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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 November 2019

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* RIPE NCC has run out of IPv4 Addresses >>
* Amazon brings Black Friday deals to China through pop-up stores on e-commerce platform Pinduoduo until end of year >>
* Intel teams with MediaTek to create 5G modems for PCs >>

* China quantum research team uses AI to crack processing time >>
* Telcos embrace containers at KubeCon 2019: Ambitious end-to-end 5G demo with containers impresses >>
* Interactive Linear Algebra >>

* Uber has again been denied licence renewal in London over safety risks >>
* Rocket Lab readies Electron for the first launch with rocket recovery systems on board >>
* A delivery robot that doubles as personal sidekick >>

* TED: Why i draw with Robots >>
* Demand For Subscription Services Continues to Increase >>
* These invisible barcodes make plastic more likely to be recycled >>

* HP rejects ‘hostile’ takeover bid for second time: ‘We are not dependent on a Xerox combination’ >>
* Explosion Of Interest In Organ-On-A-Chip Technology >>
* At this Chinese hotel, the bellhops have been replaced by talking robots >>

* AI determines how much help Shakespeare had writing a play >>
* NextCloud Linux Servers Targetted by NextCry Ransomware >>
* Paging Dr. Robot: Artificial intelligence moves into care >>

* Here is how 5G will change the future >>
* Grocery-carrying robots are coming. Do we need them? >>
* New ‘Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker’ Clip Has A Stormtroopers Twist >>

* Tesla Cybertruck First Ride: Inside Elon Musk’S Electric Pickup Truck >>
* Why Tesla’s Cybertruck Might Flop >>
* Ordering a Tesla Cybertruck? Here’s what to know first >>

* In 2016, Microsoft’s Racist Chatbot Revealed the Dangers of Online Conversation >>
* Russia’s Sandworm shows “we are all Ukraine” on the internet >>
* launches its Builder Now platform for rapid app prototyping and building >>

* Vistaprint left a customer service database unprotected, exposing calls, chats and emails >>
* What Will We Do When the Sun Gets Too Hot for Earth’s Survival? >>
* Using artificial intelligence to analyze placentas >>

* Ultrafast quantum simulations: A new twist to an old approach >>
* Thermal cameras effective in detecting rheumatoid arthritis >>
* AI algorithm can predict chances of death from heart attack more accurately than human doctors >>

* Tim Berners-Lee launches ‘Contract for Web’ rulebook aiming to create safer internet with NO national blocks on information >>
* Web Inventor Has an Ambitious Plan to Take Back the Net >>

* #KubeCon 2019 – Complete Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Platform >>
* What Is Grid Computing, and How Is It Different From Cloud Computing? >>
* 2020 Predictions: Organizations will become “Cloud Smart” but remain “Cloud Dumb” >>

* Drones and AI making a dent in Kakadu’s war against weeds >>
* DTA to setup a whole-of-government telco marketplace >>
* 9 Israeli inventions find place in TIME magazine’s 100 Best Inventions for 2019 >>

* Using Drones, Containers, Imaging, and AI For Farming, Spinnaker Summit 2019 >>
* Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and DevOps, Tricentis >>
* Enterprise Continuous Testing With A Shift Right Mindset, Tricentis >>

* How Digital Currencies Are (and Will Continue) to Bring About Global Innovation >>
* An Introduction to Automation in Vision AI >>
* Top 10 Automated Software Testing Tools >>

* Official: China a key climate contributor >>
* China’s cryptocurrency miners look to capitalise on policy shift and cheap power, despite trading ban >>
* Could Humanity Reach “Life 3.0”? >>

* State of Decay 2 brings zombie slaying to Steam in early 2020 >>
* Koalas Are in Trouble But Functionally Extinction Claim is a Lie >>

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