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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 January 2015

* SpaceX Came THIS CLOSE To Sticking Its Historic Landing >>
* This Bike Wheel Can Push You For 60 Miles [Video] >>
* Using flashes from faster-than-light spots to view objects in the universe >>

* Finally, an antibiotic that kills pathogens like MRSA without resistance >>
* US govt opens door to Google The Cellphone Network >>
* Ces 2015: The Wildest Things We Saw 3-d-printed >>

* The Furo-s Service Robot Wants To Help You Catch Your Flight [Video] >>
* Gillmor Gang: Kind of Clue >>
* LAPD Orders Body Cams That Will Start Recording When Police Use Tasers >>

* This is your future smart home — and no, it doesn’t look like ‘The Jetsons’ >>
* Imint Wants To Bring Real-Time Video Stabilization To Android >>
* These IoT networks are ‘unapologetically slow’ >>

* The Algorithm That Unscrambles Fractured Images >>
* Tracking Your Baby With Bellabeat >>
* Robot Journalist Finds New Work on Wall Street >>

* The tiny $299 wireless headphones that could mean the end of tangled wires >>
* Optimism Could Prevent A Heart Attack, Says New Study >>
* I Rode 500 Miles in a Self-Driving Car and Saw the Future. It’s Delightfully Dull >>

* The LEGO Movie – “Creating the Bricks” [HD] >>
* Electric Scooter with vending machine like battery swaps in 6 seconds would be great for Asian Cities >>
* Nvidia Will Supercharge Car Infotainment Systems With Computer Graphics >>

* The Coolest Car Tech We Saw At Ces 2015 >>
* Parrot’s New Tools Take The Gardening Out Of Gardening >>
* Charge Your Phone In 16 Seconds – Wirelessly >>

* Israel Iron Beam will become the world’s first active duty combat laser in 2015 >>
* Carnival of Space 387 >>
* Spacex has once per month launch schedule but targeting twice per month >>

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