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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 June 2022

* A supercomputer in China ran a ‘brain-scale’ AI model with 174 trillion parameters >>
* The Avatars Wear Prada >>
* Gravity—Yes, Gravity—Is the Next Frontier for Batteries >>

* Self-driving vehicles with memory? Researchers have found a way >>
* Twitter officially rolls out its long-form content ‘Notes’ feature >>
* New AI-Powered Platform Aids Telecom Product Designers >>

* The AI Podcast: Artem Cherkasov and Olexandr Isayev on Democratizing Drug Discovery with Deep Learning – Ep. 172 >>
* Alexa will soon be able to read stories as your dead grandma >>

* Amazon debuts a fully autonomous warehouse robot >>
* More than 950 killed in magnitude 5.9 earthquake in Afghanistan >>
* World’s Biggest Cruise Ship Has No Buyer, 1st Voyage May Be To Scrapyard >>

* New McDonald’s in Russia sold 120,000 burgers on its opening day, surpassing daily records >>
* Innovation increases consumption | Margo Dietrich | TEDx >>
* Scientists Have ‘Healed’ a Heart Attack in Mice >>

* Japan’s Kairyu Sea Turbine Will Harvest the Never-Ending Power of Deep Ocean Currents >>
* B1M: The $4BN Upgrade of the World’s Weirdest Airport >>
* Buckner LR 11000 Crane Lowered | SpaceX Boca Chica >>

* Tim Cook says ‘stay tuned’ to see how Apple will evolve AR with humanity >>
* A muted Chinese shopping festival signals bleak times ahead for retailers >>
* Cerebras Systems sets AI training record with its ‘wafer-scale’ chip >>

* Westworld Season 4 | Official Trailer | HBO >>
* The airplane seat with headphones installed into the headrest >>
* It’s TikTok’s world. Can TV live in it? >>

* Mark Zuckerberg announces new creator monetization tools for Facebook and Instagram >>
* People who express affection in their other half’s preferred style have stronger relationships, study >>
* 2022 Cloud Salary Survey >>

* A giant sunspot the size of 3 Earths is facing us right now >>
* SpaceX and OneWeb tell FCC their broadband megaconstellations can coexist >>
* Small Actions Make Great Leaders >>
* Pornhub owner’s CEO and COO resign >>

* Shopify Editions | Summer ’22: A collection of product updates across all of Shopify >>
* NASA’s Dream Chaser space plane could touch down in New Mexico’s Spaceport America >>
* Agilicious: Autonomous drone can dodge obstacles at breakneck 40 mph speeds >>

* Scientists create tiny fish-shaped robot that ‘swims’ around picking up microplastics >>
* China embraces another breakthrough in cloud computing >>
* A rare Martian meteorite could rewrite our theory on how planets form >>

* First organic bipolar transistor developed >>
* New operations management systems for a digital world >>
* The Economics of Legal Weed Don’t Work >>

* CX without design only gets you halfway >>
* Are personalized vitamins the future of wellness? >>
* Author Talks: Unleash your team’s full potential >>

* Elon Musk wants Twitter to have nearly four billion users >>
* Volvo’s commercial truck group is testing out hydrogen fuel cell semis >>
* Redefining the modern CEO >>
* A deep learning framework to estimate the pose of robotic arms and predict their movements >>
* Starlink internet could become unusable for many Americans. Here’s why >>

* The End Of The World Is Just Beginning For Shipping >>
* Designing Billions of Circuits with Code >>
* FBL59: Todd Rose – Collective Illusions: Conformity, Complicity, and the Science of Why We Make Bad Decisions >>

* Introducing Public Key Cryptography and Web Authentication (WebAuthn) >>
* Amazon details new internally developed warehouse robots >>

* Conquering ‘shadow IT’: How enterprises are trying to tame the cloud software beast >>
* theCUBE Insights with Industry Analysts | Snowflake Summit 2022 >>
* Welcome to our new Wednesday edition of The Vergecast >>

* Who Stops a ‘Bad Guy With a Gun’? >>
* Activists Do Activism on Each Other >>
* Alphabet is spending billions to become a force in health care >>

* Why is inflation relatively low in some places? >>
* How digital tech can help people with asthma manage their meds and reduce the risk of attacks >>
* The world’s biggest surveillance company you’ve never heard of >>

* Moderna: Modified Covid-19 Shot Effective Against Omicron Subvariants >>
* Afghanistan Earthquake Kills More Than 900 People, Officials Say >>

* Viasat’s fastest downstream speed tier rises to 150 Mbit/s >>
* Reviewing Vodafone’s Open RAN System Integration white paper >>
* Dish’s new T-Mobile deal could be a blow to AT&T >>

* A Revolutionary Solid-State Battery Is Nearly Here, Scientists Say >>
* NASA picks three companies to develop lunar nuclear power systems >>
* China plans to return Mars samples to Earth in 2031: report >>
* Companies Are Hiring Open Source Devs, but Skills Are Rare >>

* Linus Torvalds: After 30 years, Linux is not a dead project >>
* Could We Use Mars as a Base for Asteroid Mining? >>
* Research Report: Observability at the Speed of Innovation 2022 >>

* Cost of living: UK inflation hits new 40-year high of 9.1 percent as food and energy price surge persists >>
* China to have a bigger say in world affairs but must be transparent: Marles >>

* Elon Musk the Twitter celebrity vs. Elon Musk the boss >>
* Permissive forwarding rule leads to unintentional exposure of containers to external hosts >>
* Someone Inserted Minions Into The Intro Of ‘The Office’ And It’s A Pure Delight >>

* Labor exploitation, explained by Minions >>
* How to repurpose an old Android phone as a security or pet camera >>

* How to take a picture of a black hole – Katie Bouman #shorts #tedx >>
* How To Talk To Someone With Cancer | Katie Deming | TEDx >>
* Does international law work | Sayidkomil Ibodullaev | TEDx >>
* The trap of decision making | Matei Bucur | TEDx >>
* The Path to Success For A Well-Rounded Person | Allan Vince | TEDx >>

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