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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 February 2017

* Antibiotics might kill gut bacteria that protect newborn lungs >>
* We finally have a computer that can survive the surface of Venus >>
* Here Are All The 2017 VR Sessions At F8, Facebook’s Developer Conference >>

* Yemen Withdraws Permission for U.S. Antiterror Ground Missions >>
* Remembering Hans Rosling >>
* Squid Communicate With a Secret, Skin-Powered Alphabet >>

* NASA Redefines Life Zones for Alien Planets –“Nixes Earth-Sized Planet of Our Closest Neighbor Red Dwarf Star Proxima Centauri” >>
* MIT Scientists: Cosmos Aligns to Show “Einstein Out of Whack” With Quantum Reality (VIDEO) >>
* Flashback: Richard Hatch Talks Battlestar Galactica’s Past and Future | Video >>

* International Space Station Will Get a Commercial Airlock in 2019 >>
* Richard Hatch who was Captain Apollo in the Original Battlestar Galactica has died >>
* Rethink’s Robots Get Massive Software Upgrade, Rodney Brooks “So Excited” >>

* HoloGrid: Monster Battle Review >>
* Mercedes’s Pink Noise Says: Prepare For Impact >>
* What a Nuclear Explosion Can Tell Us About the Formation of the Moon >>

* NASA’s Rocket Facility in New Orleans Ravaged By Tornadoes >>
* This is How You Fold a Record-Breaking Paper Airplane >>
* Human Activity May Cause the Bees to Just Give Up >>

* Intel Will Invest $7 Billion in Chip Factory in Arizona >>
* Microsoft rolls out Windows 10 Creators test build 15031 for PCs >>
* Android Wear 2.0 was worth the long wait >>

* ‘Avatar’ attractions are coming to Walt Disney World in May >>
* Watch the trailer for Netflix’s Bill Nye Saves the World, arriving April 21 >>
* How 3D printing custom mannequins could mean change for the fashion industry >>

* Google uses AI to sharpen low-res images >>
* Microsoft’s custom voice recognition service hits public beta >>
* CRISPR, ‘binge-watch’ and ‘botnet’ are now in the dictionary >>

* why-some-people-with-hiv-can-now-ditch-condoms >>
* Mark Zuckerberg is working on MIND-READING brain implants >>
* Revealed: The best (and worst) times to argue, have sex and fall in love >>

* Trump lauds Intel plan to finish closed plant >>
* Silicon Valley Thinks Politics Is Broken. So It’s Building Apps >>
* Engineers at $4 billion Magic Leap ‘are scrambling’ ahead of a big board meeting next week >>

* The F-35 just absolutely slaughtered the competition >>
* As Trump Vows Building Splurge, Famed Traffic Choke Point Offers Warning >>
* Microsoft Announces Siri Competitor with Voice-Activated VR Experience >>

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