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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 June 2013

* Talking cars accelerate to launch >>
* Smartphone app that could replace your credit card: Banks claim new service will protect consumers from fraud >>

* Evidence that our universe may have collided with another universe >>
* Lensless Camera Takes Multiple-View Pictures >>
* Sharp combines gestures, proximity, and illuminance detection on a single sensor >>

* Robots And Smart Homes For The Silver Economy >>
* Microscopic carbon probe can measure the activity of a single neuron >>
* Experience stunning new heights with Street View in Dubai >>

* Helping RNA escape from cells’ recycling process could make it easier to shut off disease-causing genes >>
* New algorithm finds best routes for one-way car sharing >>
* Best of Web 5 – HD – Zapatou >>

* The Bank Where Doctors Can Stash Your Genome >>
* Basic income versus the robots >>
* Healthy heart a smartphone away >>

* These Gaze-Sensitive Garments Move When They’re Looked At >>
* Real-Life ‘Star Trek’ Tricorder Project Raises $1 Million >>
* Plants ‘do maths’ to control overnight food supplies >>

* Volvo Is Developing Self-Parking Cars >>
* Research Offers Promise of Devices That Can Detect Disease With a Drop of Blood >>
* Google Cloud Playground lets you dip your toes in the Cloud Platform waters >>

* If The Government Can Access Our Facebook Data, What Happens When We Have Computers On Our Faces? >>
* New iOS App Lets You Record What You Heard Five Minutes Ago >>
* A battery made of wood: long-lasting, efficient, environmentally friendly >>

* Europe Tests Re-Entry Tech for Reusable Spaceship >>
* CubeSats Spurring Satellite Revolution >>
* Podcast: Planetary Motions in the Sky >>

* Plants Are Better At Math Than You Are >>
* AOL Reader Launches as Google Reader Checks Out >>
* Like Google Voice But Live Outside The US? Then Try VoxSci’s New iO6/Android App >>

* There Is No Google Reader Replacement, Only Alternatives >>
* Leap Motion Launches Its Motion-Controlled App Store (hands-on) >>
* What Comes After A Data Breach? Reduce Legal Risk >>

* Tiny Genomes May Offer Clues to First Plants and Animals >>
* What Does Cancer Smell Like? New Devices Diagnose Patients By Scent >>
* Today’s Best Science Fiction Writers Imagine The Future >>

* There’ll Be Nowhere to Hide When These Robot Apes Take to the Trees >>
* Future Stunt Pilots Could Train in These All-Electric Planes >>
* Where In The World Is Edward Snowden? >>

* 10 Google Reader Alternatives That Will Ease Your RSS Pain >>
* Facebook Graph Search Let Dev Scrape Thousands of Public Phone Numbers >>
* Sugar Syrup Makes Internal Organs Transparent >>

* Computer models shed new light on sickle cell crisis >>
* WATCH LIVE: The Craziest Tightrope Stunt Ever >>
* The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes >>
* Sexual selection: ignore the blonde? >>

* Enhancing RNA interference >>
* Reading DNA, backward and forward >>
* Taking X-Rays Of Women In Corsets Was A Haunting Use Of New Technology >>

* Big Data Is A Big Deal >>
* Interconnected Big Data World: API Services Marketplaces >>
* The Aging of Our Nuclear Power Plants Is Not So Graceful >>

* Teaching People To Be Nice >>
* Facebook Has Been Working On A Mobile News Reader For Over A Year >>

* Big Data In Action – Let’s Get Started >>
* It’s all in the genes—including the tracking device >>
* Researchers release massive database of molecules that might be useful in organic solar cells >>

* Outsmarting Heisenberg >>
* One-way DNA >>

* Research shows that sharks are quite clever >>
* Reinvent Climate Management (the movie) >>
* Augmented Reality: new graphene light sensor is better by orders of magnitude >>

* VIDEO: ‘Fastest’ rollercoaster opens in US >>
* Unplugged: Who’s got your personal data? >>
* Bookmark the permalink. Of Art, Algorithms and Humanity >>

* Search for ETs: discovery could happen in 1-3 decades, experts say >>
* Future of Satellite Surveillance >>
* indiegogo campaign A Game to Cure All Diseases? >>

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