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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 June 2019

* NASA Is Sending This Flying Robot to Saturn’s Moon Titan, looking for signs of life >>
* French Scientists Claim to Have Created Metallic Hydrogen >>
* Five automakers back Toyota’s and Softbank’s self-driving business >>

* Trump to lift some restrictions on Huawei as part of China truce >>
* Huawei can buy from US suppliers again — but things will never be the same >>
* Huawei rollercoaster continues as Google gets a green light to license Android again >>
* A China-U.S. Trade Truce Could Enshrine a Global Economic Shift >>

* NASA reopens Apollo mission control in time for Moon landing anniversary >>

* Famed Apple designer Jony Ive is leaving to start his own firm >>
* Apple will be fine without Jony Ive >>
* Backup Laser to Revive Aeolus Wind-Sensing Satellite >>

* SpaceX plans to launch Starship’s first commercial flight in 2021 >>
* Responsible AI: Putting our principles into action >>
* A cure for baldness is on the way as scientists successfully grow ‘unlimited’ hair on mice using stem cells >>

* Moondust, Radiation, and Low Gravity: The Health Risks of Living on the Moon >>
* Robot Squid and Robot Scallop Showcase Bio-inspired Underwater Propulsion >>
* Shipping Industry Bets Big on IoT in Bid to Save Billions >>

* New Balance’s Latest Shoes Come With 3D-Printed Soles >>

* DeepNude: AI photo app stripped clothes from women to render them naked. Now, it’s stripped from web >>
* Heartbeat Identity, Seam Carving, Q&A Facilitation, and Secure Data in Distributed Systems >>

* Robotic Arm Packs Boxes With A.I. Guidance >>
* Scientists observe neural activity in lab-grown mini-BRAINS >>
* From Miniature Satellites to Giant Sun Shields–the Extreme Technology Transforming Space Engineering >>

* How a martial arts gym trained me to build an inclusive culture >>
* You must resist Big Brother in upcoming Ubisoft video game ‘Watch Dogs: Legion’ >>

* Empowering wheelchair users with a socially assistive robot running on Amazon Machine Learning >>
* After Failed Beresheet Landing, SpaceIL Will Go Someplace Besides the Moon >>
* NASA Gearing Up for Big Test of Orion Crew Capsule Next Week >>

* Progress on Asteroid Discovery, Impact Mitigation >>
* AI Job Market Cools Off to a Steady Boil >>
* Asteroid Day 2019 is Actually Five Days and Already Started Livestreaming >>

* Future Elon and SpaceX Domination Will Be Like Rockefeller and Standard Oil >>
* How the Potential Tech Worker Exodus from Britain Benefits Ireland >>
* JumpStart Guide to Cloud-Based Firewalls in AWS >>

* That this AI can simulate universes in 30ms is not the scary part. It’s that its creators don’t know why it works so well >>
* AT&T’s 5G network hits (parts of) Las Vegas >>
* Airplane Contrails Will Do Triple the Damage They Do Today By 2050, Study Finds >>

* Mysterious Extragalactic Flash Pinpointed for 2nd Time Ever >>
* Alphabet’s cybersecurity company Chronicle will join Google Cloud >>
* Bridging the gap between research and the classroom >>

* Enterprise SaaS revenue hits $100B run rate, led by Microsoft and Salesforce >>
* Eufy RoboVac 11s robot vacuum is on sale for just $149 at Amazon >>
* Google is building a new private subsea cable between Portugal and South Africa >>

* Google launches a new portal for small businesses >>
* Nonprofit Workplaces >>
* The New Charlie’s Angels Trailer Is Here >>

* Valve Index review: Next-level VR >>
* Gettysburg Address stored in DNA using a binary code made of holes >>
* A Fast Radio Burst has Finally Been Traced Back to its Source: the Outskirts of a Galaxy 4 Billion Light-Years Away >>

* Spores in Space: Mold Can Withstand Radiation Doses That Would Kill a Human >>
* Do Advanced Engineering Degrees Matter? >>
* Ossia’s Wireless Charging Tech Could Be Available By Next Year >>

* Teleportation of Quantum Information In Diamond Is Big for Quantum Communication >>
* Rocket Lab Launches 7 Small Satellites to Orbit >>
* A New Approach to Treat Mental Illness: Electrical Engineering >>

* Apollo 11 Tapes Bought by NASA Intern for $218 Could Fetch Millions at Auction >>
* Boeing’s 737 Max Software Outsourced To Lower-Paid Engineers >>
* Crocodiles Went Through a Vegetarian Phase, Too >>

* Researchers developed a sensing system to constantly track the performance of workers >>
* AI needs more health data if it’s to help cure the world >>
* Recommended Reading: Algorithms and school surveillance >>

* Startups at the speed of light: Lidar CEOs put their industry in perspective >>
* SIM-swap cell phone hacking horror stories >>
* With a single wiretap, police collected 9.2 million text messages >>

* Aerial Drone Photography: The Secret is in the Lens >>
* Anti-Alzheimer’s Protein Complex Identified >>
* Google Is Giving Away AI That Can Build Your Genome Sequence >>

* Latest claim of turning hydrogen into a metal may be the most solid yet >>
* Machine learning makes a better Luke Skywalker hand >>
* New AI programming language goes beyond deep learning >>

* Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Books to Read in 2019 >>
* Development in the mobility technology ecosystem—how can 5G help? >>
* Defining a public-cloud strategy: An interview with Michael Ørn >>

* Driving toward growth: Making difficult decisions and placing the customer first >>
* Matching talent to value >>
* Wearable technology started by tracking steps. Soon, it may allow your boss to track your performance. >>

* ActionDash 3.0’s new ‘Focus’ mode keeps Android users on task >>
* The Six Is The Best Travel Luggage Ever Designed >>

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