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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 June 2013

* Volvo demos smartphone-enabled self-parking car prototype (vid) >>
* Microsoft Prepares Air-Gesturing Detection for Smart Devices >>
* Your Brain Sees Even When You Don’t >>

* Huawei Ascend P6 solves 4 x 4 Rubik’s Cube in 50 moves (vid) >>
* How many African countries want Google Loon – the balloon internet system >>
* Buzz Aldrin calls for a Mars colony >>

* Human organs ‘could be grown in animals within a year’ >>
* Technology vs. Free Will? Tuning into the Internal Qualitative Experience of Time >>
* Incredible Flight Discoveries That You Didn’t Know About >>

* Need An Artificially Intelligent Robotic System For Sorting Trash? >>
* Why Spacecraft of the Future Will Be Packed With Microfluidics >>
* Inside The Operating Room With Google Glass >>

* The Book That Can’t Be Read >>
* A New Equation Reveals Our Exact Odds of Finding Alien Life >>
* Feeling Small in the Universe? >>

* Google internally testing “Google Mine” service that indexs all your crap >>
* Here’s the First Ashton-Packed Trailer For JOBS >>
* Why our prehistoric, parasitic ‘jumping’ genes don’t send us into meltdown >>

* Drink A Photo Of Your Face On Top Of Your Latte >>
* What do memories look like? >>
* BigBrain: an ultra-high-resolution 3D roadmap of the human brain >>

* Reversing the loss of brain connections in Alzheimer’s disease >>
* Remembering the world’s first stored program computer >>
* What Tech Is Next for the Solar Industry? >>

* New products: robotic vacuum cleans hard-to-reach spots >>
* Beyond Baryons [Starts With A Bang] >>
* Newly Discovered Star System Is Third Closest To The Sun >>

* Mobile OSs Are Feature Complete >>
* Rosphere: A spherical robot perfect for exploration missions >>
* Robo Raven is a robotic drone that flies like a real bird >>

* Sarah Murnaghan: 10-Year-Old Lung Transplant Pioneer Awakes From Coma >>
* With WikiLeaks’ Help, NSA Leaker Snowden Seeks Asylum In Ecuador Via Moscow >>
* Tiny Robots Act Like Bugs >>

* Would you want your Bluetooth in your glove instead of your ear? >>
* Counter-Intelligence >>
* Tiny CubeSat Satellites Spur Revolution In Space >>

* Augmented Reality: An Emerging Technologies Guide to AR >>
* Israel Unveils David’s Sling Missile System >>
* Air Travel by Train >>

* We’ll be uploading our entire minds to computers by 2045 and our bodies >>
* What Piece of Technology Would You Put Inside a 100-Year Time Capsule? >>
* How We Read Online: Is RSS Due For A Revival? >>

* Musk Sells Crowd On the Future of Electric Vehicles With Battery Swapping >>
* How a Slanted Skyscraper Will Share Sunshine With the High Line >>
* Researchers Have Found a Way To Cram 1,000 Terabytes Onto a Single DVD >>

* What is a Drone Corporation? >>
* Emergence of the Human ‘SuperBrain’ 75,000 Years Ago –“The Neurologic Internet'” >>
* Graphene Comes to the Rescue of Molecular Electronics >>

* Potentially life-saving cooling treatment rarely used for in-hospital cardiac arrests >>
* A Space-Inspired Floating Playground That Puts Visitors Into Orbit >>
* Why We Need “Decimated Reality” Aggregators >>

* A New Equation Reveals Our Exact Odds of Finding Alien Life >>
* Vodafone trials femtocell 3G coverage in Shetlands village >>
* YouTube To Live Stream Wimbledon Matches For The First Time >>

* Nissan shows off 185 mph ZEOD RC electric prototype, plans to race it at Le Mans >>
* Why Don’t Big Companies Innovate More? >>
* As Big Data Explodes, Are You Ready For Yottabytes? >>

* Cyber Security in the Internet of Things >>
* How the Large Hadron Collider Will Bring the Internet to Everything >>
* Messier 61 looks straight into Hubble’s camera >>

* Why our parasitic genes aren’t deadly >>
* Scientists peek at memories being made >>
* How to actually make a Star Wars Landspeeder or a Back to the future hoverboard. >>

* Five ingredients for innovation >>
* Mind Over Matter: Tech Won’t Replace Brainpower >>
* Plants ‘seen doing quantum physics’ >>

* Week In Numbers: Billion-Pixel Panorama Of Mars, The First Four-Quark Particle >>
* Hope You Trust 3D Printers – Boeing Uses Them To ‘Print’ Parts For Its Planes >>

* Realtime Photorealistic Human Skin rendering >>
* Ray Kurzweil – The Future of Legal Technology >>
* Stem-Cells – The Most Exciting New Breakthrough in Anti-Aging >>

* The Future of Intelligence >>
* My Brain, Life, Future >>
* The Link Between Circadian Rhythms and Aging >>

* Clay Shirky: How the Internet will (one day) transform government >>
* Make me a superhero: The pleasures and pitfalls of body enhancement >>
* We Seek Not To Become Machines, But To Keep Up With Them >>

* This Bacterium Can Do Division, Compute Logarithms And Take Square Roots >>
* Genetic Scientists Eliminate Schizophrenia Symptoms in Mice >>
* Medicine’s future? There’s an app for that – Daniel Kraft >>

* NASA Discovers Hidden Portals in Earth’s Upper Atmosphere >>
* Google Glass Could Shatter the Competition >>
* Uncovering past using future: how lasers are revolutionizing archaeology >>

* Is Digg’s very beta RSS reader enough to woo Google Reader users? >>
* Throwing shade: how Pixar changed way light works for Monsters University >>

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