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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 July 2021

* Tel Aviv Will Test Dog Poop DNA to Identify Owners Who Do Not Clean Up >>
* Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Says Teen to Replace Auction Winner on Space Flight >>
* SpaceX could be ordered to take down its huge Starship launch tower FAA has warned >>
* Facebook Messenger’s new sound emoji let you hear Fast and Furious quotes in your chats >>

* Facebook Cancels Head-Mounted BCI Research, Will Focus On Wrist >>
* Apple becomes first public US company to hit $2.5T market capitalization >>
* Facebook’s VR Content Head Mike Verdu Leaves For Netflix >>

* Intel and Samsung impacted as COVID closes electronics factories in Vietnam >>
* Success in Reversing Dementia in Mice and Human Clinical Trials in 2022 >>
* Announcing Sight Tech Global 2021 >>

* Covid-19 news: 203 long covid symptoms found in international study >>
* Tree DNA was used to convict a timber thief >>
* Delta Variant Widens Gulf Between ‘Two Americas’: Vaccinated and Unvaccinated >>
* World’s first 3D-printed steel bridge opens in Amsterdam >>
* World’s first lab-grown FOIE GRAS is created from duck stem cells >>

* 3D-printed robotic hand powered by water can play Super Mario Bros >>
* Container Live-Hack: Continuous Application Security for Your OpenShift Workloads >>
* Pharmacies are ready to go: Chemists in hotspots fast-tracked to deliver jabs >>
* WestConnex worksite, Sydney hospitals affected by virus exposures >>

* Covid patient’s own blood cells could treat lung scarring >>
* Delta variant surges in Middle East and North Africa as region braces for ‘catastrophic consequences’ >>
* Facebook Pay buttons are coming to online stores in August >>
* No Heroes: The Olympics >>

* A New Brain Implant Lets You Transform Thoughts Into Speech >>
* NASA Has Finally Identified the Cause of Hubble’s Crash >>
* US Defense Agency Testing Nanosatellites to Counter Enemy Missiles >>
* Why the Virgin Galactic spaceship didn’t reach orbit last weekend >>

* Here are the finalists to be included in Emoji 14.0 this September >>
* Lyft is bringing back shared rides starting on July 19th >>
* The average person earning minimum wage has to work 79 hours a week to afford a one-bedroom apartment >>
* What it’s like to get COVID-19 while fully vaccinated >>
* Dr. Sanjay Gupta: The importance of being vaccinated >>

* HUGE NEWS!! SpaceX’s Super Heavy STATIC FIRE Test Today >>
* SpaceX first crane lift parts spotted & current launch tower progress! >>
* SpaceX Rocket Flies 10 Times as Reusability Gets Surprisingly Routine >>
* Thursday Morning Starbase Launch Site SpaceX >>

* Tesla Berlin Will Start Making Cars November 2021 >>
* United Airlines to Buy 100 Electric Planes From Swedish Company >>
* Pininfarina’s New Concept Car Looks Like It’s Straight Out of a Videogame >>

* Astronomers train AI to reveal the true shape of galaxies >>
* India bans Mastercard from signing up new customers >>
* IPv6 still 5–10 years away from mainstream use, but K8s networking and multi-cloud are now real >>

* WhatsApp is testing multi-device sync that doesn’t require a phone >>
* What’s a Cloud PC? Microsoft’s video offers a first look >>
* Could Cloud PCs be Microsoft’s gateway to Chromebook-like hardware? >>
* Netflix will reportedly offer video games within the next year >>

* Welcome to the Tokyo Olympics, where public health, money, and politics collide >>
* Introducing Mobile Web Certification >>
* The Next Covid-19 Battle Will Be About Vaccinating Kids >>

* As Travel Rebounds, Airlines Are Figuring It Out on the Fly >>
* Morning After: Microsoft unveils Windows 365, its Windows PC in the cloud >>
* The CockroachDB EC-1 >>

* British Airways launches inflight digital menu ordering, order drinks and snacks directly to their seats using free onboard Wi-Fi >>
* Inflammation Clock’ Can Reveal Body’s Biological Age >>
* Brisk 40-minute walks just three times a week can freshen white matter in the brain >>
* 1972 prediction of the collapse of society is on track to happen by 2040 >>

* New SpaceX Droneship A Shortfall of Gravitas Arrives in Florida >>
* South Africa looting: I’m struggling to find food >>
* Run image classification with Amazon SageMaker JumpStart >>
* “The Crypto Revolution Will Not be Public” >>

* Forward Thinking on technology and political economy with Daron Acemoglu >>
* Eighth Launch Tower Section Rolls to Launch Site | SpaceX Boca Chica >>

* Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games schedule: dates, times and key events to watch out for >>
* Karate at Tokyo 2021: the new Olympic event rules and when to watch >>
* Olympic gymnastics at Tokyo 2020 >>

* AWS COPILOT: How to set up AWS Copilot to build, release and operate containerized applications on ECS and Fargate using a CLI(Part 2)? >>
* Severely paralyzed man communicates using brain signals sent to his vocal tract >>
* Aston Martin’s 937-hp Valhalla plug-in hybrid supercar debuts in production form >>

* github.com/deepmind/alphafold >>
* Cut Out the Middle Tier: Generating JSON Directly from Postgres >>
* Container Live-Hack: Continuous Application Security for Your OpenShift Workloads >>

* Why China is tightening control over cybersecurity >>
* Telecom Shares Dip in Canada on Spectrum Sticker Shock >>
* Vietnam’s first cargo-only airline nears takeoff >>

* Will surprisingly high global inflation last? >>
* Johnson & Johnson Recalls Most Neutrogena, Aveeno Spray Sunscreens >>

* 5G offers little value for the traditional telco >>
* Podcast: Digital twinning the Tour de France >>
* AT&T expands lowband, mmWave 5G network >>
* Advertisers are more desperate than ever for the Super Bowl >>

* Visual Studio 2022 Preview 2 adds Live Preview capability >>
* Networking: EDGE, IOT, & CV Wave Sessions >>
* Attackers can elicit ‘toxic behavior’ from AI translation systems, study finds >>
* EP117 – taking a deeper look into the world of “cloud” >>

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