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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 June 2022

* Video: Mark Zuckerberg Has So Many VR Headsets >>
* Temporary graphene tattoos could continuously monitor blood pressure >>
* Spray-on plant coating could replace wasteful plastic food wrap >>

* First CRISPR Trial is Still Nearly 100% Effective 3 Years On >>
* Acquired: The Playbook: Lessons from 200+ Company Stories >>
* How to Move from Strategy to Execution >>
* Drinking COFFEE before buying groceries as caffeine increases the chance of making impulse purchases, study >>

* FBL59: Todd Rose – Navigating Collective issusions Online >>
* Omdia’s Jaimie Lenderman on the rise of global gigabit offerings >>
* Fiber Connect 2022: Make way for the fiber-fueled future >>

* Mark Zuckerberg Has So Many Vr Headset Prototypes To Show Us >>
* Meta Building ‘Mirror Lake’ Compact Varifocal Concept With ‘Holocake’ Lenses >>
* FUTURE OF VR: Meta Presents Retinal Resolution & Ultra Bright HDR Prototype Headsets >>
* Mark Zuckerberg reveals Meta’s research tech behind future VR breakthroughs >>
* How excited should anyone get over Meta’s VR headset prototypes? >>

* Do You Have Ransomware Insurance? Look at the Fine Print >>
* Covid Cases Surge, but Deaths Stay Near Lows >>
* The art of cross cultural relationships | Loren Pasquier | TEDx >>

* The language of vogue | Ronald Murray | TEDx >>
* ISS forced to SWERVE to avoid colliding with space debris from Russian anti-satellite missile test >>
* I visited Pizza Hut in the metaverse, and found a fundamental misunderstanding of what customers want >>

* How Great Leaders Innovate Responsibly | Ken Chenault | TED >>
* The 2,000-foot bridge was constructed without a single drawing >>
* ‘Lightyear’ Opens at No. 2, as ‘Jurassic World’ Holds Strong >>

* Scientists Used CRISPR to Trace Every Human Gene to Its Function >>
* Lego Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon review >>
* Astronomers Watched a “Near-Sun” Comet Disintegrate as it Flew too Close to the Sun >>

* Why Starship Super Heavy’s first Landing on the Mechazilla is more important than you thought? >>
* The role of software testing and quality engineering in DevOps adoption >>
* Homophobic misinformation is making it harder to contain the spread of monkeypox >>

* The Download: Trolling text scammers, and China’s social media censorship >>
* Now China wants to censor online comments >>
* China 2040: VR >>
* China’s FAST telescope did detect intelligent life. But it was ‘very likely’ humans >>

* A German defense firm just revealed a new assault rifle-like grenade launcher >>
* Over half of Africa’s young adults want to emigrate >>
* $17 billion worth of treasure is found in a shipwreck from the 18th century >>

* Are ‘natural’ products better than synthetic ones? >>
* Why getting hit by space dust is an unavoidable aspect of space travel >>
* Frances Haugen wants to train lawyers to fight Facebook >>

* People’s inflation expectations are rising—and will be hard to bring down >>
* Is the West supplying Ukraine with enough weapons? >>

* AT&T, Verizon urge feds to tax Big Tech >>
* Problem-Based Learning: David Merrill’s Principles of Instruction >>
* Google Researchers Detail 5-Year-Old Apple Safari Vulnerability Exploited in the Wild >>
* Android Malware Gains Advanced Mobile Threat Capabilities >>

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