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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 February 2017

* Google officially brings WebVR to Chrome >>
* Incredible video shows a ROBOT piloting a drone all by itself >>
* Tor Project’s New Mobile App Alerts You To Internet Surveillance And Censorship >>

* Algae can survive nearly a year and a half in outer space >>
* This Technology Could Finally Make Brain Implants Practical >>
* SpaceX to send a lethal superbug to the International Space Station on Valentine’s Day >>

* Lab-made salmonella boosts mice’s immune systems to fight cancer >>
* Japanese Robots Are The Best At Putting On iPhone Screen Protectors >>
* Agility Robotics Introduces Cassie, a Dynamic and Talented Robot Delivery Ostrich >>

* Princeton shrinks tabletop terahertz equipment down to a few square millimeters >>
* This ‘alarm rug’ will definitely get you out of bed in the morning >>
* Heart of the Machine: Our Future in a World of Artificial Emotional Intelligence >>

* We Tried an Underwater VR Headset, and it Worked >>
* Robotic bee could help pollinate crops as real bees decline >>
* NASA wants to put a lander on Europa’s surface to look for life >>

* Marriage may be changing, but it is for Parliament, not judges, to alter its definition >>
* 5g Wireless Technology Gets A Logo, But It’s Still Years Away >>
* The Next Big Blue-Collar Job Is Coding >>

* Airlines ask Trump to modernize the air traffic control system >>
* Google’s DeepMind pits AI against AI to see if they fight or cooperate >>
* Inside The Bugatti Factory >>

* Medtronic’s CardioInsight Electrode Vest Maps Heart’s Electrical System >>
* Squid Communicate With a Secret, Skin-Powered Alphabet >>
* Missile Intercept Test Video Released By DOD >>

* The Future Of Virtual Reality: Mobile VR Platforms In A Battle >>
* DeepMind is using games to test AI aggression and cooperation >>
* Could Artificial Intelligence Ever Become A Threat To Humanity? >>

* This Long-forgotten Gel Could Help Robots Pollinate All Our Crops >>
* No One Knows The Best Way To Stop A Drone >>
* New Close-Up Image of Jupiter’s South Pole is Mind-Blowingly Beautiful >>

* Scientists Just Found Signs Of A Stolen Dead Sea Scroll >>
* Here’s What Those Bumps In The Sidewalk Are For >>

* NASA Has Finally Built a Computer Chip To Survive on Venus >>
* With VR in your browser, see the world like a Grizzly >>
* Tor’s Ooniprobe, Now Available On Android and iOS, Helps People Track Internet Censorship >>

* Legion’s Premiere Was a Surreal, Confusing, Wonderful Nightmare >>
* Apple CEO Tim Cook Tackles Truth in the Digital Age >>
* Microsoft teases Windows 10’s sleek new look for the future >>

* A new home for Google in the Philippines >>
* VR Will Transform Marketing Experiences — But Not Before 2020 >>
* Indian city to become the first in the world to get Google Station public Wi-Fi network >>

* Apple rumored to remove even more buttons from the iPhone >>
* Windows 10 is getting a picture-in-picture mode >>
* Intel finally plans to finish its Fab 42 factory in Arizona >>

* Fecal Transplant Therapy Improves Autism Symptoms, Study Finds >>
* How A Sickle Cell Gene Mutation Hides Diabetes >>
* ‘Star Wars’ Spoof In The Works >>

* This is how Ford is staying ahead of the latest technology >>
* The future of tech is already here — and nobody cares >>

* The Magellenic Clouds Stay Connected By A String Of Stars >>
* New Terahertz Transmitter Shines With Ultra-Fast Data Speeds >>

* Uber Brings In Nasa Engineer To Build Flying Cars >>
* How NASA’s Astrobee Robot Is Bringing Useful Autonomy to the ISS >>
* Self-Destructing Gadgets Made Not So Mission Impossible >>

* Leading development of hypersonic engines and spaceplanes >>
* Sodium bonds with helium at extremely high pressures of 15 and 113 Gigapascals >>
* How Do We Estimate Transmission Costs for New Generation? >>

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