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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 May 2022

* Two Minute Papers: DeepMind’s New AI: A Spark Of Intelligence! >>
* Aliens could say hello by arranging planets in prime number pattern >>
* Meta opens a physical retail store where customers take a first look at virtual reality >>

* Fat, Tired, and Insecure: Supernatural VR Makes Working Out More Accessible Than Ever >>
* Netflix Tells Employees Ads May Come by the End of 2022 >>
* Elon Musk says he would ‘reverse’ Donald Trump’s Twitter ban >>

* 48% chance of breaching 1.5°C target by 2026, Met Office >>
* A Missile Attack Sunk Russia’s Prized Moskva. Does That Mean Surface Warships Are Obsolete? >>
* NFTs, the Metaverse and the Future of Digital Art | Elizabeth Strickler | TED >>

* What if we had conversations through visual art instead of words? | Ginger Huebner | TEDx >>
* Will Covid exist in 2120? These lungs from 1918 could hold the secret >>

* What to expect at Google I/O 2022: Android 13, the Pixel 6a and Pixel Watch >>
* Google’S Job At This Year’S I/O: Finishing What It Starts >>
* Bookmark: Google Keynote (Google I/O ‘22) >>

* Welcome to the era of the hyper-surveilled office >>
* Chat control: EU Commission presents mass surveillance plan on May 1 >>
* Samsung unveils 512GB DRAM CXL module, PCIe 5.0 device hints at servers with lots of memory >>

* Inside TikTok’s Stressful and Secretive Work Culture >>
* A Woman Just Got 30 Years for Homicide After Losing Her Pregnancy >>
* Tesla Austin Factory Architected for 3D Innovation Flow and 10 Million Cars Per Year per Gigafactory >>
* Recognizing and Responding to Microaggressions at Work >>

* Jackery’s solar generator can harness mountains of power >>
* NASA’s InSight lander detects largest ‘marsquake’ yet on Red Planet >>
* Apple discontinues the iPod after 20 years >>

* Westworld Season Four Teases Symphonic Chaos And Bloodshed In New Trailer >>
* China is building a 590-foot dam in only 2 years thanks to AI and 3D printing >>

* Europe’s largest floating solar farm is ready to produce power in July >>
* Quantum Computing without the Hype >>
* DJI Mini 3 Pro review: The most capable lightweight drone yet >>
* Scientists Discover Unexplained Abundance of Rare Nuclear Fusion Fuel on Earth >>

* Great Reallocation >>
* A Virus Just Wiped Out Antibiotic-Resistant Infection in an Immunocompromised Patient >>
* Limits of AI safety via debate >>

* China’s new Tianzhou 4 cargo ship docks with Tiangong space station with fresh supplies >>
* China Announces Its New Flagship Space Telescope Mission >>

* Taking Risks in Art and Life | Brian Frink | TEDx >>
* Tomorrow’s Build: #construction​ Europe is Building a Massive Undersea Power Network >>
* Dr. John Campbell: One million US deaths >>

* Booster 7 Cryo Proof Tested (Again) | Starship Boca Chica >>
* TED: There’s more to life than being happy >>
* 5 Benefits of Detection-as-Code >>

* New REvil Samples Indicate Ransomware Gang is Back After Months of Inactivity >>
* Tensions of Fighting Climate Change With AI >>
* Russia hacked an American satellite company one hour before the Ukraine invasion >>

* Qualcomm goes beyond smartphones with 5G and edge-AI robotics solutions >>
* Red Hat’s Paul Cormier on RHEL 9, the edge and open source innovation >>
* Microsoft launches new managed service category >>

* IBM CEO says generalized AI ‘still a long time away,’ wants focus on near-term value >>
* Who Should Be on the 2022: TIME100? Vote Now >>
* Chaos Engineering for DevOps >>

* Samsung: We need to expand mmWave to meet 6G needs >>
* DOCSIS 4.0 revenues a couple years out, Casa CEO says >>
* From Hire to Retire: Managing the Big Moments On Your Career Journey >>
* Can Social Media Be Fixed? New Platforms Aim To Change How We Connect >>

* China’s Trade Slows as Inflation Hits Foreign Consumers >>
* U.S. Stocks Tumble to Lowest Levels of the Year >>
* Stock Selloff Continues as Early Gains Vanish >>

* Ploopy and the promise of an open-source trackball >>
* We Need A Middle Class For Startups >>
* DJI Mini 3 Pro review: The most capable lightweight drone yet >>

* Predibase exits stealth with a low-code platform for building AI models >>
* Podcasting will be a $4 billion industry by 2024 >>
* Intel’s Core i9-12950HX has 16 cores and 55 watts of power >>

* A neurotech firm founder tested his brain scan helmet. Using ketamine? >>
* A new robotic system for automated laundry >>
* Create video subtitles with Amazon Transcribe using this no-code workflow >>

* Prince Charles delivers Queen’s Speech to parliament for the first time >>
* Putin preparing for long war in Ukraine – US spy chief >>
* It will be hard for Ukraine’s economy to sustain a long war >>
* Finland is on the verge of asking to join NATO. Here’s why that’s bad news for Putin >>
* China wants to take Taiwan peacefully but is preparing militarily -U.S. intelligence officials >>

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