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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 06 August 2022

* NASA Confirms Launch Date For Artemis I, Is A Go >>
* NASA Previews Artemis I Mission to the Moon (Official NASA Broadcast) >>
* Florida braces for crowds for NASA’s Artemis 1 moon mission launch >>

* This startup wants to copy you into an embryo for organ harvesting >>
* Transfusing blood from an old mouse to a younger mouse causes ageing >>
* Breaking Analysis: What we hope to learn at Supercloud22 >>

* Watch SpaceX Attempts Its First Direct Launch to the Moon: Thursday-7p.m.ET >>
* SpaceX will launch solar wind mission with space telescope in 2025 >>
* DreamWorks Animation will open source its MoonRay renderer later this year >> >>

* Amazon to acquire Roomba maker iRobot for $1.7B >>
* Amazon’s Roomba Deal Is Really About Mapping Your Home >>
* As Amazon vacuums up iRobot, critics call on regulators to pull the plug on Big Tech deals >>
* Data-warehouse-as-a-service (DWaaS)? Definition, key functions and solution providers >>

* Meta unleashes BlenderBot 3 upon the internet, its most competent chat AI to date >>
* Meta AI unveils BlenderBot 3, an advanced chatbot that learns from interactions >>
* YouTube testing ‘pinch to zoom’ feature for Premium users >>

* What if you have more than one passion? | Taylor Aller | TEDx >>
* A bartending robot that can engage in personalized interactions with humans >>
* Computer scientists just developed a system for helping AI understand human goals >>
* Warner Bros. Discovery reveals plans for free streaming service >>

* GitLab U-turns on deleting dormant projects after backlash >>
* Space debris is coming down more frequently. What are the chances it could hit someone or damage property? >>
* Artificial finger can identify what common material things are made of >>

* Elon Musk’s countersuit against Twitter says the company is operating a ‘scheme’ to mislead investors >>
* This is Elon Musk’s case alleging Twitter committed fraud >>
* There’s a New, Chaotic Possibility in the Elon Musk–Twitter Trial >>
* Twitter says Musk’s spam analysis used tool that called his own account a bot >>

* Israeli scientists developing ‘precision’ viruses that kill bowel-harming bacteria >>
* Jury orders Alex Jones to pay Sandy Hook parents another $45 million, this time in punitive damages >>
* Alex Jones and His Lawyer Lost a Defamation Case. Their Legal Troubles Are Just Beginning. >>

* The Tesla Space: SpaceX Is Launching Starship To Orbit This Month! >>
* SpaceX Tests Water Deluge for Upcoming Static Fire | Starship >>
* Who Actually Owns Tesla’s Data? >>

* ‘Not true’: Elon Musk scotches ‘silly’ rumors that he wants to build a private airport >>
* One in 8 people got long covid after infection early in the pandemic >>
* Astronomers Measure the Signal of Dark Matter From 12 Billion Years ago >>
* The 3D printer was supposed to be everywhere by now, so where is it? >>
* NASA develops ingenious solution to fix its troubled ‘Lucy’ asteroid explorer >>

* Is soaring inflation worse than the recession the Fed may trigger by aggressively fighting it? >>
* America’s jobs boom rolls on, fuelling fears of sustained inflation >>
* Business can no longer ignore extreme heat events – becoming a danger to bottom line >>

* Automated techniques could make it easier to develop AI >>
* The Internet is Chaos. It’s A Reflection of Humanity. >>

* The Monkeypox Outbreak >>
* Spain leads Europe in monkeypox, struggles to check spread >>
* How Many People Get Long Covid? >>
* How long did Covid last for you? >>

* Why Men in Uniform Are Handsome to Women >>
* The nuclear family isn’t working, what can we do instead? >>

* How Americans are feeling about economic opportunities and the future >>
* Ian Hutchinson: Nuclear Fusion, Plasma Physics, and Religion | Lex Fridman Podcast #112 >>
* Machine stage: The most powerful giant machines in the world. Science has gone mad. >>

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