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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 February 2015

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* Google wants you to SMELL nicer: Patent reveals sensor that detects when you’re sweaty to waft perfume around you >>
* Facebook introduces Legacy Contacts to manage your account when you die >>

* The real robot economy and the bus ticket inspector >>
* Why We Don’t Have Battery Breakthroughs >>
* Spacex successfully deploys DSCVER satellite and soft lands vertically into ocean 10 meters from target >>

* Applied artificial intelligence: Mythological to neuroanatomical >>
* The British Navy Bought Artificial Intelligence to Make Its Sailors Better Shots >>
* 3D Robotics Opens Its Flight Control App For Drones To Developers >>

* Boeing CST-100: Next-Generation Spaceship >>
* Hunt Continues for Signs of Universe’s Incredible Big Bang Expansion >>
* SpaceX Won’t Try Rocket Landing on Drone Ship After Satellite Launch Today >>

* The Number of Asteroids We Could Visit and Explore Has Just Doubled >>
* 5 Years On The Sun – Time-Lapse Video >>
* Net Neutrality’s Technical Troubles >>

* DARPA and OSRF Developing Next-Gen Prosthetic Limbs in Simulation and Reality >>
* Astronomy Picture of the Day >>
* Long Stroke Parallel Draw-down Chuck that Eliminates Need for Setup >>

* Spacex successfully deploys DSCVER satellite and soft lands vertically into ocean 10 meters from target >>
* Newsweek | Should we be afraid of robots? >>
* The Guardian | Rise of the robots, how long do we have until they take our jobs? >>

* Promising peptide for traumatic brain injury, heart attack and stroke >>
* A New Material For Wearable Spintronic Devices >>
* 15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Blood >>

* Why Is My Smart Home So Fucking Dumb? >>
* This Incredible Robotic Arm Prints Plastic Like a Spider Makes Silk >>
* Watching these ultra fast robots arranging batteries is mesmerizing >>

* How to Turn Your Smartphone Into the Ultimate Spy Tool >>
* Microsoft beefs up Office Online with new features, streamlined interface >>
* X-ray laser can now image the insides of living bacteria >>

* Stop Pitting Technology Against Quality In-Person Time >>
* We’re off the matrix! Researchers find the brain DOESN’T navigate using a ‘grid’ system >>
* Smartphone kill switches credited with stifling theft >>

* ViewLift offers end-to-end streaming video services >>
* Players control this game with their heartbeat >>
* Facebook Inches Closer To Automatic Facial Recognition >>

* Scientists are closing in on a cure for love, but should they go ahead with it? >>
* Netflix releases new series of House of Cards – and then takes it down >>

* REPORT: Lyft is raising $500 million at a $2 billion valuation >>
* Google is facing a death by a thousand cuts >>
* Science says the reason you can’t remember someone’s name is that you don’t care enough >>

* What Would It Be Like to Live on the Moon? >>
* The most important political document of the century is a computer simulation summary >>
* Quadruple Star Babies Found in Cosmic Womb >>

* Automated Insights, the guys with ‘robots’ writing stories, acquired by owner of Stats, LLC >>
* The 50 Most Effective Ways To Transform The Developing World >>
* FUTURISM UPDATE (February 12, 2015) >>

* Rosetta Will Only Get Better >>
* SpaceX’s 1st Mission to Deep Space Captured in Amazing Photos >>
* What The 2016 Budget Proposal Means For Antibiotics Research >>

* Hands On With The Windows 10 Technical Preview For Phones >>
* The pen is mightier than the sword, but the computer mightier than both >>
* How to make an INSIDE OUT boiled egg : Video reveals simple trick to get yolk on the outside and white on the inside >>

* Mollusks Show the Way to Better Li-ion Batteries >>
* Scientist: ‘Try to contact aliens’ >>
* Virgin Galactic will build its satellite launcher at California’s Long Beach Airport >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 February 2015

February 12, 2015 Leave a comment

* Another key step toward flexible electronics >>
* Our Fear of Artificial Intelligence >>
* Microsoft Starts Slashing African Internet Prices with White-Space Networks >>

* Oculus Rift, Leap Motion mashup delivers a new kind of virtual reality interface >>
* European ‘Mini-Space Shuttle’ Launches Aboard Vega Rocket | Video >>
* SpaceX Launches DSCOVR Space Weather Satellite, But No Rocket Landing >>

* Encryption Wouldn’t Have Stopped Anthem’s Data Breach >>
* RoboCore Is A Core For Your Robo >>
* Radical Transportation Projects Of The Past And Future >>

* Karate’ Means Empty Hand, but You’ll Need Your Handheld Device >>
* Instant’s New Android App Lets You Track Just About Anything >>
* Voltera, The Electronics Printer, Launches To Much Fanfare >>

* Test of Strength: Fitness Apps vs. Personal Trainers >>
* EROI — A Tool To Predict The Best Energy Mix >>
* Rebellion Photonics: Thriving On Fumes >>

* Science-Laden SpaceX Dragon Splashes Down In Pacific >>
* Apple invests in a solar farm that can power 60,000 homes >>
* MEMS: World’s 1st Spectrometer On-a-Chip >>

* Smartphone apps just as accurate as wearable devices for tracking physical activity >>
* Secrets of the home: Is your toaster spying on you? >>
* Nasa wants to send a SUBMARINE to space in 2040 >>

* Apple to build $848 million solar plant >>
* Could time travel really take place? >>
* Comets are like ‘deep-fried ice cream’: Nasa research >>

* Big Bang may have never happened >>
* Smart insulin’ jab to help fight diabetes >>
* Australia’s oldest man likes to knit mini sweaters for injured penguins >>

* This Incredible Hospital Robot Is Saving Lives. Also, I Hate It >>
* 50 Years of Deep Learning and Beyond: an Interview with Jürgen Schmidhuber >>
* NASA NIAC Spiderfab Status update on the way to making kilometer scale structures >>

* Scorched Earth, 2200AD >>
* How Did Multicellular Life Evolve? >>
* Google To Fact-Check Health Related Searches – Ensure Minor Symptoms Don’t Become Scary Diseases >>

* Mother-Of-Three Earns $65,000 A Month Through Etsy Shop, Sells 3,000 Items Per Day >>
* This Invincible Flying Robot Just Won a $1 Million Drone Competition >>
* Darpa Wants Prosthetic Hands That Can Feel Like Real Hands >>

* Software engineers must continuously learn and integrate >>
* R2d2 beats Mendel: Scientists find selfish gene that breaks long-held law of inheritance >>
* EE to use drones and balloons to boost 4G >>

* Google is reportedly testing a service that will let you pay by saying your initials >>
* Parasitic Wasps Infected with Mind-Controlling Viruses >>
* Might a ‘Gold Rush’ on the Moon Trigger the Next Epic Space Race? >>

* Can Online Classrooms Help The Developing World Catch Up? >>
* UK gives thumbs-up to driverless cars — but first come the driverless pods >>

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