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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 04 August 2022

* Scientists restored dead pigs’ cell function and heartbeats, blurring the line between life and death >>
* Pigs Died. Then Scientists Revived Their Cells >>

* Taiwan: Pelosi leaves Taipei to sound of Chinese fury >>
* Humans could breathe out of their buttholes like pigs, and trials will begin this year >>
* NASA to send prototype robot surgeon into space >>

* Toyota Corolla Will Lose Best Selling Car Crown After 48 Years >>
* Meme Stock AMTD Digital Just Surpassed Goldman Sachs With a 22,000% Gain >>
* Tinder scales back its plans for dating in the metaverse >>

* Digital and data savvy, computer literate, key for future citizens? | Tom Crick MBE | TEDx >>
* Jeff Bezos’ megayacht was quietly towed from a Dutch shipyard after company building it scrapped request to dismantle a historic bridge >>
* SpaceX Plans for THREE Times Larger Starship Starbase in Florida! >>

* Two Minute Papers: NVIDIA’s Ray Tracer – Finally, Real Time! >>
* Elon Musk Updates New Orbital TestFlight Timeline, OLM Repair Works, Booster 7 Update | SpaceX >>
* Vergecast Work From Home: sailboats, solar generators, and Starlink >>

* Rocket Lab’s Reusable Neutron Rocket Animation >>
* PRO ROBOTS: The robots of South Korea are amazing and technological developments of the country of the future. >>
* PRO ROBOTS: Robot realized itself and learned to use its body for the first time | High Tech News >>

* YouTuber explains how time travel is actually possible in quantum mechanics >>
* a16z now wants to manage the money of the entrepreneurs it backs >>
* Apple pulled a record 439K apps in Q2, including abandonware >>
* Microsoft rolling out Microsoft Teams optimized for Apple Silicon >>

* Pelosi Leaves Taiwan, but Tensions Rise in Her Wake >>
* Analysis: Pelosi’s Taiwan visit is Xi’s final exam to stay top leader >>
* Pelosi’s Taiwan visit signals start of drawn-out U.S.-China struggle >>
* Nancy Pelosi has left Taiwan. The real crisis may be just beginning >>
* From Thailand to Philippines, airlines recover but need China reopening >>
* Tech war: Pelosi meets TSMC chief in Taiwan as US ramps up chip pressure on China >>

* The AI Podcast: NVIDIA’s Clément Farabet on Orchestrating AI Training for Autonomous Vehicles – Ep. 175 >>
* JRE #1851 – Chris Williamson (Modern Wisdom) >>
* JRE #1852 – Sam Tripoli – “Cash Daddies,” “Conspiracy Social Club,” “Broken Simulation,” and “Union of the Unwanted.” >>

* Productivity Porn >>
* The Microsoft Team Racing to Catch Bugs Before They Happen >>
* Windows 11 comes to AWS EC2 as a VM import option >>

* VMware patches critical ‘make me admin’ auth bypass bug, plus nine other flaws >>
* Paramount+ is coming to The Roku Channel >>
* WhatsApp Boss Says No To AI Filters Policing Encrypted Chat >>

* Insatiable data centres’ power consumption at risk when the next heatwave hits >>
* How AI Copywriters Are Changing SEO >>

* This Tiny Modular Nuclear Reactor Just Got the Green Light From U.S. Regulators >>
* Textbooks or dinner? Food insecurity on campuses | Shannon Que | TEDx >>
* I build robots that move like worms—here’s what I’ve learned | Jessica Burgner-Kahrs | TEDx >>

* Keeping people safe by seeing around corners in real time | Sebastian Bauer | TEDx >>
* Logitech Will Launch a Handheld Cloud Gaming Device In 2022 >>
* Amazon Luna arrives on Samsung’s latest smart TVs >>

* Memory problems after covid-19 more common in people with smell loss >>
* Introduction: August 2022 >>
* News from the Global Infrastructure Initiative: August 2022 >>

* Starlink Satellites Believed to Have Departed Starbase | SpaceX >>
* Google continues merge of Duo and Meet into one video calling and meeting app >>
* Podcast Guests Are Paying Up To $50,000 To Appear on Popular Shows >>

* The Metaverse Is Not a Place >>
* FBL65: Bobby Azarian – The Evolutionary Journey to the Singularity and Beyond >>
* Allowing social robots to learn relations between users’ routines and their mood >>
* James Webb Space Telescope captures its first image of the most distant known star in the universe >>

* Everything you need to know about the monkeypox vaccines >>
* Axiom Space deal will put New Zealand research on the International Space Station >>
* ‘Minions: Rise of Gru’ Is Now Streaming Online — Here’s Where You Can Watch It >>

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