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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 September 2018

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* Robot with flexible joints like a human arm will perform keyhole surgery >>
* Scientists are now trying to clone the 40,000 old baby horse found frozen in Siberia >>
* SpaceX Will Launch Telstar Communications Satellite Tonight: How to Watch Live >>

* China develops carbon fiber light rail train >>
* Motorola patents a robocop autonomous car that brethalyzes, mirandizes you, calls your lawyer and collects your bail >>
* Scientists find 7,200-year-old cheese? >>

* This Astrophysics Grad Student Doesn’t Always Make Memes… But When He Does, He Uses Deep Learning >>
* Breakthrough Carbon nanotube bundles are over 20 times stronger than Kevlar >>
* How Economically Viable is 3D Printing Concrete For Construction? >>

* In 2025 in-vehicle networking will cost more than computing, considering the huge volume of data generated >>
* 5G Handsets Spark mmWave Debate >>

* Galactic ‘wind’ that stops early galaxies blowing themselves apart is detected by scientists for the first time 12 billion light-years away >>
* Facebook spends $1 billion on a new data centre in Singapore powered entirely by solar energy and cooled by water >>
* The ‘man in the moon’ is actually made up of 40-mile-long ‘lunar swirls’ >>

* New material to ‘speed spacecraft to 134,000,000 mph’ >>
* Outdated Evolution: Updating Our Governments to Cope with Disruptive Technology >>
* Apple Is Building An Online Portal For Police To Make Data Requests >>

* Lockheed Martin launches $250k competition to develop AI drone that can outperform a human pilot >>
* Prototype Nokia handset with FIVE lenses >>
* Despite Many Threats, Some Coral Reefs Are Thriving >>

* What Lucid Dreams Look Like >>
* This Week in the Future of Cars: We’ll Be Blunt About This >>
* Sony To Source All Its Energy From Renewables By 2040 >>

* Windows 7 Will Get Updates for Four More Years — If You Pay >>
* Become a full-fledged data scientist with the help of these courses >>
* Meet The Four-Dimensional Numbers That Led to Modern Algebra >>

* Everything You Should Do Before—And After—You Lose Your Phone >>
* Amazon’s Checkout-Free Stores Are Coming to Three More Cities >>
* MoviePass product chief leaves after six months >>

* MIT alumnus and GM engineer returns to campus to inspire student innovation >>
* Tokens can better incentivize startup employees than equity >>
* Pro gaming tournament will ask attendees to open fight sticks >>

* ‘Mindful People’ Feel Less Pain, Study Finds >>
* New leaked photos show Apple’s low-cost ‘iPhone Xc’ >>
* A job without a boss >>

* Researchers say some people’s brains are wired to value feedback over facts >>
* Jaguar’s new, all-electric I-PACE is scratching at Tesla’s door >>
* 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari – digested read >>

* The synthetic biology revolution is now – here’s what that means >>
* China is Testing Railgun Rockets in Tibet to Strike India >>
* A Scientist Dreams Up A Plan To Stop The Sahara From Expanding >>

* The First Submarine to Launch Rockets From Its Deck >>
* Drones Will Track One of the Largest Dam Removals on the East Coast >>

* Python 101: Episode #23 – Working with XML [Video] >>
* Development of railway in S China’s Guangxi >>
* a16z Podcast: Seeing into the Future — Making Decisions, Telling Stories >>

* Automated Testing and DevOps >>
* What to Expect at DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018 >>
* TIBCO NOW 2018: What’s New for Devs >>

* The Evolving Responsibility of Mainframe Application Testing in DevOps >>
* Why Businesses Can’t Afford to Miss Chatbot Development >>
* Using Docker to Shove an Existing Application Into Some Containers >>

* Classification of Cooking Dishes and Recipes with Machine Learning >>
* The Web Transition Is Coming >>
* Underneath all the AI hype is the likelihood it threatens the poor >>

* Why Lockheed Martin Is Designing A Tiny Home To Orbit The Moon >>
* The search for alien life needs a new space telescope, astronomers say >>
* ‘Anatomy of an AI System’ Beautiful map shows everything that powers an Amazon Echo >>

* The Biggest Rift, Vive and Windows VR Releases Of The Week 09/02/18 >>
* Veer VR Launches Experience Tool For VR Content Creation >>

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