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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 April 2020

* MIT uses wireless signals and AI to monitor COVID-19 patients at home >>
* 2 Israeli COVID-19 patients said to improve in experimental drug trial >>
* GitHub is now free for all teams >>

* Microsoft’s Teams clocks 2.7 billion minutes of meetings in a single day >>
* 500,000 Zoom accounts are being sold on the dark web >>
* Russia’s Soyuz rocket production on hold due to coronavirus >>
* Video creation is fast, easy and free with YouTube Video Builder >>

* Is It Even Possible to Focus on Anything Right Now? >>
* How Adobe shifted a Las Vegas conference to executives’ living rooms in less than 30 days >>
* Why Women May Be More Susceptible to Mood Disorders >>

* Women at Work / Season 5, Episode 1; We’re Beyond Stretched >>
* WSJ: Big Tech is Still Hiring >>
* WSJ: Health Professionals Begin 3-D Printing Supplies >>
* COVID-19: What our WFH traffic looks like >>

* Amazon lets sellers resume shipping ‘non-essential’ items to warehouses >>
* French court orders Amazon to continue only fulfilling essential orders >>

* Coronavirus Testing Is Coming Closer to Your Doctor’s Office >>
* Why simply waiting for herd immunity to covid-19 isn’t an option >>
* Artificial Intelligence Is Evolving All By Itself >>

* Apple and Google have a clever way of encouraging people to install contact-tracing apps for COVID-19 >>
* Build Your Team’s Resilience — From Home >>
* A Way Forward for Small Businesses >>

* Science of Happiness, Business of AI, Against Group Chat, and Human Standards Project >>
* Pandemic sends enterprises racing to the cloud >>
* How to manage a pandemic | MIT >>

* A Radical Solution to Scale AI Technology >>
* Radar trends to watch: April 2020 >>
* Lead Your Sales Team Through Uncertain Times >>

* John Conway, Game of Life Author, Dies At 82 of COVID-19 >>
* UK tech job vacancies fall 31% in less than 4 weeks, according to job site data – so who is still hiring? >>
* Thousands of Techies in Locked-Down India Are Braving Coronavirus Daily To Keep the World Running >>

* Restoring a healthy economy will require a local focus. Here’s why. >>
* Satellites Are Helping To Track Food Supplies in Coronavirus Era >>
* Sandwich robots are coming >>

* Amid shutdowns, supply chains pivot and global demand for specialized talent intensifies >>
* India kicks off competition for home-grown video conferencing clone >>
* The Future Of Medicine: A New Era For Alzheimer’s >>

* This 3-D Simulation Shows Why Social Distancing Is So Important >>
* Here’s what the Constitution’s 10th Amendment says about Trump’s claim to have total authority over states >>
* Go digital or die: Covid’s challenge to industry >>

* US struggles to control coronavirus outbreak as global cases nears 2 million >>
* Mind-boggling: How pandemic planning never accounted for a President like Trump >>
* Mumbai: Defying lockdown, migrant workers in Bandra come out on road demanding transport back home >>
* PM Narendra Modi says India will extend coronavirus lockdown until 3 May >>
* Lockdowns in France and U.K. Expected to Last Into Next Month >>

* You Need To Introduce Machine Learning to Your Business, Period.>>
* 7700 Genome Sequences of COVID-19 Track Mutations >>
* ‘World of Tanks Blitz’ just transformed the moon into a tank battleground >>

* India’s lockdown is making life hard for its most popular apps >>
* Can runners spew viruses farther than 6 feet? Scientists suggest avoiding the ‘slipstream’ >>
* 10 Questions to Guide Boards Through the Pandemic >>

* Goldman Sachs says advanced economies will shrink by 35% in the 2nd quarter — quadruple its prior financial-crisis record >>
* Coronavirus: ‘World faces worst recession since Great Depression’ >>
* VC activity goes upside down as seed deals fall and mega-rounds rise >>

* Unemployment Checks Are Being Held Up By A Coding Language Almost Nobody Knows >>
* Woman Tries To Explain The Pandemic To Her Past Self In This Hilarious Short >>
* Amazon Translate added to Memsource Translate, Memsource’s machine translation management feature >>

* SoftNAS Changes Name to Buurst, Announces Plan to Disrupt the Storage Industry >>
* Solving the Hidden Costs of Kubernetes with Observability >>
* China steps up cross-border e-commerce despite epidemic >>

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