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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 September 2016

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* Electrostatic Glider Could Maneuver Around Asteroids Without Expending Fuel >>
* A Driverless Lane Could Be Coming To A Highway Near You >>
* The Quest to Build a Portable Anti-Neutrino Detector for Nukes >>

* Facebook Messenger adds group chat Polls and AI payment suggestions >>
* China Flips “ON” Search for Alien Life With Earth’s Most Powerful Radio Telescope this Week >>
* Scientists Discover That Horses Can Use Symbols To Talk To Us >>

* HoloLens Inside-out Tracking Is Game Changing for AR & VR, and No One Is Talking about It >>
* A Robot That Sews Could Take the Sweat Out of Sweatshops >>
* Yahoo is expected to confirm a massive data breach, impacting hundreds of millions of users >>

* D-Wave Founder’s New Startup Combines AI, Robots, and Monkeys in Exo-Suits >>
* Fusing of Organic Molecules With Graphene Opens Up New Applications >>

* Air Traffic Control without Towers >>
* Satellite Radar May Help Predict Human-Caused Earthquakes >>
* Gut microbes differ in obese, lean children >>

* Cheap Lidar: The Key to Making Self-Driving Cars Affordable >>
* Automated screening for childhood communication disorders >>
* NASA wants ideas for how to survive on Mars >>

* MIT researchers prove fast microbial evolutionary bursts exist >>
* Bell Made A Tiltrotor Drone With Missiles For Marines >>
* Our Atmosphere Is Leaking Oxygen and Scientists Don’t Know Why >>

* Netflix Knows Exactly When You Get Hooked On Its Shows >>
* Airware buys Redbird to build a full-stack drone services empire >>

* Mach Effect Propulsion Theory Updates >>
* Chan Zuckerberg Initiative announces $3 billion investment to cure disease >>
* BIG-i Social Home Robot Has a Big Eye, Launches on Kickstarter >>

* Earth Wobbles May Have Driven Ancient Humans Out of Africa >>
* Stormy ‘Space Weather’ for M-dwarf Planets? >>
* Have we given artificial intelligence too much power too soon? >>

* Scientists Look Back in Time at ‘Golden Age’ of Star Formation >>
* ALMA Probe Of Hubble Ultra Deep Field Is ‘Deeper and Sharper’ | Video >>
* General Atomics looks to adopt DARPA’s Gremlin Drone launch from C-130 effort to MQ-9 Reaper >>

* Nasa Is Investigating The Microbes Aboard Iss >>
* One Major Star Wars Star Is Getting Their Role Expanded in Episode VIII >>
* Basic Income Might Be The Answer To Society’s Productivity Crisis >>

* The Future Of Work: It’s Already Here — And Not As Scary As You Think >>
* Microsoft Windows 10 ‘Redstone 2’ Build 14931 brings app updates >>
* World’s largest telescope array takes its deepest view yet >>

* How 27,000 breast cancer victims are missing out on a life-saving pill that costs 34p a day >>
* Google’s new messaging app Allo is surprisingly addictive >>
* ‘Star Wars’ Series Expected To Expand With 2020 Anthology Film, More General Leia In ‘episode Eight’ [Spoilers] >>

* The 30 highest-paying jobs you can get with an associate degree >>
* 100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time >>

* Bigscreen Adds Realistic Lighting System And New Environments With Fresh Update >>
* Hands-On: ‘HoloGrid: Monster Battle’ is More Than Just ‘Star Wars: HoloChess’ >>
* Virginia is a surreal adventure that feels like a playable movie >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 September 2016

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* Apple Is Definitely Not Buying McLaren, McLaren Says >>
* Allo brings Google’s ‘Assistant’ to your phone today >>

* How to Build a Homemade Tornado Humidifier to Battle Dry Winter Air >>
* How Building a New Mosquito Could End Malaria >>
* D-Wave will ship a 2,000-qubit quantum computer next year >>

* Google Maps’ shining blue beam guides Android users’ travels >>
* Google Upgrades Drive With Natural Language Search >>
* Microsoft wants to crack the cancer code using artificial intelligence >>

* Send secret messages hidden in the DNA of bacterial spores >>
* Germany to create world’s first highway code for driverless cars >>
* A Single Migration From Africa Populated the World, Studies Find >>

* Making Human Hamburgers: Bioethics and the Yuck Factor >>
* Imaging Software Advancing Archaeology >>
* Gene-reading software to cut TB diagnosis from months to minutes >>

* Mark Zuckerberg, Priscilla Chan to spend $3B to cure disease >>

* Simple blood test that could diagnose the 10 year risk of heart attack >>
* Brain has carrot and stick to teach us how to behave >>
* Google’s new Allo raises privacy concerns >>

* This New Light System Shines as Bright as 21,700 Suns >>
* Watch A ‘cow Killer’ Velvet Ant Sting A Guy For Science >>
* One Of The Largest Objects In The Universe Is A Galaxy-containing Blob >>

* The Cancer Surgeon’s Latest Tool: Quantum Dots >>
* Self-powered ‘materials that compute’ and recognize simple patterns >>
* Dead Star ‘Echos’ Light Up Killer Black Holes’ Dust >>

* Video: Trained A.I. Beats Humans In Doom Deathmatches >>
* Apple could also be in talks to acquire Lit Motors >>
* The 25 most memorable quotes from Disrupt SF 2016 >>

* DARPA gives Lockheed $147.3 million to research Hypersonic Tactical Boost Glide Missiles >>
* Are the Experts Worried About the Existential Risk of Artificial Intelligence? >>
* Pan-STARRS telescope Discovers of five new Neptune Trojans >>

* Phosphorene Meets Expectations After Precise Measurements >>
* In vivo work with neural dust using a wireless and scalable ultrasonic backscatter system for powering and communicating the implanted bioelectronics >>
* Smart Wax Candle Perfect For People Who Can’t Stop Knocking Candles Over >>

* The 20 Craziest, Coolest, and Most Unique Films We Can’t Wait to See at Fantastic Fest 2016 >>
* Yes, There Will Be a New Star Wars Story Film in 2020, But What Will It Be? >>

* Nike’s self-lacing sneakers finally go on sale November 28th >>
* China’s Space Officials Confirm: ‘Heavenly Palace’ Space Station is Hurtling Towards Earth — “It’s Out of Control” >>
* Dwarf Galaxies Orbiting the Milky Way –“The Enigma At the Heart of the Dark Matter Mystery” >>

* Lyman-Alpha Blob Captured By Very Large Telescope | Zoom-In Video >>
* STEM Crisis? What About the STS Crisis? >>
* Thought Controlled Nanoscale DNA Robots and micron scale wireless neural dust brain monitoring will combine for ultraprecise control of nanobots >>

* 3-D Printed Plastic Blocks Generate Complex Acoustic Holograms >>
* UK Dragonfire project funded for combat lasers >>
* HPE getting developers up to speed on persistent memory to get ready for memristor systems >>

* First Details on The Dark Tower’s Companion TV Series, Which Will Include Idris Elba >>
* YouTube’s Solution to Moderation Will Be a Mess >>
* Where We Will Grow Food After We Scorch the Earth >>

* Apple Wants To Patent A Paper Bag >>
* AT&T Wants to Blanket the Nation With Gigabit Wi-Fi From Utility Poles >>
* Use Sierra’s Picture-in-Picture Mode On Unsupported Videos with a Double Right-Click >>

* Hulu’s VR app is getting original comedy and news programs >>
* To make good VR, you need good VR content. Z Cam is eager to help >>
* Netflix Wants 50% Of Its Library To Be Original Content >>

* Cellphones-not-banks-may-be-key-to-finance-in-the-developing-world >>
* Meet The AI Assistant Behind Google’s New Messaging App, Allo >>
* Bionic athletes >>

* Physicist explains why time travel isn’t possible >>
* Researchers say the American alligator is 6 MILLION years older than previously thought >>

* Supercar maker McLaren denies talk of Apple investment >>
* Google releases its AI-infused messaging app Allo >>
* MIT researcher develops a machine that can read a closed book >>

* Gene test could identify risk of heart attack decades in advance >>

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