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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 September 2018

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* AI Could Provide Moment-by-Moment Nursing for a Hospital’s Sickest Patients >>
* Next Moon Landings Will Go Much Further Than Apollo, NASA Chief Tells Senate >>
* Your Guide to AI and Machine Learning at re:Invent 2018 >>

* Ford Signs Up to Use NASA’s Quantum Computers >>
* This Super-Strong Magnet Literally Blew the Doors Off a Tokyo Laboratory >>
* Will the US Military Space Force’s Reach Extend to the Moon? >>

* US JEDI military cloud network is so high-tech, bidders will have to submit their proposals by hand, on DVD >>
* Forget dumping games designers for AI – turns out it takes two to tango >>

* Cloudflare, IBM, Microsoft slash high data-transfer fees. Not AWS. >>
* Deploy your own TensorFlow object detection model to AWS DeepLens >>

* 3D printing of multiple fuzes to choose how many parts of a bomb explode >>
* Moon is Stepping Stone, Not Alternative To Mars, NASA Chief Says >>
* AI camera can spot guns and alert law enforcement >>

* How Winning Organizations Last 100 Years >>
* The Facebook Effect Hits Oculus: In VR, Other People Are Everything >>
* Why it’s hard to design fair machine learning models >>

* The future of work goes beyond the predictions of the World Economic Forum >>
* Twenty years of building for everyone >>
* Auckland startup FaceMe provides Vodafone with virtual human >>

* The ‘blood boy’ clinic is coming to NYC so rich people can live forever >>
* NASA’s pint-sized satellite could improve weather forecasts >>
* NASA’s bold-ish plan for the next era takes us to the moon and Mars… eventually >>

* To Break a Hate-Speech Detection Algorithm, Try ‘Love’ >>
* Human-like A.I. will emerge in 5 to 10 years, say experts >>
* Mathematicians must be more prepared to test their truths >>

* How to Search for Dead Cosmic Civilizations >>
* Monkeypox has reached the UK – here’s what you need to know >>
* Uber agrees to $148m settlement after 57 MILLION accounts were hacked >>

* NASA reveals how it plans to get astronauts back to the moon by the ‘late 2020s’ and pledges to create ‘a moment when the world holds its breath’ >>
* A swarm of robots weaves giant cocoons using fibreglass thread >>
* 8 things Elon Musk wants you to know about SpaceX’s monster BFR spaceship >>

* Optical Rocket Boosts Electrons to Nearly the Speed of Light >>
* NuScale will start manufacturing its small modular reactor >>
* One in five people in Japan are over 70 >>

* Fully modular self-assembled massive space telescopes >>
* Japanese company ispace says it will launch two missions to the Moon in 2020 and 2021 >>

* How DevOps and Cloud Can Increase Developer Efficiency >>
* How to Create a Self-Healing IT Infrastructure >>
* Not Only Cars: The Six Levels of Autonomous Testing >>
* Running Jenkins Server With Configuration-as-Code >>

* SpaceX Will Send Another Company’s Robots to the Moon in 2021 >>
* Baidu CEO Robin Li says artificial intelligence will have much bigger impact on society than the internet >>
* Hire Smart People and Let Them Tell You What To Do — Just Like Steve Jobs Did >>

* Ocean Park raises its game and stays relevant by embracing technology >>
* J-10 fighter jets participate in round-the-clock flight training >>

* Microsoft to deepen AI push >>
* Japanese Company Announces Long-Term Plan To Develop the Moon >>
* Cloudflare Partners With Microsoft, Google and Others To Reduce Bandwidth Costs >>

* The Design and Implementation of Modern Column-Oriented Database Systems >>
* To Break a Hate-Speech Detection Algorithm, Try ‘Love’ >>
* Software Quality: Better in Practice than in Theory >>

* The algorithms that are currently fueling the deep learning revolution >>
* Inside the Secret Conference Plotting to Launch Flying Cars >>
* Laser-Carrying Airplanes Uncover Massive, Sprawling Maya Cities >>

* The Facebook Effect Hits Oculus: In VR, Other People Are Everything >>
* Paint it Clear: This Coating Could Make Your AC Obsolete >>
* Scientists Need to Solve These Two Mysteries to Find Life on Mars >>

* Paint it Clear: This Coating Could Make Your AC Obsolete >>
* Over 2,000 European AI experts join hands to challenge US, China in artificial intelligence >>

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