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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 June 2019

* Your Google Calendar Isn’t Safe, an Eye-Controlled TV, and More News >>
* First steps taken for vaccine pills >>
* Scrum gone wild in 15 cartoons >>

* Scientists Use Sound To See Around Corners >>
* Goldman Sachs is sounding the alarm: Tech stocks are overvalued >>
* Is YouTube too big to fix everything? >>

* CARMENES: Two Habitable Zone Planets around a Nearby Red Dwarf >>
* DeepMind Teaches AI Teamwork >>
* New Website Replays Apollo 11 First Moon Landing Mission in Real Time >>

* Laundry day in space: How do astronauts wash their clothes? >>
* MongoDB gets a data lake, new security features and more >>
* Microsoft to add more smarts, plus a presentation coach, to PowerPoint >>

* Volvo’s self-driving buses and trucks will run on NVIDIA tech >>
* What Post Scarcity Means >>
* World Population Expected to Reach 9.7 Billion in 2050, United Nations Reports >>

* IBM AI helps predict breast cancer a year before it appears >>
* Why are we so pessimistic? >>
* Automated cryptocode generator is helping secure the web >>

* Fully Automated Luxury Communism: a timely vision >>
* Two hours of nature per week is critical to your wellbeing, Exeter Medical School researchers say >>

* Magnet Sets World Record at 45.5 Teslas >>
* 6 Traits of Strong Family Businesses >>
* Speed Breeding Lets Us Develop Six Generations of Crops Instead of Two Each Year >>

* What to Expect When LightSail 2 Launches into Space >>
* Watch Scientists Melt a Satellite Part to See How Stuff Burns Up During Reentry >>
* Twin NASA Satellites Will Ride SpaceX Falcon Heavy to Study Earth’s Ionosphere >>

* Inflatable Heat Shield Could Deliver Heavy Payloads to Worlds With a Thick Atmosphere >>
* NASA Is Tracking One of Earth’s Most Valuable Resources — Water >>
* Safety Panel Calls on NASA to Apply Commercial Crew Lessons for Artemis >>

* A severe autoimmune condition may be triggered by ‘good’ gut bacteria >>
* 2 billion people will need this tech by 2050: Injured vet shares the good and bad >>
* Lenovo Yoga Chromebook C630 review: killer 4K display >>

* J.P. Morgan working on a secretive digital banking project >>
* MIT researchers develop robot that can learn to identify objects based on sight and touch >>

* People hate flying, and it could lead to the demise of the airline industry >>
* Commercial space companies have received $7.2 billion in government investment since 2000 >>
* YouTuber Simone Giertz transformed a Tesla Model 3 into a pickup truck >>

* Uber air taxi designs: six eVTOL vehicles that could take you on your first trip >>
* Chinese app Manbang handled US$100 billion worth of goods a year by matching shippers with truckers >>
* It’s quiet out there: scientists fail to hear signals of alien life >>

* Google search results will show where song lyrics come from >>
* Cloud Technology Impact on Big Enterprises >>
* Routing External Traffic Into Your Kubernetes Services >>

* Would Facebook be better if we paid for it? >>
* Scientists amazed as Canadian permafrost thaws 70 years early >>
* Apache NiFi Overview >>

* Examining the Essential Elements >>
* Amazon expands air cargo fleet with 15 more planes, will have 70 planes by 2021 >>
* Two potentially life-friendly planets found orbiting a nearby star >>

* New York set to legalize e-scooters and e-bikes >>
* New Deepfake Algorithm Allows You To Text-Edit the Words of a Speaker In a Video >>
* Microsoft finally releases Hyper-V Server 2019 >>

* Is your product’s AI annoying people? >>
* Perspectives and Approaches in AI Ethics: East Asia >>

* Chinese Scientist Defends Splicing Human Brain Gene Into Monkeys >>
* *CRINGE* Guy Uncomfortably Has To Rate 10 Women By Their Looks And Personalities >>
* $500,000 for a computer? How much did a computer cost the year you were born? >>

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