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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 July 2017

* Airbus’ New Black Boxes Will Eject From Crashing Planes, So They’re Easier To Find >>
* Demise of dinosaurs opened the doors to the age of tree frogs >>
* Einride’s T-Pod self-driving transport EV gets a full-scale prototype >>

* How gene that causes arthritis aided the spread of mankind >>
* AI is better at predicting which embryos will result in IVF success than DOCTORS >>
* Hadrian X builder bot that can lay 1,000 bricks an hour and build a house in two days backed by construction giant Caterpillar >>

* The ‘little cub’ galaxy that could reveal the secrets of the universe >>
* Samsung set to shrink the Galaxy S8 with new ‘mini’ version >>
* The Kaarta Contour handheld scanner uses LIDAR to map spaces in real time >>

* Shanghai is developing a facial recognition system to identify jaywalkers >>
* Measuring the Progress of AI Research >>
* Meditation, yoga, and tai chi can reverse damaging effects of stress, new study suggests >>

* Ancient Neanderthal DNA Reveals Links to Modern Humans >>
* New “Dark Universe” Telescope Detects Optical Signals of Gravitational Waves >>
* NASA’s 1st Mars Rover Landed 20 Years Ago Today >>

* We’re entering the world of invisible technology. Can we keep up? >>
* Incredible images reveal F-35 firing its weapons upside down in latest dogfight test >>
* Vaqso Raises $600,000 To Help You Smell Inside VR >>

* A Crack in Creation: Gene Editing and the Unthinkable Power to Control Evolution >>
* Japan wants to manned trips to the moon by 2030 with NASAs help >>

* Rocket Lab wants to build and launch a rocket every week >>
* SpaceX halts Intelsat 35e launch twice in a row >>

* Hulu Joins Netflix and Amazon In Promoting Royalty-free Video Codec AV1 >>
* Samsung Reportedly Developing a Voice-Controlled Speaker To Compete With Amazon Echo >>
* In the knowledge economy, we need a Netflix of education >>

* Hanoi Plan To Ban Motorbikes By 2030 To Combat Pollution >>
* Outside of AI, companies are doing less research and more development >>
* When tech nostalgia goes too far >>

* People are reporting riots on Twitter before they call the police >>
* Finding All Your Friends on the Map >>
* Volkswagen’s e-Golf sits in the past while looking to the future >>

* The Morning After: July 4th, 2017 >>
* How VR Gives Us a Glimpse of the Future of Work >>
* Amazon’s Alexa passes 15,000 skills, up from 10,000 in February >>

* Then and now: Stunning images show how the religious city of Jerusalem has changed over time >>
* North Korea claims test of an intercontinental ballistic missile >>
* Teaching robots to learn about the world through touch >>

* Lunar robots put to the test on Sicily’s Mount Etna >>
* Flying in an electric plane >>
* EU considers more North Korea sanctions after latest missile test >>

* Why technology helps us do more while understanding less about what we’re doing >>
* Ancient humans may have been mothers to some Neanderthals earlier than we thought >>
* Bill Gates made these 15 predictions in 1999 — and it’s scary how accurate he was >>

* 3D-printed robot aims to fight cancer >>
* Menstruation does not affect cognitive function, study finds >>
* Did Life on Earth Come From Outer Space? >>

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