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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 April 2020

* Amazon is using thermal cameras to screen warehouse workers for COVID-19 >>
* Facebook is releasing a dedicated gaming app tomorrow >>
* Tesla Powerwall knows when to stop charging your EV during power outages >>

* Coronavirus could shrink office space >>
* The Coronavirus and Post-Traumatic Growth >>
* Boards of directors in the tunnel of the coronavirus crisis >>

* Amazon keeps French warehouses closed in standoff over health protections >>
* Amazon reaps $11,000-a-second coronavirus lockdown bonanza >>

* Formula E team fills the sports void with online marble races >>
* Innovating from necessity: The business-building imperative in the current crisis >>
* Growth In Surveillance May Be Hard To Scale Back After Pandemic, Experts Say >>

* Todays Pods
* a16z Podcast: How the Passion Economy Is Redefining Work >>
* Covid-19 and AI: Tracking a Virus, Finding a Treatment >>

* Finding Trash in Sensitive Waterways with AI – Ep. 116 >>
* Apple Launches New iPhone SE >>
* Public-Sector Tech Struggles to Handle Traffic in Pandemic >>
* Airbnb’s Brian Chesky: “Corona is pushing us back to our roots” >>
* Vergecast: Apple’s new iPhone SE, OnePlus 8 Pro review, and Verizon buys BlueJeans >>
* Breaking Analysis: CIOs & CISOs Discuss COVID 19 Budget Impact >>
* Telecoms.com Podcast: 5G fires, Huawei and contact tracing >>
* Webinar: Network Reassurance >>
* The SVoD squad assembles: What’s new with OTT, SVoD and Quibi >>
* How to Zoomify Your Hangout and Other WFH Tech Tips >>
* TED: The Global Power Shift >>
* Original Content podcast: ‘Devs’ asks unsettling questions about free will >>

* Microsoft Launching ‘Plasmabot’ To Screen Recovered COVID-19 Patients For Researchers >>
* Samsung pulls Galaxy S20 Ultra update following glitches >>
* COVID-19 isn’t stopping Verizon’s 5G rollout >>

* This Week in Programming: The Ethical Quagmire of Technological Contact Tracing >>
* GitLab Responds To GitHub Making Teams Free – We All Win >>
* Translating your website or application automatically with Amazon Translate in your CI/CD pipeline >>

* Watch these Italians play rooftop tennis during quarantine >>
* Is COVID-19 the push businesses need to fast-track technology adoption? >>
* TensorFlow Lite gets machine learning model maker >>

* For the first time ever, a robotic spacecraft caught an old satellite and extended its life >>
* This Week’s Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through April 18) >>
* When will a second wave of the coronavirus hit, and what will it look like? >>

* Facebook and Google to be forced to share advertising revenue with Australian media companies >>
* How consumer-goods companies can prepare for the next normal >>
* When governments go remote >>

* Forecasting s-curves is hard >>
* How CIOs and CISOs are dealing with the pandemic budget hit >>
* AIOps Isn’t a Tool — It’s a Strategy for the Modern Enterprise >>

* Why the F-15 Is Such a Badass Plane >>
* Smarter FAQ bots with Amazon Kendra >>
* China wants a piece of the moon. Here’s how it plans to handle lunar samples. >>

* Patient zero of Covid-19 pandemic may never be found >>
* Antibody test results could be bad news >>
* “Is It Moral To Work For A Tech Giant?” >>

* Clubhouse voice chat leads a wave of spontaneous social apps >>
* Coronavirus and the Future of Telemedicine >>
* LG offers first clear look at its premium Velvet phone >>

* Security News This Week: Russian Hackers Went After San Francisco International Airport >>
* Inside China Tech: when all this is over, will the robots remain? >>
* Australia’s COVID-19 trace tracking app still ‘weeks away’ >>

* Amid shutdowns, supply chains pivot and global demand for specialized talent intensifies >>
* Hitting the Books: How ‘universal’ stem cells might fix our brains >>
* iPhone 7 boots postmarketOS, becomes the first Apple Linux smartphone >>

* 100,000 people gather for funeral in Bangladesh, defying coronavirus lockdown >>
* ‘Life in the era of COVID-19’: PM Modi writes on changing contours of work culture >>
* Only halftime in New York virus fight says governor >>
* Coronavirus Testing Needs to Triple Before the U.S. Can Reopen, Experts Say >>
* A Key G.O.P. Strategy: Blame China. But Trump Goes Off Message. >>
* Donald Trump’s latest attack on China over coronavirus highlights challenge in repairing relations >>
* Students are weary of online classes, but colleges can’t say whether they’ll open in fall 2020 >>
* C.D.C. Labs Were Contaminated, Delaying Coronavirus Testing, Officials >>

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