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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9-10 January 2015

* Forget food, water and shelter – smartphones, coffee and hot showers are now considered life’s necessities >>
* Software can now beat any human player at poker >>
* Why are reusable rockets are so hard to make? >>

* The first truly wireless earbuds are here, and they’re awesome >>
* Computer chaos feared over 2015’s leap second >>

* Go off the grid without losing touch. goTenna (up to 50 miles range) >>
* Grid Batteries for Wind, Solar Find First Customers >>

* CES 2015: Intel Demos a Button-Size Wearable Computer >>
* Voxel8: The World’s First 3D Electronics Printer >>
* Robotbase Wants To Put An Intelligent Robot In Every House >>

* Coolest Thing I Saw at CES? A Movie Clip. >>
* A Bendable Implant Taps the Nervous System without Damaging It >>

* First MRI Images Of Diamond Vacancies >>
* From a Pile of Dirt, Researchers Discover New Antibiotic >>
* The Robotification of Society is Coming >>

* Secure VPN-based Remote Factory Monitoring Service >>
* Terrestrial Energy working with Oak Ridge National Lab on molten salt reactor design >>
* Russia greenlights Moscow to Beijing High Speed Rail Project >>

* CES 2015: CoolChip’s Kinetic Cooling Engine—Part Fan, Part Heat Sink, Totally Awesome >>
* The paradox of rising expectations >>
* Private Dream Chaser Space Plane Keeps Marching Toward Flight >>

* Pop-Up 3D Structures Can Mimic Brain Circuits >>
* Technology quickly traces source of tainted food >>
* Genome wide expression changes in vascular tissue identified due to infection/diet >>

* High-tech infant seat mimics moving car >>
* Hands-on With Dish Sling TV >>
* Computer program ‘perfect at poker’ >>

* ‘Glowing’ breakthrough in cancer fight >>
* LG’s New Smart Watch Is Powered by WebOS >>
* The Internet Of Pets >>

* Can A Bluetooth-connected Lighter Help You Quit Smoking? [VIDEO] >>
* Smartphones Are Boring: CES’s Secret Lesson of Commoditization >>
* For The Future Of IT, Look Around Your Home (Or Better Yet, Your Kid’s Room) >>

* CES is basically a Toy Fair for grown-ups. Is that a bad thing? >>
* Scientists discover first major new antibiotic in 25 years >>
* BMW’s next self-parking car won’t need any human help >>

* Samsung’s latest Ultrabook SSD achieves 2.15GB/s read speeds >>
* Turn Any TV Or Monitor Into A Windows or Linux Machine With Intel’s Compute Stick >>
* Neuroscientists find neuron-network area that filters visual information and ignores distractions >>

* Why Don’t Star Trek’s Spaceships Have Seat Belts? >>
* Top 10 Biggest Design Flaws In The U.S.S. Enterprise >>
* Stretchy Electrodes Enable Long-Lasting Brain Implants >>

* Robot Artist Draws Giant Sketches on the Beach >>
* Graphene Hybrid Resists High Temperatures and Humidity >>

* Particles Make Paths to Get More Out of Batteries >>
* Computers Conquer Texas Hold’em Poker for First Time >>
* Broadband isn’t broadband unless it’s 25Mbps, mulls FCC boss >>

* Nasa’s Using 3-d Printed Models To Figure Out What Happens When Stars Nearly Collide >>
* Intel’s $150 Compute Stick Turns Any Hdtv Into A Windows Pc >>
* Intel ‘Compute Stick’ Is an $89 Chromecast-size PC That Runs Ubuntu >>

* Your Ride on Another Planet Will Be Self-Driven >>
* 25 new products and technologies worth talking about >>
* Dog Tracker Plus: Hi-tech collar to keep track of your dog >>

* Microsoft’s Next Web Browser Sounds So Much Better Than Internet Explorer — Here’s Everything We Know >>
* Why Businesses And Cities Will Be The Largest Adopters Of The ‘Internet Of Things’ >>
* A New App Called Carrot Hunger Insults You Relentlessly Until You Lose Weight >>

* These New Wind Turbines Are Designed To Look Like Trees >>
* Seeing Electricity, Hearing Magnetism & Other Sensory Feats >>
* 5 Mind-Bending Sights: Finally, The Future Is Starting To Look Like We Thought It Would >>

* Have game theorists plus computers cracked the game of poker? >>
* Can DNA Nanobots Successfully Treat Cancer Patients? First Human Trial Soon >>
* Researcher Believes 3D Printing May Lead to Creation of Superhuman Organs Providing Humans with New Abilities >>

* Can software predict the resistance of superbugs to new drugs? >>
* Intel’s $150 HDMI Stick Turns Any TV Into a Windows Desktop >>
* This Spinal Implant Is Letting Paralyzed Rats Walk Again >>

* Scientists Want To Take Virtual Reality To Court >>
* How $900 Glasses May Protect Pilots From Laser Strikes >>
* Bitdefender’s Box Could Protect Your Precious Internet Of Things >>

* Miniature Drone Will Take Your Picture From The Sky [Video] >>
* Delphi’s New Autonomous Driving System Is High-tech And Well-hidden >>
* Google Now 4.1 teardown reveals upcoming features like voice commands, read-aloud notifications >>

* Nissan and NASA team up to build zero-emission driverless car >>
* The 7 best games for Android TV (no controller required!) >>
* Windows 10’s browser reportedly lets you search with your voice >>

* Monkeys Seem to Recognize Their Reflections >>
* TV of the future may be a sphere >>
* 10,000 Steps? New Trackers Go Beyond the Data Dump >>

* Q & A: Is cellphone spying possible? >>
* Smart appliances make home maintenance a breeze >>
* Weekly Space Hangout – Jan 9, 2015: Andy Weir of “The Martian” >>

* SpaceX’s Elon Musk to Reveal Mars Colonization Ideas This Year >>
* SpaceX Launch and Historic Landing Attempt Reset to Jan. 10 >>
* Peaker Plays Music While Levitating—or Sticking To A Fridge [VIDEO] >>

* US upgrading anti-missile systems to counter hypersonic weapons from China, Russia and Others >>
* Industrial Augmented Reality Takes Center Stage >>
* The 150-Vehicle Pileup Unfolding On Michigan’s I-94 >>

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