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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 July 2021

* Facebook’s BlenderBot 2.0 chatbot can learn and remember new things by itself >>
* COVID 2.0? How is Delta rewriting the pandemic? >>
* Minimum wage workers can’t afford rent anywhere in America >>

* How the Moon ‘Wobble’ Affects Rising Tides >>
* Hubble is back! Telescope has new lease on life after computer swap appears to fix glitch >>
* Apple employees threaten to quit as company takes hard line stance on remote work >>
* How to Watch Blue Origin’s First Human Flight on July 20 >>

* Engadget Podcast: Billionaires in space, Windows in the cloud >>
* Voice clone of Anthony Bourdain prompts synthetic media ethics questions >>
* Day 5: The Big Picture in the world of AI & Data >>

* Hydrogen Battery “Sponges” Store Solar for the Grid >>
* Researchers match DeepMind’s AlphaFold2 protein folding power with faster, free model >>
* Amazon’s Alexa voice options now include Shaq and Melissa McCarthy >>

* WAIC 2021 – Robot Expo in China | Latest Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Developments >>
* Video Friday: Fluidic Fingers >>
* Four lessons from a year building tools for machine learning >>
* Vergecast: the state of MagSafe, Valve’s Steam Deck, and billionaires in space >>

* How Apple’s rumored ‘Apple Pay Later’ could prove lucrative >>
* Researchers create viable mice eggs from scratch for the first time >>
* Weird ‘Borg’ DNA found in microbes takes in genes from other organisms >>
* Strange 3D-printed shapes test 150-year-old mathematical theory >>

* AI GIRL GROUP called Skullz who will release NFTs rather than singles >>
* Singapore unveils one of the world’s biggest floating solar panel farms >>
* Facebook’s BlenderBot 2.0 bot surfs the web for knowledge >>

* Chip Shortage Prompts Fake Parts From Scammers >>
* Why China is tightening control over cybersecurity >>

* TSMC reveals plans for further expansion, progress on 3nm process, evolving car tech, amid solid Q1 results >>
* Mcditating In Thunderstorms | Shiv Goel | TEDxYouth >>
* Aurora Top Secret Spy Plane SR-91 >>

* The Future of Computers: The Neighborhood and The Nursing Home >>
* WSL: Run Linux GUI Apps >>
* Only Train Once: A One-Shot Neural Network Training And Pruning Framework >>

* SpaceX Starship Update: FAA warns SpaceX its new launch tower not yet approved >>
* SpaceX the yellow pipe structure and construction site progress! Boca Chica July 16 2021 >>
* Top 5 Must-Haves for Operationalizing DevOps >>

* The wellness world’s conspiracy problem is linked to Orientalism >>
* What Ever Happened to IBM’s Watson? >>
* IOC’s Bach visits Hiroshima one week before Olympic opening >>
* The SolarWinds Hackers Used an iOS Flaw to Compromise iPhones >>

* Elon Musk’s Starlink will become the black hole project >>
* Teamzones is a virtual co-working app leveraging power of timeboxing and accountbility to instantly 10x your focus. Plus, network with others to get virtual “get sh*t done” squad >>
* teQatlas is an all-in-one fundraising tool. >>
* Report: JavaScript remains the most popular language among developers >>

* Visual Studio 2022 Preview 2 adds Live Preview capability >>
* OpenAI disbands its robotics research team >>
* How to mend your broken pandemic brain >>

* JRE:#1683 – Andrew Huberman >>
* Skyward and FAA to test cellular-connected drones >>
* The Battery Revolution Is Just Getting Started >>
* Tesla Places Big Bet on Vision-Only Self-Driving >>

* New Technique Turns 5G’s Power Problem >>
* Pre-Pandemic Ketchup >>
* Is the Universe a Fractal? >>

* New Algorithm Improves 3D Body Scanning Precision by 4500% >>
* Tesla has Powerwall backlog of 80,000 orders worth over $500 million >>
* Cost of school interruptions >>

* Launch HN: MergeQueue (YC S21) – Automate rebasing and merging for your codebase >>
* Mitmproxy 7 >>
* LG U+ and KDDI club together on 5G, 6G >>
* Ericsson grabs $8.3B 5G deal from Verizon >>

* Pandemic 2.0:
* None of This is Normal >>
* Apec meeting: Different vaccines a ‘sticking point’ on Apec quarantine-free travel zone >>
* Getting Xi, Putin and Biden on a call together boosts Ardern’s reputation >>
* Finding solidarity in an effort to vaccinate the world >>
* C.D.C. Director Warns ‘This Is Becoming a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated’ as Delta Fuels U.S. Outbreaks >>
* US sees COVID-19 cases rise by 135% in the last two weeks >>
* Australia: NSW to order more retailers to shut as mystery cases grow >>
* UK daily cases pass 50,000 for first time since January >>
* Africa’s Covid Crisis Deepens, but Vaccines Are Still Far Off >>
* Southeast Asian delta wave drives Japan to reclaim expats >>
* China to use BioNTech vaccine as booster shot, sources say >>
* Why do new SARS-CoV-2 variants spread more easily? >>
* Indonesia overtakes India as Asia’s new Covid-19 epicenter >>
* Pfizer vaccine protection takes a hit as Delta variant spreads >>

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