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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 May 2019

* Rejuvenate Bio Using Gene Therapy Has Reversed Aging Effects in Mice and Dogs >>
* Video Friday: Watch This Monstrous Robot Tank Bulldoze Its Way Through Obstacles >>
* Teaching AI how to feel FEAR could make autonomous cars better drivers, study suggests >>

* Alphabet’s Wing will offer drone deliveries in Helsinki next month; They’ll deliver meatballs, pastries and other gourmet goods >>
* Digital camera sees around corners by guessing what’s lurking behind >>
* Teaching Families to Embrace AI – Ep. 84 >>

* The Air Force wants to rescue downed pilots with an autonomous aircraft >>
* Tesla didn’t fix an Autopilot problem for three years, and now another person is dead >>
* Amazon Is Building Special Warehouses for Hazardous Items >>

* How to Watch the Game of Thrones Finale Online >>
* Building Webiny—A Serverless CMS >>
* Now That IoT Is Everywhere, What’s Next? >>

* Advanced Civilizations Could be Communicating with Neutrino Beams. Transmitted by Clouds of Satellites Around Neutron Stars or Black Holes >>
* NASA Awards $45.5 Million for Private Moon Lander Work on Project Artemis >>
* NASA’s 2024 Moon Mission is called Artemis, and Will Need an Additional $1.6 Billion in Funding >>

* Google’s Translate can now listen to a language and make it into an audio translation in the original speaker’s voice >>
* Scientists have finally worked out what screaming sounds like >>
* The Mood Ring of Algorithms Could Zap Your Brain to Help You Feel Better >>

* Tom’s Tech Notes: The Future of Microservices [Podcast] >>
* Future Surveillance >>
* The future of right-to-choose >>

* Exploring the Expressive Range of Conversational Laughter with AI >>
* The business of the future is ethical, sustainable, and employee-owned >>
* “Amazon After” Helps You Sell, Donate, Recycle, Or Rent Out Your Past Amazon Purchases >>

* SpaceX Delays Launch of 60 Starlink Satellites Again, This Time for Software Checks >>
* SpaceX Single Stage to Orbit Starship >>

* Facebook Has Struggled To Hire Talent Since the Cambridge Analytica Scandal >>
* Facebook’s A.I. Whiz Now Faces the Task of Cleaning It Up. Sometimes That Brings Him to Tears. >>
* Productsec, Supply Chain Attack, Sparse Neural Networks, and the Christchurch Call >>

* How Tech Companies Are Shaping the Rules Governing AI >>
* Google’s how-to videos explain Assistant’s accessibility features >>
* Google rolls out a refreshed, more personal Smart Display interface >>

* How we make complex decisions >>
* Huawei ban opens door to rivals – and reprisals >>
* Huawei says US ban is ‘in no one’s interest’ >>

* LG’s custom chip is made to power AI in appliances and robots >>
* Make Google Remember Your Parking Spot For You >>
* Manipulating atoms one at a time with an electron beam >>

* Merging machine learning and the life sciences >>
* Microsoft aims to train and certify 15,000 workers on AI skills by 2022 >>
* Microsoft invests in seven AI projects to help people with disabilities >>

* Are These Robots Better Than You at Sports? >>
* 5 Coming Breakthroughs in Energy and Transportation >>
* Average is Over, installment #437 >>

* Collaborating to protect nearly anonymous animals >>
* Researchers develop electric field-based dressing to help heal wound infections >>
* Researchers shed new light on atomic ‘wave function’ >>

* This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through May 18) >>
* Exploring data warehouse tables with machine learning and Amazon SageMaker notebooks >>
* A Gentle Kiss: How the Kuiper Belt Object Ultima Thule Was Born >>

* A Neutrino Beam Beacon >>
* A 360-degree tour of Specialized Bicycles’s innovation lab >>
* A new era in 3-D printing >>

* Facebook Changes Algorithm, Promises More Personalized News Feed >>
* Tesla Shanghai Factory Days From Completion and Maybe First Cars in September >>
* How to give an elevator story that people actually listen to >>

* The Cersei Effect: How businesses turn colleagues into backstabbers >>
* 11 Great TV Shows With Terrible Endings >>
* Best Space Books and Sci-Fi for 2019 >>

* Cost of Delta IV Heavy Rocket Launches is Down But the Real Price Is a Secret >>
* NASA’s Prolific Mars Orbiter Completes 60,000th Lap of Red Planet >>
* Parachute Development a Challenge for Commercial Crew >>

* Startup Hermeus Wants to Build a Hypersonic Jet That Flies at 5 Times the Speed of Sound >>
* New Supercomputer Will Span Continents, Outrace World’s Fastest >>
* Small, Tough Planets can Survive the Death of Their Star >>

* Here’s Where NASA’s Curiosity Rover Is Headed >>
* A/B >>
* Microsoft’s HoloLens Not Fit for AR-Assisted Surgery, Study Suggests >>
* Space: where the rewards really are >>

* ‘John Wick: Chapter 3’ sets up a 4th film in the franchise >>
* How AI will liberate doctors from keyboards and basements >>
* Serverless Pitfalls: Issues With Running a Startup on AWS Lambda >>

* a16z Podcast: Five Open Problems Towards Building a Blockchain Computer >>
* Everyone is an Analyst: Opportunities in Operational Analytics >>
* 10+1 Lessons from a Serial Entrepreneur >>
* Node.js Rocks in Docker for Dev and Ops (Part 2) >>

* Introduction to DataOps >>
* TED Katie_hood_the_difference_between_healthy_and_unhealthy_love >>
* TED Arnav_kapur_a_breakthrough_device_that_combines_mind_and_machine >>

* The Suburbs Are Coming to a City Near You >>
* America’s Cup boat foil arms pass crucial test in Italy >>

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