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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 July 2017

* Flat microscope for the brain could help restore lost eyesight >>
* Porsche installs its first high-speed electric car chargers >>
* Real-time facial recognition could soon be used on police body cameras >>

* Supertiny cameras could shrink from pill size to dust size >>
* Ruggedized Servers Pave Road to Autonomous Vehicles >>
* THOR Transformer Drone Hovers and Cruises With No Compromises >>

* Detection Possibilities for Optical SETI >>
* NASA’s New Horizon’s Fly Over of Pluto & Its Moon Charon >>
* Jupiter-icy-moons-explorer Will Explore the Planet-Sized Ganymede, Europa, Callisto >>

* Weird Radio Signals Detected from Nearby Red Dwarf Star >>
* Beyond the Fermi Paradox –The Search for Extinct Alien Civilizations >>
* Sorry, but artificial sweeteners won’t help you lose weight >>

* Reelgood helps cord cutters find, track and watch content from across streaming services >>
* NASA tests astronaut ocean exit process for Orion crew capsule >>
* Windows 10 Is Failing Us >>

* Tesla sends out invites to private Model 3 event >>
* How Microsoft brought SQL Server to Linux >>
* Researchers discover one of the brightest galaxies ever seen >>

* NASA Closer to Using Nuclear Reactors for Powering Space Missions >>
* Facebook’s AI Keeps Inventing Languages That Humans Can’t Understand >>
* At least 75 per cent of our DNA really is useless junk after all >>

* The $10,000 Swedish ‘flying carpet’ drone powerful enough to carry its creator >>
* Disney’s new headset lets you be a Jedi and play Holochess in augmented reality >>
* AI doctors should improve healthcare, but not at any cost >>

* Can your adopted pet’s microchip expose you to fraud? >>
* NASA releases stunning video that lets you flyby Pluto >>
* Astronomers detect strange signals coming from star 11 light years away >>

* Chinese mall installs man caves for husbands to hang out in while their wives shop >>
* Scientists find rare disease clues in cell’s recycling system >>
* Was this created by a human or computer? See if you can tell the difference. >>

* Google’s parent wants Avis to help manage its self-driving fleet >>
* Boeing will test self-flying planes >>

* Japan’s space camera drone on the ISS is a floating ball of cuteness >>
* We’re Not Sure Whether Floating Docks Are Actually Safe, But Man, They Sure Look Fun >>

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