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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 May 2022

* Google’s biggest announcements at I/O 2022 (18mins) >>
* Google I/O 2022 keynote >>
* I/O 2022 >>
* Android 13 Arrives at I/O With Google Wallet, RCS and Cast for Cars >>
* Pixel 6A includes Google’s Tensor chipset and costs $449 >>
* Google finally announces the Pixel Watch >>
* Google shows off AR glasses that might make a case for augmented reality >>
* Google Previews ‘Prototype’ Glasses For Live AR Translation >>
* Google Translate adds support for 24 new languages >>
* Google Maps adds an ‘Immersive View’ of major cities >>
* Google I/O 2022: Advancing knowledge and computing >>
* Bird will use Google’s AR tech to promote good scooter etiquette >>
* Google teases the Pixel 7 with next-gen Tensor chip at I/O 2022 >>

* Whoops, the U.S. Sent So Many Missiles to Ukraine That It Depleted Its Own Stockpiles >>
* Winged drone developed by team from City University of Hong Kong >>
* Meta To Reveal Project Cambria Mixed Reality Details Tomorrow >>

* Poem: ‘The Algorithm’ >>
* IBM touts ‘Quantum Serverless’ as it eyes path to 4,000-plus qubits >>

* Musk loses $46 billion in Tesla wealth in a day, underscoring deal risk >>
* Passenger with “no idea how to fly” a plane lands Cessna at Florida >>
* Adidas sports bra adverts banned over bare breasts >>

* Virtual tennis racket uses air jet to recreate feel of hitting a ball >>
* The case for a new type of solar technology | Vladimir Bulovic | TEDx >>
* A tiny graphene device could detect neutrinos from the big bang >>

* UK agrees to support Sweden and Finland if attacked >>
* After Visiting Both Ends of the Earth, I Realized How Much Trouble We’re In >>
* Amazon deforestation in April was the worst in modern records >>
* Assessing the lingering impact of COVID-19 on the nursing workforce >>

* US military wants nuclear rocket ideas for missions near the moon >>
* Robots and Humans Make Murals Together >>
* Wireless Heater Made From a Leaf Skeleton Is Fully Biodegradable >>

* Ship 16 Moved to the Megabay | Starship >>
* Why Confidence Is The Secret To Great Leaders At Work & Home | Dr. Karyn Gordon | TEDx >>
* Scientists peer inside a Mars meteorite to check for signs of a habitable world >>

* Get the Terraforming Mars video game for free right now from Epic Games >>
* Good News for a Gravitational Focus Mission >>
* What Disasterology Can Tell Us About the Climate Crisis | Samantha Montano, Ph.D. | TEDx >>
* Ukraine war: Russia pushed back from Kharkiv – report from front line >>

* Morning After: The official end of the iPod >>
* SD Times May 2022 >>
* Factory that hatches chickens from eggs. Production of millions of chickens. >>
* Improving the Lives of Captive Elephants; It’s Up to All of Us. | Chrissy Pratt | TEDx >>

* NASA’s supersonic X-59 passes two key tests and is one step closer to its first flight >>
* An 18-year-old prodigy is exploring the depths of space with radio >>
* World’s most powerful X-ray laser now boasts pulses that arrive up to a million times per second >>

* Games For Beginners Like My Boss, Molly >>
* Why Are Retro Games More Expensive Than Ever? >>
* Apple’s iPhone 15 will be first with USB-C, claims Kuo >>

* Can We Protect Ourselves Against Zero-click Attacks? >>
* China’s state-backed metaverse committee aims to help industry join the ‘racetrack of the digital economy’ >>
* Crypto sell-off draws avid online discussions in China despite ban on bitcoin, Luna trading >>
* For Tens of Millions of Americans, the Good Times Are Right Now >>

* E.U. Falters in Bid to Adopt Russian Oil Embargo, Showing Risks of Prolonged War >>
* Russian oil tankers turn to stealth shipments under sanctions >>
* Marcos 2.0 likely to accelerate Philippines’ backward slide >>

* Even outside America, inflation is starting to look entrenched >>
* Shanghai’s covid-19 lockdown is not even close to over >>
* Inflation Eased to 8.3% Annual Rate in April >>

* SoftBank’s $100 Billion Bet on the Tech Boom Falls Behind >>
* Are Stock-Market Games Turning Teens Into Risky Investors? >>
* Four 5G takeaways from Dish’s big analyst day >>

* Digital infra megadeals: DigitalBridge to buy Switch for $11B, Radius for sale >>
* Eurobites: Vodafone moves closer to the edge >>
* Here’s Why Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Keep Crashing >>
* Can a Retired Rocket Engine Take Us to Mars? >>

* An Olympic champion’s mindset for overcoming fear >>
* One Breath At A Time | Xu Jiayue | TEDx >>
* Is “Avatar 2” an act of brilliance or hubris? >>

* It is Time to Talk About Inflation and the Food Crisis >>
* Malicious NPM Packages Target German Companies in Supply Chain Attack >>
* Microsoft Releases Fix for New Zero-Day with May 2022 Patch Tuesday Updates >>

* Github’s 2FA Move Was Long Overdue >>
* 7 Best Chatbot Courses >>
* Deci deep-learning platform aims to ease AI application development >>

* ServiceNow launches major new features for cloud IT service management >>
* Why Choosing Software is Such a Tough Decision in the Modern Era >>

* At Google I/O, Android Studio and Flutter get huge productivity updates >>
* Google Cloud launches AlloyDB, a PostgreSQL-compatible database for mission-critical workloads >>
* Google’s AI Test Kitchen lets you experiment with its natural language model >>
* 7 ways AI is making Google Workspace better >>

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