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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 June 2022

* Microsoft, Meta, and others are founding a metaverse open standards group >>
* GitHub Copilot: Your AI pair programmer >>
* Two Minute Papers: NVIDIA’s Ray Tracer: Wow, They Nailed It Again! >>

* South Korea’s Nuri rocket successfully launches satellites for 1st time >>
* NASA’s finally ready for the moon, successfully completing pre-launch SLS tests >>
* World’s most famous floating restaurant sinks at sea >>

* NASA picks three companies to develop lunar nuclear power systems >>
* James Webb Space Telescope is about halfway through its instrument checks >>
* Build an appointment scheduler interface integrated with Meta using Amazon Lex and Amazon Connect >>

* Researchers develop a ‘mind-reading’ device to help censor porn in China >>
* HBR: A Debate Champion on How to Have More Productive Disagreements at Work >>
* Global mobile network data traffic doubles in two years, Ericsson finds >>

* China’s Surveillance State Is Growing. These Documents Reveal How. >>
* How the Internet is failing the visually impaired | Clive Loseby | TEDx >>
* How YouTube Shorts Became TikTok’s Biggest Rival >>

* “Sentience” is the Wrong Question’ We need to be talking about access >>
* Watch an AI-powered tank shoot rounds and blow up targets in the first live fire >>
* Women more likely to suffer from long COVID than men – study >>

* These 3D Printed Millirobots Can Sense and React to Their Surroundings >>
* Ep 44 – DISH: The Telco Pioneer >>
* Researchers made cyborg locusts that can smell cancer >>
* Can Crusher Ready to Push B7.1 to its Limits | Starship Boca Chica >>

* Elon Musk: Billionaire’s daughter cuts ties with her father >>
* What sitting in economy on Qantas’ 20-hour flights will be like >>
* Scientists say autonomous robots should think more like bugs. Here’s why >>

* Can’t do this simple balancing act? You’re more likely to die soon >>
* The Future Of: The Verge’s Netflix show about the future of everything is now streaming >>
* Facebook and Instagram won’t take a cut from creators’ revenues until 2024 >>

* The Best Entertainment Of 2022 >>
* Foldable Phones Are Having a Moment >>

* Cloudflare outage on June 21, 2022 >>
* Nvidia, Meta and others team up to form Metaverse Standards Forum >>
* GitHub Copilot is generally available to all developers >>

* Indoor Farming Is a ‘No-Brainer.’ Except for the Carbon Footprint. >>
* Recession-Fearing Bosses Quietly Abandon Open Jobs >>
* Global food inflation stokes Afghanistan’s starvation crisis >>
* Is the Era of Cheap Money Over? >>

* In Indonesia, all eyes on Indomie noodles as inflation benchmark >>
* Pope’s future sparks debate, resignation seems unlikely >>
* Existing Home Prices Hit Record High >>

* Box Office: This Is What A Slow Theatrical Recovery Looks Like >>
* Dr. John Campbell: Natural immunity evidence base >>
* From Hire to Retire 6: Taking a Break without Breaking Your Career >>

* Innovation is not invention: what Silicon Valley gets wrong | Dan Breznitz | TEDx >>
* Even Beyoncé is burned out >>
* Africa’s industrialization hinges on fixing logistics >>

* New ToddyCat Hacker Group on Experts’ Radar After Targeting MS Exchange Servers >>
* Mitigate Ransomware in a Remote-First World >>
* New NTLM Relay Attack Lets Attackers Take Control Over Windows Domain >>

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