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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 November 2020

* Amazon Web Services APIs can allegedly be exploited to steal user data >>
* Covid-19: Chinese vaccine ‘successful in mid-stage trials’ >>
* Boeing’s 737 MAX to Fly Again >>

* The Ultimate: Astronomers want to put a huge telescope on the moon to study the Big Bang >>
* Ultimately Large Telescope: 100-metre liquid-mirror star scanner on the Moon >>

* Twitter launches Fleets, 24-hour ‘stories’ similar to Snapchat and Instagram >>
* Twitter’s new Stories feature ‘Fleets’ is struggling under the load >>

* Bella is a new challenger bank with a text-based interface >>
* Apple dropping App Store fees to 15% for users with under $1 million in revenues >>

* The way we train AI is fundamentally flawed >>
* Emissions of greenhouse gas nitrogen dioxide dropped by a FIFTH worldwide due to the coronavirus pandemic, NASA finds >>
* Mini’s Vision Urbanaut concept looks like a living room on wheels >>

* Up for Debate Does Microservices Simplify or Complicate >>
* Oppo reveals new mobile tethered smartglasses with gesture control >>
* Pfizer Says It’s On Track to Seek Covid-19 Vaccine Approval in Days >>

* Three Focus Areas of IoT In Coming Year >>
* AWS Step Functions Use Cases >>
* The Navy Has Shot Down an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile for the First Time >>

* 16 Minutes #45: Apple Silicon — A Long Game, Changing the Game >>
* Georgia’s Secretary of State Defends the Election >>
* Why Aren’t Covid Tracking Apps More Effective? >>

* SpaceX asks India for regulatory changes for Starlink >>
* Podcast: What’s the story with satellite broadband? >>
* Podcast: Frost & Sullivan’s rosy outlook for SD-WAN market >>

* Vietnam emerges as sole economic winner in Southeast Asia >>
* $6 Billion Linux Deal? SUSE IPO Rumored >>

* Uh-Oh, Scientists Used Human Genes to Make Monkey Brains Bigger >>
* Pandemic fuels global ‘debt tsunami’ >>
* DECODED • EPISODE 4 -Rookie Year feat. >>

* SpaceX Starship Engine: Problem solved! & Crew Dragon Crew-1 Flight Summary >>
* SpaceX Boca Chica – SN9 Transporter Testing >>
* Flyover Gallery 11/13 sneak peak >>
* The $380-billion trend turning fast fashion on its head >>

* TED@BCG: What happens after we develop a COVID-19 vaccine? >>
* TEDWomen 2020: A magical mantra for nurturing a blissful life >>
* TED@PMI: The mood-boosting power of crying >>

* Demystify the DevOps Landscape with the Periodic Table of DevOps Tools >>
* Collaboration and APIs: The key to innovating with legacy systems >>
* Lloyd is a human-powered GPS for your career >>

* Will Zoom Apps be the next hot startup platform? >>
* Microsoft Azure Data Lake >>
* New Covid-19 testing measures coming for border workers >>

* ‘It’s a terrible situation’: Inside a government bureaucrat’s pressure-filled decision to delay the transition >>
* Listen API: Podcast Search & Directory API >>
* Deep Space Challenges Rad-Hard IC Development >>

* Bluetooth® Technology: The Smart Path to Wireless Reliability >>
* The state of AI in 2020 >>
* Meeting the future: Dynamic risk management for uncertain times >>

* Mini-satellite maker >>
* Bill Gates says in-person meetings aren’t the ‘gold standard’ anymore and that 50% of business travel will go away even after pandemic >>
* US Navy’s huge uncrewed robot ship has journeyed through Panama Canal >>

* Dinosaurs were THRIVING and producing new species prior to the asteroid impact >>
* Tapping into digital nomadism and ‘deep work’ trends, Skimlinks founder raises $1.5M for Flown >>

* On Exactitude in Technical Debt >>
* Motional’s fully driverless cars are coming to Nevada’s roads for testing >>
* LAPD bans the use of Clearview’s controversial facial recognition software >>

* Instagram finally lets you search for posts by keyword >>
* Donald Trump fires election cybersecurity director Christopher Krebs >>
* Digital Health Tools Offer New Opportunities for Personalized Care >>

* Device that combines air circulation with UV-C light deployed in first U.S. homes to help decrease COVID-19 transmission >>
* Russia, China, the U.S.: Who Will Win the Hypersonic Arms Race? >>
* IoT Makes Fire Detection Systems Smarter >>

* Dilbert: Wednesday November 18, 2020 Information From Carl >>
* Merging Black Holes and Neutron Stars. All the Gravitational Wave Events Seen So Far in One Picture >>
* Fast radio bursts within the Milky Way seem to be coming from magnetars >>

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