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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 July 2015

* The Future Of Bioelectronic Medicine >>
* NASA Loses Contact with New Horizons; Probe Now in Safe Mode >>
* Pluto Probe Suffers Glitch 10 Days Before Epic Flyby >>

* Scientists trick mosquitoes into not biting with skin bacteria >>
* New, Simple ‘Buy’ Buttons Aim to Entice Mobile Shoppers >>
* Business Leaders Step Into Technology While Technologists Step Into Leadership Roles >>

* Military AI interface helps you make sense of thousands of photos >>
* The Plan to Feed the World by Hacking Photosynthesis >>
* Long-term memories in mice are maintained by prion-like proteins >>

* Pilots’ brains can shut down during crisis >>
* Researchers in Japan show off super fast laser holograms you can touch >>

* Army Exoskeleton Prototype Helps Soldiers Learn To Shoot >>
* 150 Years After Maxwell, Scientists Discover Fundamental Property of Light >>
* Depression may shrink your brain: Study >>

* A solar-energy storage cell that works at night >>
* This is how the universe will end: not with a bang but a rip >>
* Oldest Stars of the Universe –Harbor Clues to Its Evolution >>

* Hubble — Largest Moon in Our Solar System Harbors a Buried Ocean 100 Kilometers Deep >>
* Machine Learning System Detects Emotions and Suicidal Behavior >>
* Welcome to the age of the micro-singularity >>

* Google is working on a mysterious new product that could be a new Google Glass >>
* 3D-printed ‘electronic glove’ could help keep your heart beating forever >>
* Grow Your Own Marijuana with this Free 3D Printable Hydroponics System from 3Dponics >>

* Floating plasma display makes fairies a reality >>
* ‘Minecraft’ for Windows 10 unveiled >>
* BMW has a hydrogen-powered 5 Series >>

* Some VPN Services Are Leaving Users Vulnerable >>
* How Terminator: Genisys made a “synthespian” of young Arnold Schwarzenegger >>
* So About That Whole Tech-Eating-Jobs Thing >>

* China’s richest lose $50b >>
* New Zealand makes cyberbullying a crime >>
* 5 can’t-miss apps: Pushbullet, Radar, ‘Big Emoji Quiz’ and more >>

* Take your kids on a digital field trip >>
* The Buddhist and the Neuroscientist >>
* Russia rebuilding and repairing its navy >>

* Anti-white blood cell drug causes remission of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and explains of the mystery disease >>
* New 65,000 ton british aircraft carrier powers up for the first time and should begin operational testing in 2016 >>
* Pirate Bay Was Worth Doing Prison Time For, Co-founder Says >>

* Seahorse Tails Could Inspire New Generation of Robots >>

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