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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 June 2013

* World’s First GM Babies Born >>
* Wi-Vi Cheap Handheld Device Lets You See Through Walls (video) Now >> >>

* Scientists use plastic wrap to make a wall “sonically invisible” >>
* Scientists Built a Mini Laser Gun That Generates Anti-Matter >>
^ Planet of the apes: Monkey robots may soon be sent to explore the MOON >>

* Low-voltage ‘troll’ zaps salt out of seawater >>
* ‘Three-parent IVF’ Could First Arrive In The UK >>
* David Hanson, Dmitry Itskov, Phillip K. Dick on Charlie Rose show >>

* First robot fish with autonomous 3D movement >>
* Microscopy technique could help develop 3D chips >>
* Virus brain-mapping technique uncovers circuits involved in Parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s disease >>

* Encryption Has Foiled Wiretaps for First Time Ever, Feds Say >>
* From DARPA, A Virtual Tool To Revolutionize Robotics >>
* Video Friday: Japan’s Space Humanoid, Robot Golfer, and Most Destructive Bot Ever >>

* GPS-Controlled Headlights Turn Before You Do >>
* Rodney Brooks: Why we will rely on robots >>
* Google And Apple May Bring Us A Console War We Didn’t See Coming >>

^ Researcher Dreams Up Machines That Learn Without Humans >>
^ New phase of matter found: ‘Nuclear pasta’ in neutron stars >>
^ Should we eliminate psychopaths from the gene pool? >>

^ How NASA might build its very first warp drive >>
^ Scientists discover previously unknown requirement for brain development >>
^ Meet the new class of landlords profiting from Generation Rent >>

^ Would it be evil to build a functional brain inside a computer? >>
^ Hyperconnectivity found in brains of children with autism, study says >>
^ Three-person IVF: UK government backs mitochondrial transfer >>

* An ultrasensitive molybdenum-based image sensor >>
* Limits to Growth 30 year update claimed the world is in overshoot of carrying capacity – we are not in overshoot >>
* Windows aims to open up 3D printing to the masses >>

* Pentagon’s Rules Of Engagement For Cyberspace Get First Update In 7 Years >>
* How Fruit Flies Know Not To Get It On With The Wrong Species >>
* Exploding Bullets Frozen In Plexiglass Are Terrifyingly Beautiful >>

* Sky Fighter: Meet the Man Who Wants to Drone-Proof Your Home >>
* Netflix Max: A New Recommendation Engine That Talks Back >>
* AI risk scenario: Insect-sized drones >>

* AT&T Gets Patent to Monitor and Track File-Sharing Traffic >>
* The Gaming Industry Needs To Take The Google Console Seriously >>
* Habitable Zone >>

* Will 3D Printing Spell Death For Craft… Or Breathe New Life? >>
* ‘Corkscrew’ Light Could Turbocharge Internet >>
* USC finds that D-Wave’s quantum computer is real, maybe >>

* US military will spend $23 billion on cyber defense, create its own secure 4G network >>
* Google Trekker Gets You Off-Limits Access To Exotic Locations Like The Island From Bond’s Skyfall >>
* UK Government Backs Three-Person IVF >>

* Week In Numbers: Most Expensive Experiment Ever, 700,000-Year-Old DNA, More >>
* New Insights Emerge About Voyager 1’s Epic Journey to the Edge >>
* A neutron star suddenly slows its spin >>

* ‘Twisted’ light could give bandwidth an upgrade >>
* 700,000-Year-Old Horse Genome Pushes Limits of DNA Survival >>
* Social Signage: Digital Street Sign Gives Dynamic Directions >>

* Futureseek DailyLink Review; 28 June 2013 >>
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