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Futurseek Daily Link Review; 25 September 2018

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* A man with paralysis can walk again thanks to a nerve-boosting implant >>
* Get in Bed With Skynet; Robot furniture is happening >>
* Psoda automates Agile project management with machine vision and AI >>

* Deezer’s AI mood detection could lead to smarter song playlists >>
* Rovers send back stunning photos back from asteroid surface >>
* Last week in Tech: Beyond the Alexa microwave >>

* ‘Netflix for Open Source’ Wants Developers to Get Paid >>
* Alcohol Causes One In 20 Deaths Worldwide, Says WHO >>
* Skeletal stem cells could regrow damaged bones >>

* DeepSense says it can analyze tweets to see if someone is a good employee. >>
* Microsoft’s AI tech will aid humanitarian efforts >>
* Oculus Connect 5: A Glimpse Of Facebook’s Phase Two >>

* Handling real-time data operations in the enterprise >>
* New Microsoft Search, Ideas tap AI to add smart features to Microsoft’s Office 365 >>
* Microsoft’s new Windows Virtual Desktop lets you run Windows 10 in the cloud >>

* Microsoft updates its planet-scale Cosmos DB database service >>
* Microsoft wants to put your data in a box >>
* Microsoft’s Quantum Development Kit adds a chemical simulation library >>

* Adobe introduces AI assistant to help Analytics users find deeper insights >>
* YubiKey 5’s FIDO2 support will help you ditch passwords entirely >>
* Apple closes its $400M Shazam acquisition and says the music recognition app will soon become ad free >>

* Here are the First Pictures From the Parker Solar Probe. Wait… That’s Not the Sun >>
* Microsoft’s AI tech will aid humanitarian efforts >>

* Alphabet Chairman, on Smart Risks, Employee Activism, and the Dangers of Short-Term Thinking >>
* Microsoft merges search across Windows 10, Office, Edge and Bing >>
* Google and Yandex may collaborate on a real-time blacklist of all known pirated works >>

* China splits the internet while the U.S. dithers >>
* The Slackification of work >>
* This automated indoor farm is growing so fast, it makes you think this thing might work >>

* Microsoft tempts upgrade with virtual desktop to Azure >>
* Elon Musk estimates 2028 to realize Mars Base Alpha >>

* Hong Kong to China high speed rail speed advantage tested >>
* China is far behind in computer chips >>
* Self-driving cafes, offices, homes and more from Ikea design >>

* Antarctica Greenhouse Produces Cucumbers, Tomatoes and More in Mars-Like Test >>
* How Do Flat-Earthers Explain the Equinox? We Investigated. >>
* Thanks to Spinal Stimulation, Paralyzed Man Walks the Length of a Football Field >>

* Maniac Is The Most Netflix-y Netflix Show Yet. In A Bad Way >>
* The Morning After: Android is ten years old >>
* A big new home for the ultrasmall MIT.nano building >>

* ‘Evil’ Protein May Be Key In Common Breast Cancer >>
* Star Trek’s tricorder that ‘quickly and accurately’ diagnoses cancer and heart attacks is one step closer >>
* Genetic tool that wipes out malaria could save 500,000 lives each year >>

* Riemann hypothesis likely remains unsolved despite claimed proof >>
* Scientists discover it takes just a third of a second to become attracted to someone >>
* New NASA space laser isn’t a ‘Space Force’ weapon >>

* SeaWorld Ditches VR On Rollercoaster Due To Extended Wait Lines >>
* How Biotechnology Could Potentially Lead To Massive Wealth Inequality >>
* This Rubik’s Cube Can Solve Itself >>

* Deep Neural Networks With Python >>
* Notable Trends in Deep Learning and Neural Networks >>
* Tips on Jenkins — a Decade Later — for Continuous Delivery >>

* Observe What Your Istio Mesh Is Doing With Kiali >>
* ‘Made in China 2025’: how new technologies could help Beijing achieve its dream of becoming a semiconductor giant >>
* Chinese companies impress Europeans at exhibitions with high tech >>

* Puppet’s ”2018 State of DevOps Report” >>
* Deep learning – deeper flaws? >>
* Instilling the Best of Human Values in AI >>

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