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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 May 2023

* Ultrasound Pulses to Brain Send Mice Into a Hibernation-Like State >>
* New superbug-killing antibiotic discovered using AI >>
* Sony reveals its PS5 streaming handheld, ‘Project Q’ >>

* Security Hole at the Heart of ChatGPT and Bing >>
* AI Explained: ‘Governing Superintelligence’ – Synthetic Pathogens, The Tree of Thoughts Paper and Self-Awareness >>
* MattVidPro AI: AI Agent to Automate Your Computer! | Microsoft Windows Co Pilot >>

* Brain implant changed her life. Then it was removed against her will. Case highlights need for neuro rights in law >>
* Paralyzed Man Can Walk Naturally Again With Brain and Spine Implants >>
* James Cameron Working On New “Terminator” Script Inspired By Rise Of Actual AI >>
* Watch Virgin Galactic soar to suborbital space for 5th time in amazing views >>

* Pixel art test: Photoshop (beta) AI tools >>
* Use AI to Clone ANY Voice & Sing ANY Song! >>
* New Barbie Trailer Gets Even Weirder Than You Were Expecting >>

* Can Virtual Assistants be more Empathetic ? | Raj Bhojan | TEDx >>
* TikTok tests AI chatbot ‘Tako’ in the Philippines >>
* Meet Aria: Opera’s new built-in generative AI assistant >>

* Official ChatGPT app is now available in 11 more countries >>
* ChatGPT might quit the EU rather than comply with regulations >>
* OpenAI Could Quit Europe Over New AI Rules, CEO Sam Altman Warns >>

* Gorilla: Large Language Model Connected with Massive APIs >>
* GitHub – TransformerOptimus/SuperAGI: Build and run useful autonomous agents >>
* 5 ways Windows 11’s new Copilot AI assistant will make your life easier >>

* Copilot AI updates across the Power Platform | Automate, apps, pages & virtual agents >>
* Unity 25 – Virgin Galactic Return to Flight >>
* ChatGPT plugins now support Postgres & Supabase >>

* Generated Adventure — The Postmortem of a Game Made With chatGPT and Midjourney (Prompts Included) >>
* Fake AI image of Pentagon explosion causes US markets to briefly plummet >>
* Altman Raises $115 Million for Worldcoin Crypto Project >>

* Google begins opening access to generative AI in search >>
* Rocket Lab swoops on Virgin Orbit assets >>
* HBR: How Generative AI Changes Strategy >>

* Ron DeSantis Pushed Elon Musk’s Twitter to Its Breaking Point >>
* Elon Musk’s Event With Ron DeSantis Exposes Twitter’s Weaknesses >>
* Donald Trump is very likely to be the Republican nominee >>
* A guide to Ron DeSantis’s most extreme policies in Florida >>

* Humanoid Robots Are Coming of Age >>
* People, Not Google’s Algorithm, Create Their Own Partisan ‘Bubbles’ Online >>
* This Is Not an Extraterrestrial Signal. This Is Just a Test. >>

* What is the natural timescale for making a Dyson shell? >>
* First Contact: A Global Simulation >>
* New Star Trek-style device ‘harvests clean energy out of thin air’ >>
* Hackers are using AI to crack passwords >>

* Cars That Can See at Night Will Save Lives >>
* Covid still kills one person every four minutes >>
* Can 3D-Printed Homes Be Built for Under $99,000? >>
* Big Nvidia AI Performance Boosts Microsoft, AMD and Tesla Afterhours >>

* AI Scaling Laws Guide Building to Superhuman Level AI >>
* NASA Developing Autonomous Construction on the Moon and Mars >>
* SpaceX and Starlink Revenue is Growing Faster >>

* Smol AI Developer – Build ENTIRE Codebases With A Single Prompt (ChatGPT) >>
* How AI Language Models Will Shape The Future | Aidan Gomez | Eye on AI #123 >>
* The BIGGEST Photoshop Update EVER: Magic A.I. >>

* Adobes New AI ‘FIREFLY Photoshop’ Has Everyone Stunned! >>
* MattVidPro AI: I Bought AI Services on Fiverr to see if They’re Worth it >>
* 5 Reasons To Value The American Alligator >>

* Reid Hoffman Is on a Mission: To Show A.I. Can Improve Humanity >>
* Leaked Kyndryl files show 55 was average age of laid-off US workers >>
* DJI Mavic 3 Pro review >>

* It’s PEOPLE’s brains, stupid! | Esther Dyson | TEDx >>
* FREE AI Voice Generator with Meta AI MMS >>
* Microsoft launches an AI tool to take the pain out of building websites >>

* US Air Force Is Moving Fast on AI-Piloted Fighter Jets >>
* Meta Platforms Crafts Homegrown Ai Inference Chip, Ai Training Next >>
* New electronic pill zaps the stomach to regulate hunger >>

* How the A.I. explosion could save the market and maybe the economy >>
* Nvidia’s ‘iPhone moment’ in AI signals tons of future growth. Here’s our new price target >>
* Google Play Games for PC is now available in Europe and New Zealand >>

* Morning After: Sony reveals its PS5 streaming handheld >>
* MIT and Adobe Researchers Use AI To Identify Similar Materials In images >>
* Flawless Photos Ahead: Discover the Top 5 Blemish Remover Tools of 2023 >>

* Best 10+ AI Plugins on ChatGPT (2023) >>
* Anthropic raises $450M to build next-gen AI assistants >>
* Spotify may use AI to make host-read podcast ads that sound like real people >>

* Is GPT-4 a Good Data Analyst? >>
* Microsoft President Says Deep Fakes Are Biggest AI Concern >>
* Google Search Starts Rolling Out ChatGPT-style Generative AI Results >>

* Nvidia’s stock soars 26% on strong sales forecast amid surging demand for AI chips >>
* Infosys reveals generative AI platform Topaz >>
* U.S. Debt-Ceiling Crisis Could Harm Science for Years to Come >>

* Red Hat Summit 2023 Wrap >>
* Nvidia is on track to becoming the first trillion-dollar chipmaker >>
* Will startups have a shot in the enterprise AI race? >>

* Intel mulls cutting ties to 16 and 32-bit support >>
* From centralized to self-organized: Towards decentralized AI | Abhishek Singh | TEDx >>
* AI in the City of Sin: Casinos have cameras but no Computer Vision | Nasr Sattar | TEDx >>

* Heavy Reading’s Jennifer Clark on AI for UX >>
* Vodafone UK gets serious over health >>
* Voice calling is finally making its way onto 5G >>

* Elon Musk on 2024 Politics, Succession Plans and Whether AI Will Annihilate Humanity >>
* Governments Want Kids Off Social Media. Why Aren’t Platforms Doing It? >>
* Opera browser gets Chatbot, India’s supercomputer and more >>

* Prompt: car_model, cutaway diagram >>
* Naval drones damage Russia’s intelligence ship >>
* Lukashenko Says Russia Has Begun Moving Nuclear Weapons to Belarus >>

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