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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 November 2019

* With a Laser, Researchers Say They Can Hack Alexa, Google Home or Siri >>
* Microsofrt is taking Quantum Computers to the Cloud >>
* Xiaomi unveils its 108-megapixel smartphone >>

* MIT develops a way for autonomous delivery robots to find your front door >>
* UK introduces mandatory drone registration and pilot test >>
* Facebook is testing a facial recognition tool to verify your identity >>

* Adobe’s Project Awesome Audio cleans up recordings with a single click >>
* First US clinical trial of using in-brain chip to fight opioid addiction underway >>
* China’s TikTok Blazes New Ground. That Could Doom It. >>

* Scientists discover extraordinary way to turn normal windows into emission-free solar panels which can store energy for nearly TWO DECADES >>
* Farms Can Harvest Energy Along with Food >>
* Everything we know about the universe may be WRONG after new evidence suggests it is curved and not flat as previously believed >>

* More than 11,000 scientists declare a ‘climate emergency’ >>
* China will have 130,000 5G base stations by end of year >>
* China approves sale of home-grown new Alzheimer’s drug >>

* Microsoft’s ‘Project Silica’ targets glass as the archival storage medium of the future >>
* Scientists create robotic BEES with artificial soft ‘muscles’ that allow them to crash into walls unharmed >>
* Photoshop for augmented reality? >>

* BMW’s magical gesture control finally makes sense as touchscreens take over cars >>
* Augmented analytics is on cusp of becoming business world’s next significant evolution. >>

* Microsoft’s AI Research Draws Controversy Over Possible Disinformation Use >>
* We’re at IROS 2019 to Bring You the Most Exciting Robotics Research >>

* 3-minute video shows how Krispy Kreme uses machines to make doughnuts >>
* Pigeon, a ‘Waze for public transit’ from Google’s Area 120, expands across the US >>
* ZenHub adds roadmapping to its GitHub project management tool >>

* Warehouses Are Tracking Workers’ Every Muscle Movement >>
* Sony’s latest VR attraction will let you enter ‘Jumanji’ >>
* NVIDIA’s AI will help USPS handle packages 10 times faster >>

* Coda Biotherapeutics is developing a cure for pain >>
* Are Your Algorithms Upholding Your Standards of Fairness? >>
* Microsoft Launches Public Previews of Visual Studio Online and Power Virtual Agents >>

* Hackers Can Silently Control Your Google Home, Alexa, Siri With Laser Light >>
* Light Commands: Laser-Based Audio Injection Attacks on Voice-Controllable Systems PDF >>
* CI/CD Best Practices for Your DevOps Journey >>

* The Big Bang Probably Happened Because of Turbulence >>
* “Autonomous-Finance” offers a Re-Imagined Idea of Banking. >>
* When Gateways Go Away with Cellular IoT >>

* Scientists 3D-Printed Living Skin, Complete With Blood Vessels >>
* Automating the Operation of Stateful Apps in Kubernetes With GitOps >>
* Africa Should Look To India For Digital Inspiration >>

* Facebook Libra is Architecturally Unsound >>
* Super-precise new CRISPR tool could tackle a plethora of genetic diseases >>
* New Kind of Concrete Cracks Much Less Than the Regular Stuff >>

* An Energy Breakthrough Could Store Solar Power for Decades >>
* Robinhood Traders Discovered a Glitch That Gave Them ‘Infinite Leverage’ >>
* Stripe CLI >>

* Is AI Really a Threat to Traditional Jobs? >>
* UPS completes first residential drone deliveries from a CVS Pharmacy >>
* Half of Americans do not believe deepfake news could target them online >>

* Research: Autonomous transportation in the enterprise: Mixed impact anticipated >>
* Is It Depression, or Is It Anxiety? >>
* Bloodhound goes faster still at 491mph >>

* Key Competencies in the Workplace >>
* Benefits of a ‘Snow Line’ Neptune >>
* The Top Performing Stocks Since 2000 Might Surprise You >>

* Chang’e 4 robotic probe begins 11th dormancy on moon’s far side >>
* Zhou warns that AI will likely increase income inequality and China should prepare >>
* US urged to invest more in AI as ex-Google CEO warns of China’s progress in facial recognition technology >>

* Microsoft experimented with a four-day work week in Japan. Productivity surged nearly 40% >>
* Keanu Reeves held hands on the red carpet, confirming first public romance in decades >>
* I tested out DNA-based food shopping and it was strange >>

* Midsize Companies Are Growing, But Struggling to Earn Profits >>
* Making Work Less Stressful and More Engaging for Your Employees >>
* It’s important to cultivate your organization’s collective genius >>

* Digital Authoritarianism Is On the Rise Around the World, Report Warns >>
* The Cloud is the Future of Software Delivery >>
* Chrome OS officially supports virtual workspaces now >>

* Trump CTO Addresses AI, Facial Recognition, Immigration, Tech Infrastructure, and More >>
* Boeing’s Next-Generation Starliner Vehicle Passes Major Safety Test >>
* Having Sex On The Mind Makes People Lie >>

* Smart glove enabling astronauts to control drones with hand gestures could be used to explore Mars and the moon >>
* The fired CEO of McDonald’s has resigned his seat on Walmart’s board >>
* Stressed to the max? Deep sleep can rewire the anxious brain >>

* RoboBee powered by soft muscles >>
* Deep neural networks uncover what the brain likes to see >>
* Singularity University’s Exponential Medicine Kicks Off Today in San Diego >>

* Uber Posts $1.2 Billion Loss as Growth Improves >>
* Chemists observe “spooky” quantum tunneling >>
* Your Brain Builds Abstract Concepts With 3 Types Of Meaning >>

* Inside a Martian Habitat Factory in New York City >>
* NASA Has a New Method For Cooling Down Electronics Crammed Together in a Spacecraft >>
* Future iPhones DOUBLE-SIDED with wrap-around display that forms ‘continuous loop’ around the device, patent >>

* Ankle Bracelets For Hippos Could Keep Them Safe >>
* Pixel 4 update lets Smooth Display kick in more often >>
* Spiders on the Moon: ‘Walking’ Robots Will Explore Lunar Crevices and Caves >>

* Microsoft Can Control 50,000 Qubits But Large Qubit System Still Must be Made >>
* Microsoft Will Use Quantum Tools with Classical Computing >>
* Hyundai’S New Hydrogen-Powered Truck Will Give The Tesla Semi A Run For Its Money >>

* What will happen to Starwars Now? >>

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