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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 September 2016

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* Watch Nvidia’s AI car drive itself using only what it learned from human drivers >>
* New Wind Turbines Could Power Japan for 50 Years After a Single Typhoon >>
* Self-driving cars will stay in the slow lane, drivers say >>

* Facebook At Work is launching next month >>
* Nvidia’s new Xavier SoC is an AI supercomputer for cars >>
* Camera spots your hidden prejudices from your body language >>

* Samsung washers reportedly “exploding” >>
* What a real cyber war would look like >>
* Why didn’t Elon Musk mention where colonists will live on Mars? >>

* Why getting ready for bed is thirsty work: Our internal body clock triggers a desire to drink as we feel sleepy >>
* Is this why your dog ignores you? Researchers find canines disregard bad advice from their owners >>

* Boeing Eyes Moon-Orbiting Space Station as Waypoint to Mars >>
* IBM’s Brain-Inspired Chip Tested for Deep Learning >>
* Spacex 61 page presentation on the Interplanetary Transport System and the sustainable Mars colony plan >>

* Uber and Google race against car firms to map the world’s cities >>
* Mastercard is offering free Tube travel with Android Pay >>

* The Internet of Things is Full of Motes, Domotics, and BANs >>
* Apple’s iMessage system leaves one bit of data open to authorities >>
* Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on artificial intelligence, algorithmic accountability, and what he learned from Tay >>

* No bones about it! 3D-printed material could repair facial deformities, broken limbs and spinal injuries >>
* The U.S. Is About to Get Much Better Weather Satellites >>
* Elon Musk expects to find aliens on Mars and isn’t concerned >>

* IBM Watson’s new job: third grade math teacher >>
* DJI Mavic Pro 4K camera drone folds up to the size of a water bottle >>
* Kim Dotcom’s Extradition Appeal Concludes, Will He Get a “Fair Go”? >>

* Global warming milestone as scientists warn Earth has passed carbon tipping point ‘for good’ >>
* Everything you wanted to know about ‘3-parent’ babies >>
* Wait, Is That Your Father or Your Grandfather? >>

* The Origin of Humans Is Surprisingly Complicated >>
* The FDA just approved the first ‘artificial pancreas’ >>
* Japanese bachelors are playing with dolls to help them find wives >>

* Biological Clock: Why Some Age Faster Than Others >>
* The latest trailer for the ‘Harry Potter’ prequel ‘Fantastic Beasts’ shows off a bunch of magical creatures >>
* Top Scientists Cautious About Curing Cancer With Immunotherapy >>

* Watch Scott Manley Build And Fly The Interplanetary Transport Ship In Kerbal >>
* “Killer Electrons” Threaten Earth’s Space Satellites >>
* SpaceX Founder Elon Musk on Making Humans a Multiplanetary Species –“To Mars and Beyond” (VIEW VIDEO) >>

* Nasa’s Curiosity Rover Just Licked A Mountain >>
* Mercury Is Tectonically Active & Shrinking >>
* D-Wave Systems previews 2000-qubit quantum processor >>

* The Next High-Performance Transistor Could Be Made From Lateral Nanowires >>
* The Hunt for Dark Matter Minihalos Offers Glimpse into Early Universe Inflation >>
* Novel Nanomaterial Could Yield Lossless Charge and Energy Transport >>

* Artificial Intelligence Agent outplays human and the in Game AI in Doom Video Game >>
* Measles Has Officially Been Banished From the Americas >>
* How Crazy Is Elon Musk’s Mission to Mars? >>

* Uber Is Working On A Vertical-takeoff Aircraft >>
* Nissan’s Propilot Chair Will Make Waiting In Line Autonomous >>
* This High-Speed Simulator Suspended From Cables Looks Like So Much Fun >>

* How those wireless emergency alerts find you >>
* Jurassic World Has Quietly Been Releasing a Ton of Incredible Behind-the-Scenes Footage >>

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