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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 4 September 2016

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* A wristband and your finger can replace your phone, but you still need a phone to use it >>
* The threat of robot guards is not enough to stop people stealing >>
* Scientists figured out how the month you are born in is linked to your health >>

* Nanomaterial Offers First Fabric That Can Keep Us Cool >>
* DARPA working on jam resistant communication will also enable better usage of Wi-fi and other wireless spectrum >>
* DARPA Room-Temperature Atomic Layer Deposition could enable new electronics >>

* Watch over 100 excavators dismantle a Chinese overpass overnight >>
* Gillmor Gang: Monetize This >>

* We’ve Never Seen The Solar Wind Like This Before >>
* Acer’s 21-inch ‘laptop’ gives ridiculous a new name >>
* Plague Genome Sequenced From 6th Century Woman’s Teeth >>

* LG’s smart fridge has Windows 10 on a transparent display >>
* Digitizing Your Analog Movies Is Just the Beginning >>
* NASA’s Dawn Mission Spies Ice Volcanoes on Ceres >>

* Researchers find a SECOND ‘Dyson sphere’ star – but say strange fluctuations on both could simply be caused by dust >>
* Facebook Messenger launches ‘instant video’ in swing at Snapchat >>

* Forget Mars: SpaceX Competitor Building Space Trucks For New Economy In Orbit Above Earth >>
* The Google of China announces new AI and Internet of Things initiatives >>

* This gadget will let you take phone calls with your finger like a secret agent >>
* Watch over 100 excavators dismantle a Chinese overpass overnight >>
* Drone captures views of incredible new Apple Campus >>

* Google’s new phones, 4K Chromecast, and Daydream VR headset are coming at October 4th event: report >>
* “Giant Comets from the Kuiper Belt Pose a Real Threat to Earth” –NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft to Probe These Outer Reaches >>
* Talk About A Crowded Neighborhood: Closest Binary Stars With Multiple Planets Found >>

* We Visited Mock Mars: Here’s What It’s Like to Live There >>
* “The Genesis Project”— Scientists Propose Transplanting Earth Life to Alien Planets >>
* NASA to Launch Asteroid-Sampling Mission Next Week >>

* NASA’s Delayed Mars Lander Will Launch in 2018 >>
* NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts Plasmonic Propulsion >>
* NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts – update on the Topor study >>

* China has a new long range bomber program >>
* AMD, GlobalFoundries Focus on Path to 7 nanometers >>
* Cannae will launch demo cubesat to prove it has thrust in space >>

* For first time, carbon nanotube transistors outperform silicon >>
* Video Friday: Self-Driving Tractor, Robot Sumo, and Trolley Problem Solved >>
* Germany’s Engineering Gap Increasing Fast With Rise of New Technologies >>

* Step toward eliminating cancer recurrence >>
* A 60-Year-Old Pattern in the Stratosphere Just Reversed >>
* Your Bad Driving Is the Reason Traffic Jams Exist >>

* The Biggest Air Cannon in the World Would Dominate Vaping Competitions >>
* Elevate your selfie game with this pocket-sized drone >>
* Why Are Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 Phones Exploding? >>

* Getting lost in LG’s magical OLED tunnel >>
* New trailers: Netflix’s sci-fi Groundhog Day, Donald Glover’s new series, and more >>
* The Verge fall movie preview: from Snowden to Star Wars >>

* How the Falcon 9 explosion may change SpaceX’s launch schedule >>
* US hospitals try giving patients a dose of VR >>
* If aliens visited us they would hate our guts >>

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