiment visualizes all the others >>

* Stardock to deliver a Windows 10 Start menu replacement >>
* Giant Asteroid Collision May Have Radically Transformed Mars >>
* Researchers discover cellular networks can be used to detect dangerous fog >>

* Physicists offer solution to puzzle of the origin of matter in the universe >>
* Automated system enables unmanned aircraft to land >>
* Future vehicles will be virtually tested before the first prototype is built >>

* Build a World-Class Insect Imaging System for under $6,000 >>
* Sensor-packed smartphones can read your mood, guard your data, and wreak havoc in the wrong hands >>
* Now, a daily pill cuts the risk of HIV infection among gay men by 86% >>

* Weed is 114 times less deadly than alcohol, study finds >>
* Now, a 10-min strip test for Ebola, dengue >>
* Here’s How Drugs and Screening Can Stop HIV’s Spread >>

* Google machine learns to master video games >>
* Ep. 367: Spitzer Does Exoplanets >>
* Robotnik Enters Mobile Manipulator Market With RB-1 >>

* How to Build a Safer Internet of Things >>
* Poker-Playing AIs Today, Skynet Tomorrow >>
* Astronomy Picture of the Day >>

* AMD showing chips and chip technology pipeline >>
* Intel describing 10 nanometer chips and 7 nanometer will need new materials >>
* Russia getting about a dozen new submarines and another dozen navy ships over the next two to three years >>

* 4 Awesome Robots Spotted at Toy Fair 2015 | Video >>
* Meet Bond, the Robot That Creates Handwritten Notes for You >>
* Study: Stem Cell Breakthrough Opens Door To Same-Sex Couples Having Their Own Babies >>

* Video: Brain-controlled drone shown off by Tekever in Lisbon >>
* Net Neutrality: Why You Should Be Paying Attention To The Battle For Equal Internet >>

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