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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 May 2022

* Astronomers Reveal First Image of the Black Hole at the Heart of Our Galaxy >>
* Veritasium Explains How Sagittarius A* Is One Of The Most Extraordinary Photographs That Scientists Have Ever Taken >>
* Mark Zuckerberg demonstrating Meta’s high-end Project Cambria VR headset: Without showing headset >>

* Virtual reality mask adds realism by making it harder to breathe >>
* What could possibly go wrong? Creepy VR headset features a snorkel-like attachment that restricts your BREATHING >>

* Royal Mail is building a fleet of 500 DRONES to carry mail to remote communities >>
* Scientists discover eyes from organ donors can be brought back to life in breakthrough that questions whether death is ‘truly irreversible’ >>
* Invisible 3D printed tags turn simple objects into gaming controllers >>

* Britain’s security deals with Finland and Sweden shine a light on Boris Johnson >>
* Surveillance by Driverless Car >>
* Around the world, nurses say meaningful work keeps them going >>

* Bill Gates tests positive for the coronavirus. >>
* North Korea: ‘First’ Covid cases prompt strict national lockdown >>
* TOP 5 Artificial Intelligences of 2022 — Flamingo: Human Level AI? >>

* Top Gun: Maverick – Critics praise ‘thrilling’ sequel >>
* Is ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Any Good? Here’s What The Reviews Say >>
* ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Review: Tom Cruise’s Jet-Powered Nostalgia Ride Is a Blast >>

* B1M: Why Turkey Built the World’s Longest Suspension Bridge>>
* We Could Kick-Start Life on Other Planets. Should We? | Betül Kaçar | TED >>

* Tinder parent Match Group sues Google, alleging anticompetitive app store behavior >>
* Siemens, the German technology giant, leaves Russia after 170 years. >>

* Arena Show Part I: Idea Dinner + YC Continuity >>
* Forgetting the apocalypse: why our nuclear fears faded – and why that’s dangerous >>

* Why patience is a superpower | Oliver Burkeman | TEDx >>
* One Life. One Bicycle. So Many Shoes! | Kamran on Bike | TEDx >>
* Morning After: Everything important from Google I/O 2022 >>

* New SpaceX Booster, Starship and FAA Approval Tracking to Possible July Orbital Launch >>
* The Indian economy is being rewired. The opportunity is immense >>
* AI’s Threats to Jobs and Human Happiness Are Real >>

* The multiverse is huge in pop culture right now — but what is it, and does it really exist? >>
* Julie Nolke: Did You Use The Interdimensional Portal? >>
* Black hole confirmed: Scientists have revealed the first image of Sagittarius A* >>

* Designer neurons bring hope for treatment of Parkinson’s disease >>
* The largest zero-emission vehicle runs on a massive 2-MW hydrogen powerplant >>

* China discovered rare dinosaur embryos from 66 million years ago >>
* Scientists grow plants in soil samples collected from the Moon >>
* Here’s Why 99 Percent Of The Smithsonian’s Specimens Are Kept Under Lock And Key >>

* Have Your Faith In Humanity Restored By These Good Samaritans Who Rescue An Unconscious Driver From An Out-Of-Control Car >>
* Mark Zuckerberg Uses Project Cambria >>

* Deepmind: A Generalist Agent >>
* True colors of U.S. in Russia-Ukraine conflict: Root cause of divisions between the two countries >>
* Embattled Sri Lanka president replaces prime minister in closed ceremony >>

* China aircraft carrier stages 100-plus takeoffs near Okinawa islands >>
* Six Million Ukrainians Have Fled, UN Says >>

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