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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 05 August 2022

* At Long Last, Mathematical Proof That Black Holes Are Stable >>
* Who Gets to Work in the Digital Economy? >>
* Mice produce rat sperm with technique that could help conservation >>

* Quantum computer can simulate infinitely many chaotic particles >>
* Radar / AI & ML: Scaling False Peaks >>
* Cyber security for the human world | George Loukas | TEDx >>

* Can Airbnb Outperform a Potential Recession? | WSJ >>
* San Diego joins other cities in restricting cops’ use of surveillance technology >>
* Blue Origin launches crew of 6 to suborbital space, nails landings >>

* China’s first large cruise ship under construction >>
* Is DALL-E 2 Just ‘Gluing Things Together’ Without Understanding Their Relationships? >>
* Israeli scientists developing ‘precision’ viruses that kill bowel-harming bacteria >>

* Using only skin cells, Israeli lab makes synthetic mouse embryos with beating hearts >>
* Mild exercise halts cognitive decline in people at risk of Alzheimer’s >>
* Why Exercise Doesn’t Help People With Long COVID >>

* Risk of Heart Disease after COVID >>
* AI is Modeling the Brain to Help Us See, Hear, and Create >>
* Self-Boosting Vaccines Could Be Immunizations of the Future >>
* 6m UK households ‘struggling to pay telecoms bills’ >>

* UK trials roadside van that detects if drivers are holding their phone >>
* Hackers Exploited Atlassian Confluence Bug to Deploy Ljl Backdoor for Espionage >>

* Most of Africa’s Monkeypox Cases Are From Household Transmission >>
* Monkeypox vaccinations in Africa would have spared the whole world from this emergency >>
* Monkeypox: How many times are we going to make this kind of mistake? >>
* Monkeypox Originated in Animals. Could It Spill Back Into Them? >>
* Monkeypox can’t use the same at-home testing playbook as COVID-19 >>

* Who Has Control: The SaaS App Admin Paradox >>
* GitLab Plans To Delete Dormant Projects in Free Accounts >>
* Why Everyone Is Mad at Instagram >>

* Riders stuck for an hour on Disney’s “It’s A Small World” experienced “torture” by song >>
* Paramount+ hits 43 million subscribers as streaming rivals struggle >>

* Volodymyr Zelensky seeking ‘direct talks’ with China’s Xi Jinping to help end Russia’s invasion of Ukraine >>
* Have guns actually ever stopped a mass shooting? >>
* A transhuman biohacker implanted over 50 chips and magnets in her body >>

* Lumos! US researchers show how light can be used to treat cancers >>
* Forget those Tesla crashes: GM says you can trust its autonomous vehicles >>
* Something is making the Earth spin faster and days shorter >>

* Alex Jones’ Accidental Text Dump Is Hilarious—and Alarming >>
* Old jokes >>
* Tokyo eyes flying-car landing pads atop skyscrapers >>
* Tech at the mercy of politics and a global EV scramble >>

* Daikin, Panasonic join in Japan’s price hikes for appliances >>
* Argentina pledges end of money printing to battle 60% inflation >>
* The Surprising Thing That Could Help Ease Inflation >>

* To Pit or Not to Pit: How F1’s Red Bull Racing Makes Split-Second, Mid-Race Decisions >>
* Report: 93% of IT leaders struggle with application modernization >>
* Machine stage: The agricultural machine produced by the American government shocked the world. >>

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