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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7-8 January 2015

* Antibiotic breakthrough could turn the tables in battle against superbugs >>
* We Found a New Antibiotic, And Better Yet, a New Way to Find Antibiotics >>
* Fossil found on MARS: Curiosity stumbles on microbe clues >>

* TV makers design for streaming video to stay relevant >>
* A flying camera that follows you anywhere is the next evolution of the consumer drone >>
* Controversial DNA startup wants to let customers create creatures >>

* Samsung CEO sees TV ruling all in Internet of Things >>
* CES 2015: The charger that boosts battery in seconds >>
* Mercedes-Benz’s CES cohost is a robot eyeball on wheels >>

* I put on a smartphone-controlled insole and told it to warm my feet >>
* Sutro’s Smart Device Helps Pool Owners Take Control Of Their Water Chemistry >>
* LG launches a fridge WITHIN a fridge: Innovative design means you can hunt for snacks without wasting energy >>

* Two brain regions join forces for absolute pitch >>
* Forget the selfish gene – evolution is driven by the selfish ribosome >>

* Robotic camera mimics human camera operator ability to anticipate basketball game action >>
* CES 2015: The connected dog >>

* The smartest ‘smart bed’ auto-adjusts throughout the night >>
* NASA’s Robonaut 2 Can’t Use Its Space Legs Upgrade >>
* CES 2015: The year TVs got way too complicated >>

* Google’s Android TV Will Power Sets From Sony, Sharp, and Philips Beginning This Spring >>
* Entanglement Makes Quantum Particles Measurably Heavier, Says Quantum Theorist >>

* Petcube’s WiFi camera lets you play with your pet, remotely >>
* MHL’s new adapter can handle 8K video and link your devices >>
* Intel Unleashes The Next Wave Of Computing >>

* BMW’s autonomous i3 learned how to park and forgot how to crash >>
* A first look at Hexo+ — the slick-looking drone that follows you >>
* Fuhu’s behemoth Android tablet has a 65-inch, 4K display >>

* Nvidia Tegra X1 Superchip will be the brain of self driving cars >>
* These lightbulbs boost Wi-Fi, catch burglars >>
* Intel’s Compute Stick puts Windows 8.1 on your TV for $149 >>

* The Mountains of Antarctica, Hidden Under 40,000 Years of Ice >>
* Andromeda in HD! –Largest NASA/Hubble Image Ever Assembled >>

* ‘Game of Thrones’ will be the first TV series to hit IMAX theaters >>
* Razer Unveils Its $100 Android-Powered Gaming Console, Razer Forge TV >>
* Razer Announces $199 ‘Open Source’ Virtual Reality Headset >>

* Driving a BMW Remotely With a Smartwatch Feels Preposterously Dangerous >>
* LG’s Ludicrous 8K TV Is Too Insane For My Eyes To Handle >>
* Ces 2015: Flying, Racing, And Destroying Drones At The Drone Rodeo >>

* A Kid-Sized Wi-Fi Smart Bed Lets Parents Know When They’re Not Asleep >>
* Makerbot Is Letting You 3D Print With Metal, Limestone, and Wood >>

* Ces 2015: Dish’s Cheap New Streaming Tv Service Is Made For Misers On The Go >>
* Watch This: F/A-18 Breaks The Speed Of Sound In Aircraft Carrier Flyby >>
* This $9K Machine Could Usher in the Era of 3D-Printed Electronics >>

* Android TV sets from Philips, Sharp and Sony are coming this spring >>
* Sling TV Offers Live Sports For Cord-Cutters >>
* Samsung: By 2020, all of our products will be connected to the web >>

* Samsung unveils next-gen smart home hub and monitoring service >>
* CES 2015: Hands On With Samsung’s New ‘Super UHD’ Tizen TVs >>
* Samsung CES 2015 Keynote: Live From Las Vegas >>

* Chipmaker Qualcomm Is Increasingly Finding Itself In Cars, Healthcare And Lightbulbs >>
* How to still be employable in 10 years time >>
* CES 2015: Seagate’s New RAID Disk Drives Keep Your Data Safe, In Style >>

* Car To Human: You Jerk! >>
* Astronomy Picture of the Day >>
* Spacex reusable rocket landing attempt delayed until Friday and Elon talked Mars colonization plans and rockets >>

* ‘Glowing’ nanotech guides cancer surgery, kills remaining cancer cells >>
* Understanding DNA repair and cancer resistance genes from Bowhead whales to enable 200 year lives in humans >>
* CES 2015: Wearables Everywhere >>

* These 11 Technologies Will Go Big in 2015 >>
* Spacex reusable rocket landing attempt delayed until Friday and Elon talked Mars colonization plans and rockets >>

* Budgee the rolling robot will carry your bags. Unless he doesn’t feel like it >>
* Melo Mind wants to train your brain to chill out >>
* Samsung’s 110-Inch 8K Glassesless 3DTV Is Beautiful and Awful >>

* We finally know what comes after the smartphone >>
* A new LG smartwatch was just teased at Audi’s CES press conference >>
* Man Changes A Lightbulb On A 1500-Foot TV Tower >>

* Netflix’s early-2015 premieres include ‘Daredevil’ on April 10th >>
* Elon Musk on Learning New Things: View Knowledge as a Tree >>

* At CES, ‘Internet of Things’ showcases the connected life >>
* Electronic shoes, selfie flashes and chargers that power phones from 20 FEET >>

* CES 2015: Razer supports VR and big-screen video games >>
* How ‘Smart Guns’ Could Eventually Help Shape US Foreign Policy >>
* ‘Back To The Future 2’ Director Didn’t Want The Film To Travel To Future >>

* Here’s Google’s Plan To Give Everyone Cheap Wi-Fi Access >>
* Swarms of DNA nanorobots execute complex tasks in living animal >>
* These 11 Technologies Will Go Big in 2015 >>

* The Oculus Rift Crescent Bay Prototype Truly Transports You >>
* Humans are eroding soil 100X faster than nature >>

* Facebook acquires AI and speech recognition start-up Wit.ai >>
* Dell’s new XPS 13 has a stunning edge-to-edge display >>
* Eight exoplanets have a good chance of being habitable >>

* Watch Bill Gates drink water that used to be human poop >>
* CES 2015: Placing Bets on the New TV Technologies >>
* Drone Carrier Naval Ship Designs >>

* Nvidia Demos a Car Computer Trained with “Deep Learning” >>
* Tobii and SteelSeries Release Consumer Eye Tracker >>
* Cambrian Genomics is a Kinko’s for DNA laser printing and custom life forms including DNA modified humans >>

* Japan’s Akatsuki Spacecraft to Make Second Attempt to Enter Orbit of Venus in December 2015 >>
* Toyota’s Anti-Collision Pedestrian Tests Are the Stuff Of Nightmares >>
* IBM hastens END OF HUMANITY with teachable AI ‘brain’ >>

* Intel Is Just Daring Autonomous Drones To Rise Up And Kill Us All >>
* 3D Printing Your Own Lawn Mower Sounds Like a Great Idea Until It Fails >>
* The Ultimate Guide To 2015’s Science Fiction And Fantasy TV >>

* Researchers Turn DNA Into Robotic “Transformers” >>
* Lights, Camera, Appliances: Branto’s Smart-Home Orb Controls It All >>
* Arrival of the drones: 20 uses for unmanned aircraft >>

* Last Minute Scrub for SpaceX Dragon Launch; Try Again Friday for Historic 1st Stage Landing >>
* 2,400 MS-DOS Games Are Now Free Online >>

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