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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 May 2019

* Lilium unveils five-seater air taxi prototype after a successful maiden flight for its latest jet >>
* Digital Doppelgängers Fool Advanced Anti-fraud Tech >>
* Radar for Your Wrist >>

* Ultrafast Motion-Planning Chip Could Make Autonomous Cars Safer >>
* Scientists create mind-controlled hearing aid >>
* This robot hits you in real life when you get hit in VR >>

* Hackers can fake radio signals to hijack aircraft landing systems, warn researchers >>
* Japan is running out of phone numbers >>
* First AI that sees like a human could lead to automated search and rescue robots >>
* Watch an autonomous drone dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge a football >>

* US government has its sights on AI that can track people for MILES using footage from different surveillance systems >>
* Helping robots remember: Hyperdimensional computing theory could change the way AI works >>
* Anatomy of a living, tree-based spaceship >>

* Game of Thrones season 8, episode 6 trailer: a final goodbye to Westeros >>
* Big Bang Theory by the numbers: 18 facts about the ratings monster critics hated >>
* The first-ever virtual reality Doctor Who episode is now available https://www.fastcompany.com/90351126/the-first-ever-virtual-reality-doctor-who-episode-is-now-available? >>
* Full Trailer For The ‘Batwoman’ TV Series Starring Ruby Rose >>

* About 2020 for Samsung 3 Nanometer MBCFET Chip on Roadmap >>
* Trump declares national emergency to protect U.S. networks from foreign espionage >>
* Anchor’s new feature lets listeners leave voice messages for podcast hosts >>

* Facebook changes algorithm to promote worthwhile & close friend content >>
* Regulating Platforms, Amazon Development, Still Love Tech, and ML Cheatsheets >>
* Google’s Translatotron can translate speech in the speaker’s voice >>

* SpaceX Delays Launch of 60 Starlink Internet Satellites Over High Winds >>
* Watch SpaceX launch the first 60 satellites, take 2 >>
* Six Launches of Starlink Satellites to Reach Initial Activation >>

* Microsoft waves the wizard wand, emits the Web Template Studio >>
* NASA Probe Spots Grave of Israeli Lunar Lander >>
* China is blocking Wikipedia in every language >>

* China’s Tesla wannabe Xpeng starts ride-hailing service >>
* Extreme Networks grows networked IoT security protection >>
* Google’s New Plan To Push Google Pay in India: Cashback Incentives in Android Apps >>

* China wants to make the fastest planes ever with a new material >>
* IBM ‘cloudifies’ mainframe software pricing, adds hybrid, private cloud services >>
* Japan Prepares To Ban Flying Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Under the Influence of Alcohol >>

* Robonaut and Astrobee Will Work Together on Space Station >>
* Dynetics Will Build and Test a US Army 100 Kilowatt Combat Laser >>
* SanDisk’s 1TB microSD card is now available >>

* Lilium’s latest flying taxi prototype can at least hover >>
* Could geoengineering really help us solve the climate crisis? >>
* People with greater intellectual humility have superior general knowledge >>

* Radio signals used to guide planes during landing can easily be FAKED to throw them off course by hackers using $600 tools >>
* New AI sees like a human, filling in the blanks >>
* New study discovers the trajectory of optimism throughout life >>

* Ask Anything: Could You Build A Spaceship Out Of Wood? >>
* Augmented Reality + Brain Computer Interfaces: Hololens 2, FNIRS, EIT >>
* Blood biopsy: New technique enables detailed genetic analysis of cancer cells >>

* You can finally buy the first 1TB microSD card >>
* ‘Tech for Good’: Using technology to smooth disruption and improve well-being >>
* For a Split Second, a Quantum Computer Made History Go Backward >>

* “I am afraid of humans, not Artificial Intelligence”, says Google’s Chief Decision Scientist >>
* The 5 Things Every CIO Must Have >>
* As Commercial Spaceflight Takes Off, The Aviation Industry Gets Protective Of Airspace >>

* a16z Podcast: Five Open Problems Towards Building a Blockchain Computer >>
* Sony and Microsoft set rivalry aside for cloud gaming alliance >>
* Driverless electric truck starts deliveries on Swedish public road >>

* Verizon’s 5G network is now hitting gigabit download speeds >>
* Mainframe APIs and Modern DevOps >>
* Fireside Chat: How Edmunds Deploys Multiple Times Per Day >>

* Microservices, Nanoservices, Teraservices, and Serverless >>
* Maturing DevSecOps: From Easy to High Impact >>
* Who is accountable when algorithms get it wrong? >>

* Elon Musk says SpaceX Starlink internet satellites are key to funding his Mars vision >>
* We Need to Rethink Our Overwork Culture >>

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