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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 July 2017

* Glasses-free holographic phone will take on iPhone in 2018 >>
* Toxic chemicals on Mars may have DESTROYED alien life – put human missions in doubt >>
* EU Developing Robot Badgers for Underground Excavation >>

* Carbon nanotubes found safe for reconnecting damaged neurons >>
* New 3-D carbon nanotube chip combines computing and data storage >>
* Blimp drone stays afloat longer than your average multicopter drones >>

* LHC pops out a new particle that could test the strong force >>
* Scientists discover a new type of particle using the Large Hadron Collider that could open a ‘new frontier’ in physics >>
* DNA copying is more random than we thought >>

* Personalized Cancer Vaccines Vanquish Melanoma in Small Study >>
* A thick magma ocean, supersonic winds and a heavy metal atmosphere: Scientists reveal the terrifying conditions on the early moon >>
* Cheers: Amazon links with winery to sell line of wines >>

* New Moon-Rock Recipe Could Help Test Rovers >>
* Mars Soil May Be Toxic to Microbes >>

* Samsung’s Smart TVs stream your Steam games with no extra hardware >>
* New Attack Can Now Decrypt Satellite Phone Calls in ‘Real Time’ >>
* Facetune maker’s newest app, Enlight Photofox, is a powerful image editor >>

* HBO and Cinemax Come To Hulu, But You’ll Need the New App To Watch >>
* Scientists Map The Receptor That Makes Weed Work >>
* Google shows off Blocks, a 3D modeling tool made for VR >>

* Microsoft to lay off 3,000 people as it tries to boost Azure >>
*’s Driverless AI automates machine learning for businesses >>
* Google’s free 3D drawing app is like MS Paint for VR >>

* Blocks: Easily Create 3D Objects in VR >>
* HBO and Cinemax come to Hulu, but you’ll need the new app to watch >>
* How Do You Keep Your Home Neat and Tidy? >>

* 7 Smart Suitcases To Streamline Your Summer Travel >>
* A ‘neurographer’ Puts The Art In Artificial Intelligence >>
* DeepMind’s first international AI research office lands in Alberta >>

* France plans to ban all new petrol and diesel cars by 2040 >>
* Wind-Propelled Waters Drove Antarctic Melting for Millennia >>

* RED launches pre-orders of bizarre $1,600 titanium ‘holographic’ smartphone >>
* A company that makes $70,000 cameras for filming blockbuster movies is making a $1,200 smartphone >>

* CRISPR gene editing technique is probably safe, study confirms >>
* 100 Billion Failed Stars May Be Hiding in the Milky Way >>
* NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office: How They Detect Asteroids Early >>

* Did You Know There Are X-rays Coming From Pluto? That’s Strange, What’s Causing It? >>
* I Wonder If It Has Room Service? Here’s The Space Hotel That Won A Recent Nasa Competition >>
* What Happens When Carpooling Laws Suddenly Change? Chaos >>

* 3D Electronic Nose Demostrates Advantages of Carbon Nanotubes >>
* Sphero turning from toys to home robots >>
* This startup is building AI to bet on soccer games >>

* We’re a Cheap Battery Away From Phasing Out Fossil Fue >>
* Travis Kalanick’s fears and suspicions about Google’s self-driving cars >>
* Is this the beginning of the end of Tesla? >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 July 2017

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