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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 November 2020

* Facebook and Twitter grilled over US election actions >>
* Modi Seeks Funding to Build Smarter Indian Cities Post Pandemic >>
* Fed Up With Facebook and Twitter, Some Conservatives Turn to Parler >>
* Why the Biggest IPO Ever Blew Up >>
* DeepMind Lab2D >>

* Amazon launches Amazon Pharmacy for prescription medicine delivery >>
* SpaceX Boca Chica – SN9 Rolled Out of High Bay – Raptor SN42 Installed on Starship SN8 >>
* Uh-Oh, Scientists Used Human Genes to Make Monkey Brains Bigger >>

* Sequoia-backed recycling robot maker AMP Robotics gets its largest purchase order >>
* Google Maps no longer has to guess how crowded your transit line is >>
* Google updates Maps with more COVID info and finally launches its Assistant driving mode >>

* Making Sense of the AI Landscape >>
* Microsoft expects Xbox Series X shortages until April >>
* Demystify the DevOps Landscape with the Periodic Table of DevOps Tools and DevOps Diagram Generator >>

* XPrize’s latest challenge wants AI to better predict COVID-19 transmission rates >>
* 3 major low-code app development pitfalls and how to avoid them >>
* Reusable Rockets Are Democratizing Access to Space >>

* a16z Podcast: Cloud Gaming: The Progress and the Mind-Bending Promise >>
* For Russia, Biden’s rise strengthens China’s gravitational pull >>
* Self-developed technologies, equipment contribute to China’s major infrastructure projects >>
* Construction tech startups are poised to shake up a $1.3-trillion-dollar industry >>

* Star Wars comes to Minecraft >>
* Autoscaling Groups With Terraform On AWS Part 1: Basic Steps >>

* Elon Musk is now an A-lister on Wall Street >>
* Donald Trump tried to launch nuclear strike after election loss >>
* The World’s Most Insane Car! Lamborghini Vision GT >>
* Cloud Covered: What was new with Google Cloud in October >>

* Deep Vision announces its low-latency AI processor for the edge >>
* Equity Monday: C3.AI files to go public and Vision Fund 2 leads $100M round >>
* Arrikto raises $10M for its MLOps platform >>

* Animal Jam was hacked, and data stolen; here’s what parents need to know >>
* A report card for the SEC’s new equity crowdfunding rules >>
* ‘Polypill’ May Cut Heart Attack, Stroke Risk By 40% >>

* Repeated radio bursts from nearby star suggest such signals are common >>
* Average American feels the effects of aging at 47 and 65% say growing older is among their greatest fears >>

* Shining a light on the Kubernetes User Experience with Headlamp >>
* Cutter advanced FREE and open-source reverse-engineering platform >>
* A New Source for Plumes on Europa >>

* Tesla Will Be Added to SP500 Before Dec 21 >>
* This AI-powered parking garage rewards you for not driving >>
* This is what the office will look like in 2022 >>

* Bud Light put a PC and a projector inside a six-pack, for charity >>
* EdgeQ raises $51 million to fuse AI compute and 5G within a single chip >>

* Security Papers, Security in Syntax, Mistakes, and GraphQL Editor >>
* Fibre risk: How to make a emergency services call from a landline during a power cut >>

* MacBook Air M1 review: The right Apple Silicon Mac for most >>
* Overconfidence Is Contagious >>
* Army-funded algorithm decodes brain signals responsible for behaviors like walking and breathing >>
* Average person spending nearly 500 hours on the sofa since March >>

* NASA Celebrates Crew-1 Arrival at Space Station >>
* Royal Marines test ‘throwbots’ that can be lobbed up to 148 feet over walls or into caves >>
* Sex robots should be designed for use by elderly and disabled people >>
* VMware names virtual firewalls as first workload it will offload to SmartNICs >>

* Covid vaccine: Volunteers with no medical experience will be trained to give out jab >>
* How close is a Covid-19 vaccine after the Moderna and Pfizer breakthroughs – and who will get it first? >>
* Brain networks for social skills >>

* Data will decide success in the next normal of bulk and tanker shipping >>
* Huawei sells Honor phone brand to ‘ensure’ its survival >>
* IBM Research at EMNLP 2020 >>

* Itch.io will give developers its cut of game sales on Black Friday >>
* You can now embed Apple Podcasts on the web >>
* Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates: Some coronavirus vaccines may work better in certain populations than others >>

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