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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 May 2023

* Elon Musk on Twitter Hopes, Tesla’s Future and AI | Tech News Briefing | WSJ >>
* Andrej Karpathy, OpenAI: State of GPT >>

* Microsoft Build 2023: Day 2 #MSBuild >>
* Copilots and Plugins | Yusuf Mehdi at Microsoft Build 2023 >>
* AI to Windows 11 – unlocking a new era of productivity with Windows Copilot and Dev Home >>
* Microsoft is putting AI Copilots in everything. Will it change the way we use computers? >>

* Tina Turner, queen of rock ‘n’ roll, dies after long illness >>
* Ron DeSantis Joins 2024 Race, Hoping to Topple Trump >>
* Walking naturally after spinal cord injury using a brain–spine interface >>

* Matt Wolfe: Creating Viral Videos With AI >>
* Text-2-3D is here! Type /3d and your prompt discord.gg/hrWqCGRQ
* What would humans do in a world of super-AI? >>

* Keeping Moore’s Law Going Is Getting Complicated >>
* Ultrafast X-ray spectroscopy: Watching molecules relax in real time >>

* Bill Gates says an under-the-radar startup could be the biggest winner in the AI. >>
> Inflection.ai – >>
* Elon thinks AI could become humanity’s uber-nanny >>

* Humanity’s new story: Psychedelics, Ayahuasca, Indigenous wisdom | TEDx >>
* SETI Institute invites public to participate in interplanetary ‘A Sign in Space’ Project >>
* SETI Live: A Sign in Space – Simulating First Contact >>

* Physical activity linked to higher pain tolerance >>
* Generative AI Podcasts Are Here. Prepare to Be Bored >>
* Virtual Reality Could Soon Include Smells Thanks to New Wireless Scent Interface >>

* Starting today, Bard will include images in responses for relevant prompts >>
* Meta AI releases Megabyte architecture, enabling 1M+ token LLMs. Even OpenAI may adopt this. Full breakdown inside. >>
* Apple Plans To Turn Locked iPhones Into Smart Displays With iOS 17 >>

* 5 things about AI you may have missed today: AI scam, EVE robot, Sam Altman and much more | HT Tech >>
* Are Large Language Models the Future of the Web? >>
* Can cross-cloud data analytics be easy? | Microsoft Fabric >>

* Researchers build bee robot that can twist >>
* Meta is laying off employees for the third time in less than three months >>
* Windows 11 is getting a force quit option to close apps without the Task Manager >>

* Tokyo’s trash-collecting samurai takes a fun, zany approach to cleanup >>

* Embodied AI …Robots (ChatGPT, Meta AI, Burnham, Phoenix, Tesla, 1X EVE, 1X NEO) – LifeArchitect.ai >>
* Figure raises $70M to build robots with a human form >>
* Humanoid robotics company 1X Technologies Raises $23.5M led by OpenAI >>

* Solana Labs integrates ChatGPT plugin to connect blockchain to AI >>
* A Google DeepMind AI language model is now making descriptions for YouTube Shorts >>
* Elon Musk on AI, China, Tesla and Succession Planning | WSJ >>

* SpaceX wants to join the FAA as defendant in environmental groups’ Starship lawsuit >>
* Elon Musk says he largely manages his own schedule and only uses a part-time assistant to manage his workload >>
* Astronomers race to observe rare supernova in a nearby galaxy >>

* Instant Cameras, Evolved: This Text-to-Image AI Model Can Be Personalized Quickly with Your Images >>
* Morning After: Dyson claims its next-gen robot vacuum has twice the suction of rivals >>
* ChatGPT can’t pass these medical exams – yet >>

* Microsoft finally gets around to supporting rar, gz and tar files in Windows >>
* How Small Companies Compete with — and Beat — Big Ones >>
* Electrome: The Next Great Frontier For Biomedical Technology >>

* $1.2 Billion Vinyl Industry’s Rise, Fall and Rebirth, Explained | WSJ >>
* ChatGPT was a black swan event >>
* Amazon’s Answer To ChatGPT Seen as Incomplete >>

* Got rejection letter for an application, so asked CGPT to generate a snarky reply. >>
* Leveraging over 400 underwater cables for earthquake sensing, as revealed by expert >>
* Vergecast: The fight over AM radio, the future of ethernet, and the legacy of Zelda >>

* Why Has a Group of Orcas Suddenly Started Attacking Boats? >>
* The ‘Cocaine Shark’ Movie — Yes, You Read Right — Gets New Trailer >>
* I tried the AI novel-writing tool everyone hates, and it’s better than I expected >>

* ChatGPT: Can China overtake the US in the AI marathon? >>
* AI’s Influence Is Growing In The Dating World. Will It Connect Us, Or Divide Us? >>
* World’s richest person Bernard Arnault loses $11B in one day — but he’s still richer than Elon Musk >>

* Netflix begins its password sharing crackdown in the US and global markets >>

* Mind-Video: A New AI Tool That Uses fMRI Data from the Brain to Recreate Video Image >>
* Mind-Reading AI Generates Videos from Brainwaves >>
* MattVidPro AI: AI Based Generative Fill makes Photoshop 10x Better >>

* Day 1 Wrap | Red Hat Summit 2023 >>
* Day 2 Keynote Analysis | Dell Technologies World 2023 >>
* GamesBeat Summit 2023 – Virtual Day 3 – 5/24/23 >>

* Microsoft Mechanics: What runs ChatGPT? Inside Microsoft’s AI supercomputer >>
* Psychologist and AI commentator issues warning about AI in politics >>
* Create Your Own AI Animated Avatar || A Step-by-Step Guide >>

* Microsoft is adding AI-generated app review summaries to the Microsoft Store >>
* Introducing a new era of AI-powered ads with Google >>
* Control-A-Video: Controllable Text-to-Video Generation with Diffusion Models >>

* Enhancing Detail Preservation for Customized Text-to-Image Generation: A Regularization-Free Approach >>
* Perception Test: A Diagnostic Benchmark for Multimodal Video Models >>
* A model that can realistically insert humans into images >>

* Team develops new ‘attacker’ device to improve autonomous car safety >>
* Red Hat Ansible Gets Event-Triggered Automation, AI Assist on Playbooks >>

* Microsoft One-ups Google with Copilot Stack for Developers >>
* Mancoding: Creates custom digital art from text inputs. >>
* DeepFaceLab: is the dominant deepfake framework for face-swapping >>

* Lenovo reduced workforce by 5% amid PC slump: CEO >>
* GaN Making Inroads in Lower Power EV Applications >>
* Co-Workers Getting On Your Nerves? Here’s How to Handle It Better >>

* Google believes AI can minimize deaths from flooding in 80 countries >>
* Matt Wolfe: Let’s see, today we got… >>
* If you had three weeks left to live – what would you do differently? | Sussie Pearl | TEDx >>

* The Expectation of Happiness | Beneyam Hassen | TEDx >>
* Potential Debt Ceiling Deal Would Barely Change Federal Spending Path >>
* GOP, Biden Negotiators Resume Talks Amid Debt Default Impasse >>

* There’s no scenario where a debt ceiling breach is fine >>
* Tim Scott Presidential Long Game >>
* What a “war tax” means for the global economy >>
* ‘We F***ed Up’: Shock But No Panic in Belgorod as Border Incursion Brings War Home >>

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