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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 April 2020

* Oil crashes below $0 a barrel — a record low >>
* US needs to do 20 million tests a day to reopen safely, according to new plan >>
* How Apple and Google’s Social Distancing Maps Work >>

* Facebook’s new Gaming app launches on Android, with iOS version coming soon >>
* China’s agricultural sector gets boost thanks to advanced tech >>
* LG teases new 5G Velvet phone with ‘raindrop’ camera >>

* AI Uncovers a Potential Treatment for Covid-19 Patients >>
* Verizon’s BlueJeans acquisition is about more than the work-from-home trend >>
* Facebook launches Fundraisers in India, WhatsApp and Messenger helplines >>

* All the things COVID-19 will change forever, according to 30 top experts >>
* Scientists Explore Underwater Quantum Links for Submarines >>

* Tech earnings preview: Weakness looms amid pandemic, but some companies thrive >>
* The tricky math of lifting coronavirus lockdowns >>
* Rocket man: Don’t waste the crisis. >>

* An Imbalance Among Tiny Particles Offers a Big Cosmology Clue >>
* 267 Million Facebook Profiles Being Sold For $600 On Dark Web >>
* James Dyson Award-Winning Self-Sanitizing Door Handle Kills 99.8% Bacteria >>

* The curious case of the COVID-19 cellular traffic spike >>
* Coronavirus could push Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook deeper into our wallets >>
* Jane Goodall says COVID-19 arose from our disrespect for nature >>

* If America is at war with covid-19, it’s doing a bad job of fighting >>
* New Zealand’s Prime Minister May Be the Most Effective Leader on the Planet >>
* Richard Branson offers island as collateral for Virgin Atlantic, Australia face collapse >>

* Microsoft pairs machine learning models to fight software bugs >>
* Musicians Turn to Streaming Concerts From Home to Pay the Bills >>
* Interstellar comet Borisov came from a cold and distant home star >>

* Earth Day at 50: How an idea changed the world and still inspires now >>
* Can breathing exercises really help protect you from covid-19? >>
* Automating Security Beyond the Perimeter of Cloud Native Apps >>

* Michelle Obama Is Hosting A Weekly Storytime For Kids Starting Monday >>
* Hundreds of academics back privacy-friendly coronavirus contact tracing apps >>
* COVID-19 scammers may have stolen millions from the German government >>

* An IPO? In this economy? >>
* Alibaba Cloud will invest $28 billion more into its infrastructure over the next three years >>

* Is COVID-19 the push businesses need to fast-track technology adoption? >>
* How A.I. is Filling in Coronavirus Testing Gaps >>
* Computational Models and Simulations of Epidemic Infectious Diseases >>

* CloudBees Automotive Panel 2 >>
* How to use your Android or iOS device as a webcam >>
* How Engineers Are Operating Deep-Space Probes, Martian Rovers From Their Homes >>

* XSplit VCam: Lifetime Subscription (Windows) >>
* World’s Fastest Production Submarine’s Crazy Molten Metal Cooled Reactor >>
* Ferrari Driver Casually Hits 230 MPH On The Autobahn >>

* Tested: Minecraft showcases the beauty of ray tracing—and Nvidia’s DLSS 2.0 >>
* How to Talk to Your Team When the Future Is Uncertain >>
* Structured Database, Mainframes, Distributed Platform, and TIL Log >>

* Police drone fliers’ wings clipped to prevent them bumping into real aircraft >>
* New Horizons Parallax Program Gears Up >>
* SpaceX tests Falcon 9 rocket for next Starlink satellite fleet launch >>

* Oil prices turned negative. Hundreds of US oil companies could go bankrupt >>
* Job Losses Caused By Pandemic Compared To Other Historical Periods, Visualized >>
* A Nonpartisan Model for Developing Public-Service Leaders >>

* Virus expert remains ‘pessimistic’ over Tokyo hosting the Olympic Games in 2021 >>
* Lockdown socialism will collapse >>
* China, Russia see huge potential for trade cooperation despite pandemic >>

* India coronavirus: Should people pay for their own Covid-19 tests? >>
* Coronavirus: Boris Johnson fears second peak from relaxing lockdown >>
* Italy records first fall in active virus cases >>
* Coronavirus’s ability to mutate has been vastly underestimated, and mutations affect deadliness of strains, Chinese study finds >>
* Halt on WHO funding will be felt most by world’s poorest people >>
* Job Cuts in Pandemic Come So Fast That Warning Laws Are Gutted >>

* Donald Trump Is Forcing Americans To Play Russian Roulette With Their Lives >>
* Donald Trump Is Being Pressured To Reopen The Economy To Save His Reelection Campaign >>
* Trump rewriting narrative of response by showing only flattering news coverage of himself >>
* Trump defends people resisting lockdowns, says they’re good people suffering cabin fever >>
* US COVID-19 deaths surpass 41,000 >>

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