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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 February 2017

* AI learns to solve quantum state of many particles at once >>
* The great ai awakening >>
* Trump’s Advisers Want to Return Humans to the Moon in Three Years >>

* Google Test Of AI’s Killer Instinct Shows We Should Be Very Careful >>
* Mark Zuckerberg reveals Oculus virtual reality gloves that let you TYPE in thin air >>

* Did a DOUBLE plume of magma wipe out the dinosaurs? >>
* Germany cracks down on BIOHACKERS >>
* Watch The Curiosity Rover Roll Across Mars’ Surface >>

* New machine-learning algorithms may revolutionize drug discovery — and our understanding of life >>
* Scientists now control how bacteria make electricity >>
* Listen To The Super Lifelike Computer Voice Google Is Building >>

* The AI Threat Isn’t Skynet. It’s the End of the Middle Class >>
* Ford is giving Google and Uber veterans $1 billion to build a self-driving car brain >>
* The Rise Of AI: Note From Today’s Guest Editor >>

* Can a daily tablet cure alcoholics? New treatment helps addicts beat the bottle – WITHOUT giving up booze >>
* How Math Could Help Map Earth’s Interior >>
* Scientists calculate gravitational wave sources that appeared right after the Big Bang >>

* The rise of LAT: Experts spot big rise in older adults choosing ‘living apart together’ and keeping their own homes >>
* US Army reveals smart sight that could give EVERY soldier the aim of a supersniper >>
* Robo-Bees Could Aid Insects with Pollination Duties >>

* Intel works on next-generation Optane SSD, memory technologies >>
* These scientists are proving Einstein wrong >>
* Google Pixel’s Assistant AI upgraded for smart home control >>

* Intel’s priciest chip has 24 cores and sells for $8,898 >>
* The Troubled F-35 Fighter Jet Rules the Skies in Its Toughest Test Yet >>
* Nearly invisible robots can catch, squeeze and release fish underwater >>

* The futuristic golf caddy will have you looking fly on the course >>
* The State of the Art of Artificial General Intelligence >>
* The Revolutionary Promise Of Focused Ultrasound >>

* TeraHertz Transmitter Can Push 100Gbps+ Wireless Speeds Via a Single Channel >>
* Tiny airborne probe could help local weather forecasts >>
* Mission Possible: Self-Destructing Phones Are Now a Reality >>

* NASA Plans to Drill Into Europa’s Crust In Search of Life >>
* Tim Cook says augmented reality is ‘a big idea like the smartphone’ >>
* Gillmor Gang: Kakitocracy >>

* The new retirement: work until you drop >>
* On land and in space, IoT networks can now cover the planet >>
* Drones Are Setting Their Sights On Wildlife >>

* Airship Maker Vows Giant Flying Ass Will Rise Again >>
* Ford to Invest $1 Billion in Artificial Intelligence Start-Up >>
* Intel | 500 drone light show setting new world record >>

* How Mobile Health Apps and Wearables Could Actually Make People Sicker >>
* Pressure on Japan’s Government to Revamp Country’s Energy Mix >>

* Judge says Google has to hand over emails to FBI even if they’re kept abroad >>
* LISTEN: “From the Arctic to Saturn’s Enceladus –Researchers Discover Unusual Ice” >>
* White-Dwarf Solar System Discovered That Mirrors Ours –“Rich in Life’s Building Blocks” >>

* White House Blocks Listing of Bumble Bee As Endangered Species >>
* How This New Material Can Cool A Rooftop With Zero Energy Consumption >>
* Netflix Geoblocking Loosened Under New EU Law >>

* New York Timesclaws Its Way Into The Future >>
* H-1B and you and me >>
* Do Car Bans Actually Mitigate Air Pollution? >>

* Traffic Gridlock is Linked to More Crime >>
* ‘The Lego Batman Movie’ tops the first strong weekend box office of the year >>

* 21 words never to include on your résumé >>
* How Amazon’s payments service could solve its biggest weakness against PayPal >>
* The tech industry has $21 billion worth of open, high paying jobs — here are the top 15 >>

* A US-born NASA scientist was detained at the border until he unlocked his phone >>
* An Antarctic ice core details changes in the Earth’s temperature, rainfall, and wind over hundreds of thousands of years >>

* Donald Trump declares legal system ‘broken’ as his team set out to ‘mend’ the travel ban >>
* The Obamacare repeal ‘could be a disaster’ for states fighting the opioid epidemic >>
* Markets are starting to get nervous about Trump >>
* NATO doesn’t work >>
* Donald Trump Screwed Up A Big Opportunity To Avoid Nuclear Holocaust >>
* Trump keeps tweeting about news he sees on TV >>

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