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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 September 2018

* Snapchat and Amazon join forces to let users simply photograph what they want to buy >>
* There is no fall TV season anymore >>
* Chef launches deeper integration with Microsoft Azure >>

* AI Learns to Guide Planetary Rovers Without GPS >>
* AI Could Provide Moment-by-Moment Nursing for a Hospital’s Sickest Patients >>
* This ‘robotic skin’ can bring your stuffed toys to life >>

* a16z Podcast: Technological Trends, Financial Capital, and the Dynamics of Disruption >>
* Electronic implant helps paralyzed people walk again >>
* a16z Podcast: New Upstarts in an Old Industry >>

* Four short links: 25 September 2018 >>
* Humanizing our future: A night of talks from TED and Verizon >>

* Dna Test Beats Microscopes For Predicting Cancer’s Comeback >>
* Meet the ‘ANYmal’: Creepy robotic dog that can crawl, walk and run shown fending off humans who try to push it over >>
* Growing Brains in Lab >>

* How Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Could Replace Traffic Lights and Shorten Commutes >>
* How do some of the best AI algorithms perform on real robots? Not well, it turns out >>
* Facebook is racing to build Africa’s internet infrastructure >>

* Alexa skills can now offer one-time-use purchases, like in-game hints or points >>
* You’ll now need a subscription to get the best of Microsoft Office >>
* Tinder borrows Bumble’s women-message-first feature >>

* AI eavesdrops on Borneo’s rainforests to check on biodiversity >>
* Google CEO Sundar Pichai will meet US officials to discuss censorship >>
* Google’s new search features tap AI to make your Android phone and PC even smarter >>

* All successful countries copy technology and methods >>
* This Robotic Skin Makes Inanimate Objects Move >>
* In the TV war between Netflix and Amazon, each is leaning into different genres >>

* Technology doesn’t have to be disposable >>
* Sex robot brothel in Texas sparks controversy and ethical questions >>
* Alaska Airlines is trying to make VR part of its first-class experience >>

* Microsoft to bring multi-user virtualization to Windows and Office with Windows Virtual Desktop service >>
* Microsoft releases Office 2019 for Mac and Windows >>
* How Earth sheds heat into space >>

* Snapchat will soon let you shop for products on Amazon with its camera >>
* How the first space tourists will make it back to Earth alive >>
* Why Alibaba is betting big on AI chips and quantum computing >>

* Facebook sends Sphero robots so classrooms can apply coding education >>
* Machine Learning Confronts the Elephant in the Room >>
* Tennis rackets, hair straighteners and skin cream: Explore the everyday items created by NASA >>

* ‘Star Trek’ medical scanner able to diagnose cancer no longer sci-fi >>
* 14TB Hard Drive review: Seagate’s best gets more capacity and speed >>
* AI Reading Group Thoughts (2/?): Reconstructive Psychosurgery >>

* ‘Oumuamua’s Origin: A Work in Progress >>
* Astronomers are Tracking the Interstellar Asteroid ‘Oumuamua to its Home System >>
* The Milky Way is Still Rippling from a Galactic Collision Millions of Years Ago >>

* Astronauts Could Use the ScanMars Device to Search for Water on Mars >>
* Bridging the Gap Between Electronics and Biology >>
* NASA NIAC highlight reel and 2018 symposium livestream started >>

* AI assisted forecasting of earthquake aftershock locations >>
* Resolving the Trade War via the World Trade Organization and Europe >>
* The Hunt for Robot Unicorns >>

* An Invincible A.I.: Enhancing Self-Learning Processes >>
* The gig economy pays just $828 a month — here’s why driving for Uber is no substitute for a full-time job >>
* Top 7 Notable Trends in Deep Learning and Neural Networks >>

* When Will We Have Artificial Intelligence As Smart as a Human? Here’s What Experts Think >>
* Scientists Just Took A “Spectacular Step” Towards Lab-Grown Human Egg Cells >>
* Quantum radar tech to counter stealth >>

* Machine Learning Confronts the Elephant in the Room >>
* Google Is Getting a Lot More Visual to Keep You on Its Site >>
* Creating Dual Layer Docker Images for Spring Boot Apps >>

* China’s internet ecosystem model increasingly being copied globally >>
* Shop online with image search: Snapchat and Amazon take a leaf out of Taobao’s play book >>
* Google is using AI to predict floods in India and warn users >>

* Using AI to Monitor Groundwater for Contaminants >>
* Measuring Microservice Latency With HTTPing >>
* Overview and Evolution of Virtual Patching >>

* 10 Roads Signs for Your Agile Journey >>
* People are Happier in Social Democracies Because There’s Less Capitalism >>

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