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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 November 2020

* Moderna: Covid vaccine shows nearly 95% protection >>
* There are now two promising potential COVID vaccines. This is what we know about them. >>
* Explained: Moderna Covid-19 vaccine stability eases distribution challenges >>
* US stock futures rally after drugmaker Moderna touts COVID-vaccine that proved 94.5% effective in trials >>
* Pfizer and AstraZeneca slide as Moderna’s rival COVID-19 vaccine shows strong efficacy >>
* 16 Minutes #45: Covid Vaccine! Beyond Science via Press Release >>
* Coronavirus Covid-19: Can ‘superspreaders’ be targeted for vaccination? >>
* Doctors Are Calling It Quits Under Stress of the Pandemic >>
* SpaceX Boca Chica – Raptor SN42 greets Starship SN8 – Brand new SN46 arrives >>
* Video Friday: Aquanaut Robot Takes to the Ocean >>
* Flexible, Wearable Sensors Detect Workers’ Fatigue >>
* NVIDIA’s latest desktop workstation has four 80GB GPUs >>
* SpaceX’s ‘Resilience’ Lifts 4 Astronauts Into New Era of Spaceflight >>
* Sweden Uses ‘Unprecedented’ Covid Restrictions as Cases Soar >>
* a16z Podcast: Cloud Gaming: The Progress and the Mind-Bending Promise >>
* China Telecom gets cracking on 5G standalone >>
* U.S. internet monitoring threatens global data security >>
* British engineers unveil Europe’s first working 3D-printed electric vehicle >>
* Amazon’s Alexa Can Now Guess What You Want Before You Ask For It >>
* New settings for smart features and personalization in Gmail >>
* Tech Startups Look to Go Public Sooner >>
* VMware targets firewalls in first rollouts of its Modern Network framework >>
* Cloud computing storms a bastion of the enterprise: the data warehouse >>
* Standing up for developers: youtube-dl is back >>
* How AI-backed OCR sets the Pace for Automating Online Businesses >>
* Codefresh launches GitOps 2.0 to solve limitations of GitOps >>
* iPhone 12 Mini drop test: Ceramic shield seems indestructible >>
* Managing Full Application’s Lifecycle Using GitOps >>
* Introducing ML News >>
* Your own sweat could be used to produce a natural antiperspirant >>
* Three-metre-long dinosaur may have swum across a wide ocean >>
* The covid-19 pandemic has reignited questions about population size >>
* Scientists Failed to Use Common Sense Early in the Pandemic >>
* Dilbert; Monday November 16, 2020: Real Men Multitask >>
* 3 AI Trends to look for in 2021 >>
* The Future of Farming Is Inside This Bomb Shelter >>
* The Army Is Activating the Iron Dome, Its New Rocket-Killing Weapon >>
* JRE #1564 – ADAM ALTER >>
* Beyond Meat launches new burgers that are juicier and lower in saturated fat >>
* Obama says election results show nation is deeply divided >>
* A court decision in favor of startup UpCodes may help shape open access to the law >>
* Boris Johnson forced to self-isolate after Covid contact in crunch week for Brexit >>
* Newsmax CEO says channel won’t become ‘Trump TV’ >>
* Driving the usefulness of AI in healthcare: IBM Research showcases work at AMIA 2020 >>
* A Sunlight Shifted Asteroid Might Hit the Earth in 2068 with a 1200 Megaton Impact >>
* Highlights From SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Astronaut Launch for NASA >>
* The Age of Disconnection >>
* Former WeWork China exec launches a ‘startup studio’ for real estate >>
* Goldman Sachs just named 60 new partners. Here’s everything that’s been going on inside the Wall Street bank. >>
* Covid-19 news: One in four patients not getting life-saving treatment >>
* Uber is reportedly in talks to sell its self-driving unit >>
* PlayStation 5: The Next Step in Sony’s Rebound >>
* When do you need a chief restructuring officer? >>

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