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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 November 2019

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* AI: British scientists create robot that can move things out of the way to get the milk out of the fridge >>
* Game-Changer Warrant Let Detective Search Genetic Database >>
* 2nd CIIE kicks off in Shanghai >>

* Functional Programming, Fake News in Elections, De-Identification in Video, and Sendmail Lessons Learned >>
* Google is helping Design and Open Source , Ultra-Secure Chip >>
* Chinese drone maker DJI’s latest crop protection drone T20 unveiled in Shenzhen >>

* Adobe’s Project Sweet Talk makes portraits come alive >>
* An Energy Breakthrough Could Store Solar Power For Decades >>

* TED: The business case for working with your toughest critics >>
* TED: What open water swimming taught me about resilience >>
* All Day DevOps 2019 >>
* AI4Good: Canadian Lab Empowers Women in Computer Science – Ep. 103 >>
* DevOpsTV: Troubles in Kubernetes Land Vault to the Rescue >>
* WIRED25 Livestream: Watch the Future Unfold Here >>
* Take a virtual tour through Rocket Lab’s New Zealand rocket launch facility >>

* Research: How Women and Men View Competition Differently >>
* Robinhood has a glitch that’s letting users borrow far more than they should >>
* Samsung’s Next Smartphone Camera Might Have 100 Megapixels >>

* SpaceX Goes For Two Big Reuse Milestones With Next Launch >>
* Elon Musk says SpaceX’s Starship could fly for as little as $2 million per launch >>
* Fire fighting: New virtual reality technology used to train firefighters in Northland >>

* Harvard’s UrchinBot Is One of the Weirdest Looking Robots We’ve Ever Seen >>
* SpaceX First Production Starlink Launch Targets November 11, 2019 >>
* SpaceX and Boeing Could be Ready to Fly Astronauts in the First Quarter of 2020 >>

* We Need a Global Standard for Reporting Cyber Attacks >>
* You should change your area of expertise every 10 years. Here’s why. >>
* Google enlists mobile security firms to help rid Google Play of bad Android apps >>
* Quantum Computer Made from Photons Achieves a New Record >>

* Leica’s full-frame SL2 mirrorless camera has 5K video and higher resolution >>
* SaaS Apps Are Less Compliant Than You Think: An Analysis of The Top 1,000 SaaS Apps >>

* The Convergence of AI + IOT is Imminent & Your Competitor is Already Preparing for It >>
* Apple TV, Apple TV, Apple TV, and Apple TV+ >>
* An Error in a Python Script May Have Invalidated 150+ Research Projects >>

* The Riddle of the Well-Paying, Pointless Job >>
* if you want a robot to learn better be a jerk to it >>
* OffWorld’s Smart Robots Could Swarm Solar System to Help Astronauts and Settlers >>

* OffWorld’s Smart Robots Could Swarm Solar System to Help Astronauts and Settlers >>
* Study: Mindfulness meditation can change how you perceive time Study: Mindfulness meditation can change how you perceive time
* Super Evil Megacorp >>

* Boeing whistleblower raises doubts over 787 oxygen system >>
* Programming Models for Servers in Java >>
* 2019 Top Slack Channels for Software Testers >>

* Cloud, Fog, and Edge Computing: 3 Differences That Matter >>
* Everything You Need to Know About GitHub Security Alerts >>
* Hunting the ELK (Stack): Data Monitoring to Visualization >>

* Github tops 40 million developers as Python, data science, machine learning popularity surges >>
* How to Train Your Brain to Remember Almost Anything >>
* The Riddle of the Well-Paying, Pointless Job >>

* Turn your phone into a computer mouse with Remote Mouse >>
* I Tried This Can-Sized Tv Projector—Is It Worth It? >>
* A Journey to Mars Starts on the Space Station >>

* NASA Wants 10 More Yearlong Space Station Stints to Prep for Mars >>
* It Seems Impossible, But Somehow This Planet Survived its Star’s Red Giant Phase >>
* Announcing TED Masterclass: TED’s official public speaking course >>

* Andrew Yang Is Not Full Of Shit >>
* Apple refreshes its privacy site with new technical whitepapers >>
* How Arweave’s Permaweb cheaply hosts sites & apps forever >>

* As developers embrace Kubernetes, Replicated launches tools to manage its deployments >>
* Boeing’s lunar lander pitch promises ‘fastest path’ to the moon >>
* Cloud Covered: What was new with Google Cloud in October >>

* Disney+ is boosting its library by running a Starz ad (update) >>
* In-brain electrodes are the latest weapon against opioid addiction >>

* Nanoparticle orientation offers a way to enhance drug delivery >>
* Neo4j introduces new cloud service to simplify building a graph database >>
* Question Answering for Enterprise Use Cases >>

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